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Beta Report: December 01, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, I said I'd try and post a few pictures. Here we go!

The following is an insane bout of fangirlishness. If Fangirlism gives you hives, turn away now.


That's right, Shadowmoon Valley opened this last patch. The whole region is a blasted scar of demons, rivers of fel goo, demonic forge camps, and guess who is locked underground in a cage? None other than the former jailer. Irony is profound. I almost feel sorry for Akama, who is her jailer.

But she has the High Elf model. Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?

Oh, I also found Tempest Keep. Seeing it, my jaw dropped. It's frickin'  huge! The flying things around the sides of it are the size of the Exodar... in fact the Exodar *WAS* one of those. It's HUGE! It's also off the end of the world, so you need a flying mount to reach it.

- Tempest Keep 1
- Tempest Keep 2

It seems when Kael'thas got to Tempest Keep, stormed the place (After the Draenei left on the Exodar), he discovered that the Naaru had built a bunch of Nether Consolidators called Mana Forges that suck the essence right out of the Twisting Nether.

Oh, and look who got a Beta Key! - musicchan!

Professions - Outland Grand Master trainers have many of those white and green rare drop and rare vendor patterns on them now that you sometimes have trouble getting in Azeroth.

I found one of the portals Illidan closed, in Zangarmarsh.

Myself, Musicchan, and a friend go do quests in the new Draenei zone.

That's right, I went to the Escape from Durholde wing of Caverns of Time just to poke around.

Anyway, that is all for now. Enjoy the pictures!

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...she shouldn't be alive. She was dead. They SAID she was dead. *throws seven or eight volumes of roleplaying books at Blizzard*

"Finally, when Maiev was all but blinded by frustration and vengeance, the Betrayer got the better of her. Maiev died alone on the red sand, unmourned, unsung, with none to remember her fall, her soul empty of all but rage."

I'm going with the theory that it's not her, some blood elf stole her armor and is impersonating her. Why? It makes me FEEL better.

Also... *sneaks over to Stalvan Mistmantle* *STABSHIM* *feels better*

At the risk of sounding like a newb...who IS Maiev? What's the history with her?

Maieve was Illidan's jailer for 7000 years. Then the burning legion returned, Tyrande killed Maieve's watchers, set Illidan free. Maieve was pissed, gathered her Watchers, hunted Illidan. Illidan killed Maieve's lifelong companion, Naisha, and Maieve kept chasing Illidan. Illidan ran to Outland, she followed.

*storyteller voice*

Once upon a time, there was a GIANT DOUCHE named Illidan. He was tossed in jail for ten thousand years by his twin brother Malfurion. He set a jailer by the name of Maiev Shadowsong to watch over him. Then Malfurion took a nap. Ten thousand years later, Malfurion's girlfriend Tyrande decided she'd drunk enough moonberry wine to forget why Illidan was stuck in jail in the first place, and let him out. The organization of jailers, now called Wardens, took exception to this, and decided they wanted to put Illidan back in jail, and chased him to Outland, and managed to capture him in an elaborate game of tug-of-war. Thanks to Illidan's sexual pet allies, Kael and Vashj, he was freed. He ran off to fuck with a bunch of shit, and Maiev was stranded on Outland.

"Then Malfurion took a nap. Ten thousand years later"

Hell yeah, that sounds like my kind of nap!

Well you know bears need to hibernate for a while.

The roleplaying books weren't written by Blizzard and aren't considered canon.

...And ya know, there's more than one faction, so there's more than one story to be read. There's no reason she (or the king) couldn't be alive while being thought dead.

Umm, they are written by Blizzard, or at least overseen by them. Ostentiably, everything that was written in the roleplaying books was canon at some point or another.

Nope... And nope. They were given what we had, and hadta figure out what to write. That's what game writers do. Make stuff up. Think of it as fan-fiction that someone got permission to sell.

The MMO developers didn't have anything to do with the pen-and-paper and vice versa, so they weren't ever canon, so to speak.

That's very strange, considering that the pen and paper game changed radically after World of Warcraft came out, and is even now called the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game.

Also, both Richard Knaak and Chris Metzen are writers in most of the roleplaying books, and guess who writes most of the in-game lore..? A quick check at the authors should verify that.

Thus sayeth the blue CM posters, many many months ago, "All books are canon". Which is a pretty broad and stupid stance, but their stance nonetheless.

...........why oh why is bliz so stupid!!!!
*bops head on table*
I agree the armor an crap is amazing but why for the love of god switch the models around? They need to switch slyvannas and now hers to what they should be...i mean come on how hard can it be??
I mean heck if they can make amazing armor an cap an what not for her...why cant they make her a NE an the UD queen a purplishblue BE model? *gets out the smart stick and aims to beat it into bliz*

meh sorry for the vent, it just boggles me some times...they go on keeping the lore correct yet they now have 2 npc's that have the wrong models. :/

I'm totally geeking out about Caverns of Time. So cool that you can sort of wander around and explore to see how things were back in time. I bet the devs a lot of fun putting old familiar characters all around the area. So amused that Hercular and Kel Thuzud were buddies back in the day.

