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LFR drops
furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
I know this will sound like a whine to most (might as well call a duck a duck) but I was wonder if any of you have really, really awful luck with LFR drop system? I've done all the LFR (the first two for over a month) and recently the last two as well (well, only once for the part two of bug-ville), I've only gotten a grand total of one actual gear piece.

I'm starting to feel depressed. Trying to gear my little resto shammie was hard enough by virtue of the few resto shammie drops are in the heroic dungeons. I just don't want to feel so depressed about my little shammie. D;

And, sort of off this topic, I've noticed in healing the bug-ville LFR, there haven't been a lot of shammies healers. In the first set there were a ton but I've been the only shammie in the second set. Has anyone noticed this?

EU (H) Disc Priest and Pally + Two Friends Seeking Guild
domavere wrote in wow_ladies
Hi there - currently my friends and I are in a dying guild where even the officers have pulled their mains and put them in other guilds, leaving us sitting holding the bag.  It's definitely time for us to move on.  So here's what we are looking for:

- A realm with a fairly good horde economy and population
- Mature guild (one that is not offended by off colour humour and language)
- Active ESTABLISHED guild - we are NOT interested in helping build a beginning guild
- Raiding is not mandatory, but is an option should we wish to sign up down the road
- Active vent/TS
- FUN people to play with! :)

What we offer:

- Several toons between lv 90-85 (we will be leveling them) plus a number of lower level alts.  Three new players in all.

Sorry, we are NOT interested in transferring to alliance.

Guild Sig and recruitment post.
Punk Bunny
fluffy_cloud wrote in wow_ladies
Hi!  I'm starting up an all Gnome, motorcycle, rp guild on Earthen Ring-US.  I'd be grateful for guild sigs but, if you have a Gnome and a motorcycle, you are more than welcome to stay.  Those who do stay are asked to use their bikes as their only ground mount.  Check out the FAQ forum at

I hope to get some good (but not too good gnomes, we are a biker gang after all) to join up for gnomish fun and lols.

Look for Fluffycloud at the Gnome starter area.


Thanks Siggia!

All done for tonight.  Thanks!

New Raider Advice
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
I am a member of our core raiding group. We are a primarily social guild with a small group that wants to do raid progression. I am having two problems and I would love some advice on how other people deal with these.

One: How do you deal with it when you mess up? I am my worst critic and I want so much to do a good job for my guild and am truthfully a little intimidated by the people in the group who have raided before. When I mess something up I feel REALLY upset and beat myself up about it even when no one else is upset. I have a really great guild leader and we're not at all about making people feel badly but when I screw up it tends to make me feel defeated and sensitive. (I know these aren't great qualities for a WoW player. Does anyone else ever feel this way? How do you get past it to just continue?)

Two: Raiding takes WAY more stamina than I expected. By this I mean that it is exhausting to keep working on the same raid (sometimes the same boss) for 2-3 hours. I notice that I start to get sloppy and tired toward the end of the raid because I'm unused to the prolonged period of concentrating on such mechanic heavy content. How do you stay focused and bring as much energy to the raid and you did at the beginning?

I really appreciate any advice on these subjects. Thanks muchly :)


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