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That all sounds super cool.

Along with Sylvaanar and Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge, there's Everglade which is a neutral Cenarion Expedition quest hub. It's located in Ruuan Weald.

I just hit 68 with my druid, flight form is really fun.

Beta really has died down, I barely see anyone LFG anymore.

I need to go explore Blade's Edge more! Wow, thanks! Is there an FP @ Everglade? I assume it's over there near Dragon's End - I see it on the FP to Netherstorm.

Yeah Beta is pretty dead. People came, saw, and left... and I'm still here reportin' bugs left and right.

Yep, it has an FP. I'm currently questing there, I'll probably head to Netherstorm next.

Hopefully, the new invites Blizz sent out will give the beta a bit more life.

I'd love to get one on my main account so I can run my hordeling around, but alas Blizz hates me.

I think Blizz hates my sister. She's been playing longer than I have, but I somehow received an invite, and she hasn't. I think it's hilarious, she doesn't.

So if you are on a non pvp server can you be in the contested areas without being flagged? (Is it like being on a pvp server or like being in the epl/sith?)

if your server is pve it's probably like being in epl / silithus. I doubt they'd force pvp conditions on pve servers.

I'm hoping so. I love to PVP but there are some times I just want to sit and fish. Really that's all I'm looking to do. Leave me be and let me fish and listen to music in peace.

The Beta server is PVE. I'm not flagged anywhere unless I flag myself up.

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