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Beta Report: Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Silvermist Leafsdawn, reporting!

Ding - 70! Anyee and I's project to get one character to 70 finally paid off. 900g later I'm flying around Tempest Keep to look at it. It's frickin huge. Flying controls are pretty self explanitory - jump key is now the ascend flight key, and if I want to land I just steer towards the ground. Unsummoning a flying mount while flying is possible... but the results are generally undesirable. (Squish!)

Flying 1
Flying 2

So - gear. I haven't found direct upgrades from my T2 on 6/8 slots. For hunters there's AP, Agi, int, spirit, chance to hit, chance to crit, and raw mana regen - all those stats are important. Almost all the drops and quest rewards fail to stand up to the stat power on my T2 gear. I replaced my ranged weapon (Rhok'delar/Lamina => Hemet's Elekk Gun/Smugglers), my boots, and my belt. So if you have full T2 gear, you are set through 70.

Along those lines, I was curious about the sets I could find of T4 and T5. I cannot see other class sets other than my hunter, but here's the hunter sets.

Hunter Tier 4: Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Gloves, Legs
Hunter Tier 5: Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Gloves, Legs
Hunter PVP set: Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Gloves, Legs

Endgame raiding you basically get an epic token off a boss and take it back to Shattrath for your reward. Each token is shared by like 3 classes. There was some talk of making it so that everyone gets the token, not just 1 person - but I'm not sure if they did that. Beta has basically died off - there's almost no one on, so finding a raid isn't as easy as using LFG anymore.

I levelled first in Hellfire and then Zangarmarsh - did every single quest there - got to like lvl 65/66 on that alone. Then skipped Terokkar (cause it didn't have many quests) and went to Nagrand. Nagrand had a ton of quests, and lasted me through like 67/68. Then I went and skipped Blade's Edge (not many quests, again) and went to Netherstorm where there were a ton of quests. I dinged 70 out questing in Netherstorm.

Here's a survey of the zones. Mind you I don't have access to my horde character so I can't check the horde posts, and there are just some places I still haven't explored, like Shadowmoon Valley and Blade's Edge.

Hellfire Peninsula (58-63)
        * Note: This is where you arrive, through the Dark Portal. Magtheridon resides in his Lair in Hellfire Citadel.
        Alliance: Honor Hold (FP), Temple of Tel'hamut (FP)
        Horde: Thrallmar (FP), Falcon Watch (FP)
        Dungeon: Hellfire Citadel (HC)
                Hellfire Ramparts (Level 60, 5 man)
                The Blood Furnace (Level 61, 5 man)
                The Shattered Halls (Level 70, 5 man)
                Magtheridon's Lair (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Honor Hold (alliance), ?

Zangarmarsh (60-64)
        * NOTE: Lady Vashj resides in the Serpentshrine Cavern of Coilfang.
        Alliance: Telredor (FP), Orebor Harborage (no fp)
        Horde: Swamprat Post ???, Zabra'jin???
        Neutral: Cenarion Refuge (no fp), Sporeggar (no fp)
        Dungeon: Coilfang Reservoir (CR)
                The Slave Pens (Level 62, 5 man)
                The Underbog (Level 63, 5 man)
                The Steamvault (Level 70, 5 man)
                Serpentshrine Cavern (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Cenarian Expedition, Kurenei (alliance), Sporeggar, ?

Terokkar Forest (62-65)
        * Note: Shattrath is the 'capitol city' of Outland. Set your hearthstone here.
        Alliance: Allerian Stronghold (FP)
        Horde: Stonebreaker Hold ???
        Neutral: Shattrath City (FP)
        Dungeon: Auchindoun (AUCH)
                Mana-Tombs (Level 64, 5 man)
                Auchenai Crypts (Level 65, 5 man)
                Sethekk Halls (Level 66, 5 man)
                Shadow Labyrinth (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Scryers, Aldor, Sha'tar, Lower City, Consortium

Nagrand (64-67)
        Alliance: Telaar (FP)
        Horde: Garadar (FP)
        Neutral: Aeris (no FP), Halaa (no FP)
        Dungeon: None
        Factions: Kurenei (alliance), ?

