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The "not having preorder=being screwed" is *so* innacurate.
Preorders don't guarantee ANYTHING. As most of us have experienced in the past (especially with places who "specialize" in games/software).

And besides, what if you plans on purchasing it from an establishment that doesn't offer preorders, like Target or Walmart or whathaveyou?
You are not screwed, you just have to get up real early and possiblystand in a minimal line at best.

This is not a ps3.

Did you see what happened on WOW's initial release?


But then again, this is an expansion, not a whole new title.

Well that's where I base that on, what happened on WoW's release. I remember clearly that The Frozen Throne (WC3 expansion) was sold out immediately and it took them a week or two to get more in. Supply and Demand issues, like I said. That's the main reason I pre-ordered.

No one can totally predict the future. Perhaps Blizzard has been totally prepared this time around. That would be very cool. But I think it will sell a lot better than your average expansion given WoW's current popularity.

I'll also add that I had no trouble finding the game on release day. They even had the $70 collectors edition at my local gamestop (about 10 of each when I purchased)

I don't think this is going to look anything like the frenzy that we've seen over the PS3 or the Wii. Honestly its going to be nothing like that.

I didn't pre-order WoW because I had no idea I'd want it until launch (had a couple of friends talk me into it), and a couple of days after launch I was able to walk into Media Play and they still had like 20 copies left. It took a couple of weeks for it to be non-existant, rather than the day of. BC is more likely to be sold out, though, I'll definitely agree with that. Glad I pre-ordered my CE months ago. ^^

I think the not pre-order=screwed will only hold true for the collectors edition.

It's funny, people complain about initial release, but it was pretty good for me on the whole. I played it basically out of the box. The *queue* was stupidly long (400 people or so, if I recall correctly), but I got my questing done easily enough.

Also, *thank* you. Do you mind if I copy the loot stuff to my guild forums on both sides? I am *sick* and *tired* of the "no one will raid after Burning Crusade" pity-me-I-have-no-epix speaches I get from people. It bothers me because right *now* there are green weapons that give something upwards of 30 agility and guess what? No one uses them. Why? Because stats aren't everything!

I got my copy of the origonal WOW by pre-order from Amazon.Com and it was CE. Got it a week before release, and was playing release the night before it was released.

Of course! Feel free! Just reference the author. :)

I'm also copying this to guild forums, with a link back and reference to the author. :)

Got online and registered at 4PM. Played it straight off the bat. No problems, no lag, nothing.

Ok, so Bloodhoof was kind of the most dead realm evar, but hey. We're at "almost full" status now. We even see queues every now and then O.O!

I love your updates on beta, including this. Lots of humor and good writing :) I look forward to them :)

*hugs* THANKS!!! Journalism was always my major of choice. :)

I'm gonna quote your post in my guild forums. Our guildmasters are both in the beta and they've pretty much echoed what you said above, but I don't think it went through everyone's skull the first time.

People that are saying "ZOMG, the first quest rewards are better than stuff that falls in Naxx!!!!" I'll believe it when I see it. Most quest rewards this far have been crap (with a few gems here and there.) The MT of a Naxx guild on my server told me that even at level 67, he'd only replaced a ring and a cape - that was it - out of his Tier 2.5/3 equipment.

Absoloutely. One of my Silver Hand chums who is in beta was saying by LVL 66 he ha only replaced two peices of his T1... that's right Molten Core... gear. I don't really know how else to explain to people that Outland drops aren't all they are cracking them up to be.

Yep, I just posted it on mine as well. Wish I had this before all the hubub and "no more raiding!" drama lol, but at least it will keep our pvp teams going now XD

One thing you do want to consider when leveling up however, especially if you're a low health cloth wearing class, is stamina. You would not believe how many of my friends have complained about mages/priests in beta still wearing tier 2 in the late 60s and getting one-shotted regularly by dungeon elites because their stamina is so low relative to people dressed in Outland gear. Obviously you don't want to break sets up just cause, but if you find a comparable piece with considerably more stamina than your previous item, consider it, or at least hold onto it for situations where having a lot of stamina could save you (like when you need to AoE).

I'll keep that in mind on my mage. She's squishy and tastes good with saurkraut. ;) Some stamina gear would do her good.

haha. I think I'm one of the few who's happy to NOT have anything past a few Tier 0s and my single T1 going into BC. One thing I like about questing is getting the shiny, useful reward at the end.

So are T2 people just blasting through the early 60s or what?

I'm sure there are some DPS classes (eg Rogues) that hit Outland at 60 in full T2 and grind their way through it fairly quickly but the whole 60-62 band is a slow grind because of overcrowding in the 58-62 areas. All the gear in the world won't help you if you can't find the mob you need to kill.

I haven't decided yet whether I'm gonna spend my first day in BC hiding inside Ramparts/Blood Furnace, leveling in somewhere inane like Silithus, or working on my level 40 warrior. I'm sure as heck not gonna be out in Hellfire competing for quest spawns amid the server crashes. :)

I might do Ramparts/Blood Furnace if someone from my guild has a group going. But I work that day, and expect much crashing of the server. The antisocial schoolgirl in me wants to just not log on that day at all.

Several of my quest-hating guildies are planning to do their first bit of leveling in Sithilius or EPL>

I'm thinking the same thing. I might just wait until Wednesday before I brave the Outlands and the madness that will be the xpac rush.

I have a mythological question which some people in my guild have been discussing. Forced PVP in the Outlands? Maybe you've already answered it, but these people are freaking me out. Is it just going to be what I think, which is you get a bonus for controlling a certain PVP objective? Or is everyone flagged all the time?

The first 4 zones have world PVP objectives, Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar, and Nagrand. On a PVE server Outland is the same as any regular area of Azeroth - flagged down by default unless you specifically flag up or hit someone who is flagged. If your faction controls the PVP objectives in the zone, everyone of your faction gets the +all damage buff for that zone. In order to capture a world PVP objective in Outland, you must flag up. If you pass close to a PVP objective while flagged down, you will receive an error message: "You must be flagged for PVP to capture this objective."

Thank you, by the way. I'll add that to the post. :P

(Deleted comment)
Yep, that's exactly why Tig and I didn't swap the gear out of the hunter. Sure, we'd get another 10 attack power from those gloves, but we'd lose 17 (or whatever) int because there is so little +RAP/Sta/Int mail gear. And hunters <3 the manaz.

*Pokes Anyee with [Barb of the Sand Reaver] for a copy of that video...*

I've gone through two expansions of FFXI and it's pretty much like you've said... even preorders were insanely backed up and often oversold from Amazon and took 2-4 weeks to arrive in a lot of cases for the last expansion (last April)... and as far as I can tell, FFXI has a much smaller NA player base than WoW. I preordered BC... but I put it on Super Saver Shipping and won't care when it will actually arrive... I want to actually SEE mobs when I log into a new zone, yet alone actually let it load.

Yeah, that's what I'm foreseeing. Actually, we didn't pre-order any of the expacs for FFXI and often got them /before/ the people who did pre-order, because we were able to shop around and find a different place that actually had copies without losing any money.

We did pre-order TBC, though. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens and sure won't get uppity if I can't play right away. If the place we pre-ordered from doesn't have 'em, I'm fine with waiting and hoping that many more people move on out of the 60-62 zones, heh.

My fiancee and I are planning on waiting a few weeks to get bC in order to miss out on the mayhem. I am sorry to miss out on the world events though but I imagine the lag and 500 person queues won't be any fun.

Since I'm feral I'm intrigued to see what the feral gear will be out there to cover the gaps which is zg level in some slots.

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