You can totally just walk in and wander around. The only place you need to be careful of is Durnholde and Tarren Mill - LVL 67 elite Lorderon Guards. Heck you can even wander to South Shore and buy the pattern for a Riding Crop off the wandering merchant in town.

I was wondering about that! I saw a video where the players did the encounter and they had dragons fly them over the zone, so I wasn't sure how developed the zone actually was (I wonder what happens for example if you try and go up north to ALterac, or west to Silverpine)

Also what happens if you are still hated by nozdomu, do they still let you in the caverns?

The faction inside the Caverns of Time is wholly different than the Brood of Nozdormu (AQ40 instance rep). There are, in fact, two factions - both Bronze Dragons. The first is the faction for all the Keepers of Time that are the wardens and custodians of the whole place. They are the bronze drakes that do the gruntwork of trying to keep time working normally. The other faction (The Scale of the Sands) is headed by the mate of Nozdormu himself - Soridormi. Soridormi is very upset about the events at the Battle of Mt Hyjal being upset - concerned that upsetting the delicate balance of that battle could result in the Burning Crusade razing all life from Azeroth and giving victory to the Burning Legion in their quest to destroy the universe and all life in it. Soridormi offers specific quests regarding that instance.

So, to summarize, 5 mans you get one rep, raids get the other. Just like with AQ20 vs AQ40.

5 mans: Wardens of Time (Escape from Durnholde, Opening of the Dark Portal)
25 man raid: The Scale of the Sands (Battle of Mt. Hyjal)

What can you tell me about the dark portal opening? I imagine it's like Medivh is channeling the whole time and you have to fight what ever is coming after him or coming out of the portal.

I wonder how the instance will work if people wipe, will the have to reset the entire encounter or will there be certain checkpoints to save it at?

Don't know. Blizzard has kept that very heavily under wraps.

I have to ask, what resolution are you running on your game? Everything looks badass!

Well if the screenshot starts with "ScreenShot_" it's a shot taken from the mac, so the resolution is 1344x840 (widescreen 21" TFT). Those screenshots are pure, untouched, right from the game. "WoWScrnShot_" means it's from the PC, and so the resolution there is 1280x1024. However the PC screenshots are TGAs, so some detail is lost in the batch TGA>JPG conversion.

it's just so wide! I love it. I wish I could get my screen to look like that. It's big, but it's an old school monitior. Can't afford a wide flat screen just yet.

Thanks for the info!

Well remember I've also gone into the video settings, turned on UI scaling, and scaled it way down so that the UI takes up less of my screen space. UI scaling is a feature that's on live, and so it's not unique to beta. It really helps.

hhmmmmm I'll have to play with my settings. I'd love to get it to be wider and shorter if I could.

one more thing, is that the Destroyer of Worlds that you have there missy? :)

oooooh that Caverns of Time set makes me squee like a little loser. I never played the other games, but I'm the kind of dork who reads all the books and randomly browses the wowwiki trying to understand. XD But YAY for Mograine and Doan. :D I loves me some Scarlet Crusaders.

man... as much as I'm not looking forward to the extra ten level grind, some of this stuff looks toooo cool.
What's the Riding Crop you mentioned do?

It's a trinket, made by leatherworkers, that increases mount speed.

Yayyy I'm going to stick to my LW for sure:D

riding crop is like carrot on a crack-stick

i totally missed that the first time.. but yay! :D

Noooo, not me! Why would I be there? >_>

Me: Greetings Hillsbrad Citizen! I am but a humble peasant woman. Carry on!

HC: But your wearing matching purple chainmail armor, and are carrying a huge green bow and a huge purple spear. Shouldn't you be tending a field or something?

Me: Nonsense! Everything is perfectly normal. I am just an ordinary humble peasant woman.

HC: But your riding a gigantic cat.

Me: Here here, let me buy a leatherworking pattern from you. Carry on, boy. Nothing unusual here.

HC: But... *looks at the coins* The date on these coins isn't for twenty years!

Hey, I said that first! ^-^

HA! It's Kaylee! 'bout time they threw a Firefly reference in. And ho shit Maeiv is alive. *scratches head* But I thought ... O_o;

Oh, Taelan Fordring. Who knew that such a little kid would grow up to be THE BIGGEST BEAST THIS SIDE OF BOLVAR FORDRAGON?

In Soviet Russia, you do not escort Taelan Fordring. Taelan Fordring escorts you.


But what the hell is with that HIGH ELF MODEL?! Did Blizz confuse with NE and BEs? =_=;; Personally now she looks very mismatched, her BE model body is too small for her armor and she looks like if she gave a punch to Illidian, she'll break down and go splat. Why can't they just switch Sylvanas' model and Maiev's model, EH?? *pokes Blizz*

The____Ivorytower = Best rendition of WC3 NE campaign story ever.

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