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Blizz handled the situation extremely well. I'm impressed!

That seems to be everyone's reaction. I was impressed as well.

It's good to see some snot-nosed kid who thinks the internet=anonymity learning that you can't be a jerk and expect nothing to come from it.

Kudos Blizz for once. :)

I, for one, would've loved to see his face when he opened the door.

Alternatively, I would have loved to see his faced when he parents cottoned to what exactly their kid was up to.

A really good way to handle it! Silly kid :)


Glad to see them taking it seriously, considering that there has been at least 1 known homicide over WoW loot.

Whoops. I am half right. Wrong game, but it was over MMORPG loot:

There was apparently a suicide case in China related to Warcraft:,2933,195236,00.html?

No way would Blizzard not take such a threat seriously at this point.

re the suicide story - O.M.G. those parents are stupid.

I guess the best solution to any and all problems lies in lawsuits...

Christ. That's just insane. Both of those stories.

What do they want the warnings to say, exactly? "Anyone under 13 will go insane and jump off a building"


That first story, too... Jeebus.

Wow. Extreme applause for Blizzard.

And I hope that kid gets in serious trouble. What a moron.

And, yet again, I lose a little more faith in humankind.

Kudos to the parents for being so completely ignorant of their own childs existence!

Yeah, that's the part that gets me. The kid obviously had a small addiction to the game to say the least. How could the parents not notice?

And if they *did* notice, how could they let it continue?


OMG that's hilarious!

Good for Blizz and that kid definitely needs some partental supervision.

Go. Blizz. /applaud

I hate people who try to use mental illnesses to get what they want. I have a few myself, and never try to use any of them as either a crutch, or for a free handout, or a way to bend the rules.

Stupid kid. It's probably that loser who tried to report me for reporting him.

You reported somebody for cheating?

Haha, go Blizz. I hope that kid gets grounded for a year or three for taking up everyone's valuable time (especially the cops!)

Good job, Blizz. At first I was a little worried that the kid had offed himself. I never liked hearing the suicide threat when I used to volunteer at the crisis center... and at least we were somewhat prepared for it (whether real or a bluff), lol. So, yeah, they handled that well.

Naughty little rapscallion, eh?

Naughty, yes. In desperate need of a good lesson, too.

How immature... his parents must be going nuts. Kudos to Blizz, they handled that well.

Ahahahahah! Blizzard handled taht very well.

He writes back again, saying that he doesn't need some [edited]* number and that he's not a [edited]*

Obviously... ;)

Good on Blizz for this one.

Jeez, what a nut. Blizzard handled it really well though!

Wow. That's the online version of the temper tantrum in the supermarket after not getting candy, right? "Fine, if I don't get that candy bar, I'm going to hold my breath until I go blue!" *pause* "I WANT CANDY NOW! YOU'RE SO MEAN TELLING ME TO SIT IN THE CORNER, I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF AND YOU DON'T CARE!" *kicks, screams, etc.*

I wonder if it worked with his parents, and so thinks he can get away with similar dramatic threats with a company?

Kudos to Blizz for their handling of the situation.

Re: it was posted at

Awesome. I tried to find it but couldn't. Thanks!

Re: it was posted at

GAH that whole thread makes me angry. by 'whole thread' I mean the six posts that I managed to read before my vision went red. I hate how people casually discuss botting like its actually playing.

anyway, how could the brat be going through withdrawal if he wasn't even playing?

Re: it was posted at

I didn't read any of the other posts on that forum. I just didn't want to know.

Actually, Blizzard cancelled any account that Warden found any botting/glider programs on.

My fiance's friend installed glider on my fiance's computer a year or so ago to glide his [fiance's friend's] characters. My fiance didn't condone this, but he didn't stop him. When Blizzard found glider on my fiance's comp, they banned his account with 5 level 60s on it, no questions asked.

Sucks that that kid cared so much about WoW...geez.

Ouch. That's gotta suck. :/

Yah, he's been playing since closed beta, so it was kind of a blow to him...all those hours and that money.
Thankfully, he had a couple other accounts, and one had a 60 shammy and a 60 priest, so he just transferred the priest to our server.

You can transfer characters between servers? I wasn't aware of that.

Yah, you can. Between servers or accounts...or both. It has a cooldown of quite a while, though, I think.

That's kinda cool. And good to know. Thanks!

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