Blade's Edge Mountains (65-68)
        Alliance: Sylvanaar (FP), Tashley's Station (FP)
        Horde: Thunderlord Stronghold ???
        Neutral: Gronn'bor Shrine ????
        Dungeon: Gruul's Lair (GL) (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Unknown

Shadowmoon Valley (67-70)
        * Note: Illidan resides in the Black Temple. This is also the zone where you find flying mount trainers and vendors.
        Alliance: Wildhammer Stronghold (FP), Shrine of the Sha'tar? (FP)
        Horde: Shadowmoon Village (FP), ??? (FP)
        Neutral: Ancient Dranei Base ???
        Dungeon: Black Temple (BT) (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Wildhammer, Scryer, Aldor, ?

Netherstorm (67-70)
        * Note: Prince Kael'thas lies in The Eye of Tempest Keep.
        Neutral: The Stormspire (FP), Area 52 (FP), Cosmowrench (FP)
        Dungeon: Tempest Keep
                The Mechanar (Level 69, 5 man)
                The Botanica (Level 70, 5 man)
                The Arcatraz (Level 70, 5 man)
                The Eye (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        Factions: Sha'tar, Scryer, Aldor


Eversong Forest (1-10) (HORDE)
        Horde: Silvermoon City (FP)
        Dungeon: Unknown trollish dungeon - not complete.
        Factions: Silvermoon City

Ghostlands (11-20) (HORDE)
        Horde: Tranquilen (FP)
        Dungeon: Zul'Aman - not complete. 10 or 25 man raid???
        Factions: Tranquilen

Azuremyst Isle (1-10) (ALLIANCE)
        Alliance: Exodar (FP)
        Dungeon: None.
        Factions: Exodar

Bloodmyst Isle (11-20) (ALLIANCE)
        Alliance: Blood Watch (FP)
        Dungeon: None.
        Factions: Exodar

Other new instances

Caverns of Time (CoT)
        Zone: Tanaris
        Escape from Durnholde (Level 66, 5 man)
        Opening the Dark Portal (Level 70, 5 man)
        Battle of Mount Hyjal (Level 70, 25 man RAID)
        * Note: Must be completed in order.
        Factions: Scale of the Sands, Keepers of Time

Kharazan (KHA)
        Zone: Deadwind Pass
        Level 70, 10 man RAID
        Factions: Unknown

With holidays and expansion arrival date fast approaching I'm not sure I'll write another Beta report. I have a bunch of stuff to do for work and other RL concerns. expects to deliver my reserved copies of the Collector's Edition of Burning Crusade on or the day after release, which is fine by me. I have no idea if I'll be able to level to 70 in 3 months on live, cause Ysera server sucks for groups. But it took me 3 months origonally to level from 1-60, so I suppose the rule is true that it takes you as long to go from 1-60 as 60-70.

I also went from like 100/200 gold to 1900 gold before I bought flying mount training, which knocked me back down to like 1100g. You really do make a lot of gold in the expansion, and good thing too. There are references to books and movies all over Outland, keep an eye out for them. There's a number of scripted 'events' and hidden nooks and crannies you can only reach by flying mount - Kil'jaeden isn't actually sitting on his throne, but all his guards are there, LVL71-73 elite demons. There are PVP objectives in many zones (haven't found any in the later-game zones, but the early zones all have them).

That's all I can think of to write for now.

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That all sounds super cool.

Along with Sylvaanar and Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge, there's Everglade which is a neutral Cenarion Expedition quest hub. It's located in Ruuan Weald.

I just hit 68 with my druid, flight form is really fun.

Beta really has died down, I barely see anyone LFG anymore.

I need to go explore Blade's Edge more! Wow, thanks! Is there an FP @ Everglade? I assume it's over there near Dragon's End - I see it on the FP to Netherstorm.

Yeah Beta is pretty dead. People came, saw, and left... and I'm still here reportin' bugs left and right.

Yep, it has an FP. I'm currently questing there, I'll probably head to Netherstorm next.

Hopefully, the new invites Blizz sent out will give the beta a bit more life.

I'd love to get one on my main account so I can run my hordeling around, but alas Blizz hates me.

I think Blizz hates my sister. She's been playing longer than I have, but I somehow received an invite, and she hasn't. I think it's hilarious, she doesn't.

So if you are on a non pvp server can you be in the contested areas without being flagged? (Is it like being on a pvp server or like being in the epl/sith?)

if your server is pve it's probably like being in epl / silithus. I doubt they'd force pvp conditions on pve servers.

I'm hoping so. I love to PVP but there are some times I just want to sit and fish. Really that's all I'm looking to do. Leave me be and let me fish and listen to music in peace.

The Beta server is PVE. I'm not flagged anywhere unless I flag myself up.

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