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Beta Testing: some thoughts
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Thus sayeth Blizz, patch is Dec 5. Well, it's a week later than I predicted initially, but close enough in my mind. They said it'd be out before christmas, and they want people to get used to the new way things work in plenty of time for them to throw all the new material into the mix.

Well if the PTR and Beta are any indicator, Dec 5 will be frought with bugs and servers going up and down. I really hope they prove me wrong.

I haven't been playing much Beta for the last few weeks. I got to 66 over Thanksgiving, but have been rather swamped by work and things. But I did get the chance to see the outside of Tempest Keep, and believe me it was amazing. But you have to have a flying mount to get inside. There's a flight point to the meeting stone, which is on the mainland, but the the instances themselves are off the end of the world hanging in space. But they were cool to me because I got to see how the Exodar must have looked before it crashed into the ground. I look forward to going inside and meeting Prince Kael'thas.

There was a time I was endlessly mocked for RPing a female Night Elf hunter, particularly by members of the Horde. Now the joke's on them. I'm sorry, but I have a lot more fun levelling in the new Blood Elf zones than the Draenei zones. I mean, hell, I got some blues from the Blood Elf LVL 20 quests, the Draenei LVL 20 quests gave me kinda crap greens. To those that do nothing but mock elves, the jokes on you now. *laugh* IM IN UR ORGRIMMAR, ELFIN UP UR HORDE.

I still have many questions unanswered about expansion content. I have many places I've yet to explore. Perhaps I will save that for live. Depends on how things go over the next few weeks. Save some things to look forward to.

Regardless, patch is coming in less than a week. Bring it on, Blizz. I can't wait to laugh at all the bugs I reported that you never fixed. I can't wait to train my AQ20 and cinnamon roll books that I never got on my mage. I can't wait to do what I've done on beta... on my real characters on the live servers.

All I hear these days are people yelling and screaming "OMG I'M GETTING NURFED!", "PVP IS RUINED!", "MY CLASS IS RUINED!", "BLIZZ HATES US!", "I KNOW HOW BC WILL BE AND IT WILL SUCK!" and on and on. I think the people saying that are just full of shit and don't know what their talking about. BC will be a lot of fun. It will revitalize the game for at least a year or so, for most of the players. But I think people need to learn to relax, and learn to just sit back and enjoy the game when it comes.

That is all.

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I am not terribly happy with some of the specific changes to my class. The healing downranking nerf and the emphasis on specialization directly affect how I played my Druid, and diminish what I enjoyed about the class. It is for that reason, and actually experiencing this in beta that I am hesitant about BC. Overall, I love BC, the new zones, the experience, but it is somewhat bittersweet for me.

Yes but now HOTs stack so you won't be overhealing when you use an hot and someone is healed to full before you get the heal off. You also get lifebloom and Storm Crow form (finally). I envy druids.

You envy Druids because you've never played one. Druids are the class that everyone can point to something and go SHINY but in actual use... eh.

A lot of Druids don't like lifebloom. The 2nd and 3 rd stacks are highly inefficient because they don't get any benefit from +heal, and keeping a lifebloom stack rolling keeps the druid from having any outside of the 5 second rule regen. The bloom at the end is more likely to be overheal than anything. It's got uses, but it's also got drawbacks.

Stacking hots only lead to MORE overhealing, not less.

*amused* Oh really? Whatever makes you think I've never played one? Played on to LVL 70 on beta? No. But played one? Oh yes.

Your comments are an indication of someone who hasn't spent time being a healer in 5man and raids at 60 and onwards as a Druid. Played one? Sure, I've played every class. That doesn't mean I understand what the technicalities of their every day and raiding life are.

Ahh specifics help. Okay I've played a druid in raids. I've healed in 5 mans with a druid. Saying 'you've never played [a druid]' is a little insulting as a result.

Why don't you explain why you feel, specifically, why these new abilities make a druid worse for you to play? Because I... aparently... just don't understand. Bear in mind, I'm speaking post-expansion, and HOTs stack, debuff slots are 'limitless' (supposedly).

I already explained specifically why Lifebloom isn't very good.

A lot of Druids don't like lifebloom. The 2nd and 3 rd stacks are highly inefficient because they don't get any benefit from +heal, and keeping a lifebloom stack rolling keeps the druid from having any outside of the 5 second rule regen. The bloom at the end is more likely to be overheal than anything. It's got uses, but it's also got drawbacks.

It's very effective in 5 man groups. As I've said I haven't played a druid in expansion, but the druids I've observed have been using it heavily in 5 man groups, particularly on the tanks. But I see it more with resto spec.

And the Druids I've spoken to and the experience I've had leads me to believe that it's far from a make or break ability. Lifebloom doesn't replace the changes to spell downranking, but it's getting used because it's there.

I am telling you that *I* have played a Druid in the beta, and that I'm not really excited about the changes I've seen, and you're disagreeing with me, despite not actually playing a Druid in the beta.

Well, we're just gonna have to disagree.

That's cool. Agree to disagree. I just really hate all the negativity.

Just what we need, another reason to be told to respec which doesn't actually have an end-result.

Who is telling you to respec, here?

I might plunk down the cash for the storm crow form alone. Sure it won't outdo the flying mount but damn will it be sweet to be able to fly when your non druid freinds are sweating out the 5000 gold to buy their flying mount


LOL! I'm Alliance, so I'll be making a draenei shammy, but I had a chance to try someone's beta account for a little bit and I like the ambiance there better than the OMG-bright of the BE area anyway. That's just my taste, though. And I know I'll make a BE too, just for the novelty of all new quests.

I can't wait to see all the new areas, tame a warp stalker, get an Elekk for my gnome... I have big plans.

For me, it's exactly the other way round. ^_^

Although I will still created a draenei shaman - but just because it's the class I've played the least so far. I'm probably playing her in the beta - or rather, *was*, as there's now a 60 gnome warlock waiting for me (it's my boyfriend's account and he transferred both his 60 warlocks and I can play the gnome. Yay!). :o) I need to enjoy the time on a PvE server before BC comes out and I'll have to level my warlock on the PvP server... no more staring at the scenery endlessly. ;)

I look forward to going inside and meeting Prince Kael'thas.

At this point, I need to giggle like a fangirl. I'll be okay. No, I have nothing productive to say.

*additional fangirlish giggling*

I do not want the patch drop because my Blizz bg downloader reset to 0% this afternoon :( I want it to be the week after next, when I have a connection that is more reliable ._.

Mine did that a couple times, too. For some bizarre reason it had started saving to the desktop instead of the WoW folder. I just closed the downloader, and the next time I logged out it was back to 40%.

There's always mirror site downloads you can use on patch day.

I agree with you. :-) Nothing wrong with waiting patiently and see what BC brings. :-) Me, I can't wait to create my gay BE priest... *giggles madly*

*giggles* Sounds fun. :)

It was the first thing I thought off when I saw the pictures of the BE males. And I haven't changed my mind because they changed. :-D It will still happen! I am going to be sooooo gay, it will be silly!!! And scare off those silly teenage insecure boys!!! *grins wickedly*

And of course, get your cock mount...


Why yes, of course! *wicked grin*

*Giggles of mirth ensue*

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