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Beta Update: November 15th, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Some folks have been asking me for some basic statistic information about the classes I play. Here's some specific hunter and priest information. Hopefully this information will be helpful. Note that this really only applies to you if you play a hunter or a priest, otherwise this report is all about numbers and statistics, and not very interesting. :P


The hunter I use on test is in full T2 (Zink'roh + Rhok'delar), LVL 64, and is specced with a few points in ImpHawk, Hawk Eye, and over 46 points poured into the Marksmanship tree, including TSA, Silencing Shot, and so forth.


Downranking field testing

First of all it should be noted that this is not my priest. She is a copy of another person's priest, at level 60. Her gear is mainly +spell damage and healing and MP5. She has a little over a HALF the +healing and Mp5 that I'm used to. She is LVL 60 with a 21/30/0 build with Improved DS, Spiritual Healing, and Power Infusion.

Now that you see about what I'm working with, here's the tests. Please note that these tests were done in a completely unbuffed state.

I hope this helps all who were asking.

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How is she 21/30/0 with Imp DS and Power Infusion? Did you mean 30/21/0? But then, how could she have Spiritual Healing?

Anyway, this is very interesting, thanks for sharing the screenshots :)

No big deal, I just got tripped up by it.

I'm really enjoying your reports from beta. Thanks again. :D

I am more entranced by the wonder of the game showing how much +heal and +mana regen you have. XD;

It also has a built-in version of Carnival/Natur's Enemy Cast Bars. :)

I like that pet you have, but if I tame one I'm still going to name it KITTEH

where you tamed the pretty, and at what level I have to be to get him. MUST HAVE...<3 <3 <3 for showing new pretties. ^_^

They start at level 63 and are found just outside of Allerian Stronghold in the Terrokar forest. Can't miss them - their all over the place.

With the gear you're a-using you might not be able to answer this.. but.. have they changed gear stats on anything because of the agi/RAP nerf? i am kind of freaked about it because I spent an OBSCENE amount of time going after some of the harder to get gear.. Legplates of the Chromatic Defier, Amulet of the Darkmoon and so forth.. and I'm terrified that when the expansion changes come out, I'd be better off with AH-bought 'of Power' greens.. /grumble...

Well since I don't know all the gear you have, I can't say for certain. But I have been writing down the stats on hunter gear pre-patch and post patch to compare what gear is better, post-60. Your more than welcome to take a look and compare the gear you have. While high-agi gear is going to be LESS useful in expansion, but don't up and trash it yet. It might be better than the greens on the AH for a little bit yet.

Ah, thanks for posting it.. hrm. The leggings aren't on there but I have a feeling they won't fix 'em up for me.. even though, gawd, that quest was hell to finish. >< And it does look like the Amulet of the Darkmoon is getting pretty trashed... three months of farming, bah.
I mean, i know it'll get replaced pretty quickly anyway when i start leveling again, but.. it's kind of disheartening >< and it means that i'll be poorly geared with my nerfed casual epixx to start the grinding again.. alas

Which pair of pants? I'll add any items you'd like.

Legguards of the Chromatic Defier, from the quest that starts in UBRS, chromatic carapace and all that impossible-to-get junk >< There's a shaman pair too, but I think these are pretty clearly huntard-geared, hehe.. can't imagine that a warrior or pally would want 'em, and a shammie would probably benefit a ton more from the other pair. :/

I've added this. Remember that they are updating the stats on Beaststalker and all the other hunter sets to make them better for hunters now, and Chromatic Defier isn't being updated.

ugggh... >< That's a major asshole move on Blizzard's part. -sigh.- There go twentysomething UBRS runs and a lot of kindhearted guildies' efforts down the drain. I *would* be better off with AH'd greens than my paltry epics.

thanks for the info, even if it's bad news. ;.; hehe

Completely off-topic, but Watermark was my favorite Enya CD. ^_^ Good taste in music.

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