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moony wrote in wow_ladies
Some thoughts on two quests for Draenei in TBC...

1. I have a REAL problem with the Bloodcursed quest. No, not the Azshara statue bug, but the fact that you have to swim so far down to kill the Voyagers. Yes, you have the little water-breathing spell, but I have such a huge fear of drowning that I find myself panicking if I'm under water for too long.

2. THE SPIDERS ON BLOODMYST ISLE ARE HORRIBLE. I didn't think Blizzard could make spiders any worse than they are in ZG, but OH MY GOD. *cry*

Do any of you also have weird, strange or irrational fears that get triggered by quests/beasties in WoW? :D

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I have horrible arachnaphobia, and try to avoid the spidery places ar all cost. I know it's utterly illogical to be phobic of spiders in the first place, let alone in a video game. I Don't Care.

Soo, how easy will it be to avoid Bloodmyst Isle?

Well, Bloodmyst is where you go from levels 10-20something, so you can't avoid it. The spiders are in the western bit however, and you could just skip that questline methinks. I'll see if it leads to anything necessary.


Easy. Take the boat to Auberdine and do the 10-20 night elf quests instead. Or, go the extra distance to dwarf or human lands, but Auberdine is the closest other place. You would never set foot on bloodmyst.

I'll be over in Loch Modan, then. I rolled Horde to escape Darkshore!

Thanks :)

I remember getting that quest and just from the NAME of the quest I said "ohhh i think i will be skipping that one ^_^ nextpls!"

I've pretty well gotten over any creature-fears I've had.

I still do feel an uncontrollable and unreasonable amount of rage when I walk into Windshear Canyon. I hate clear-cutting.

OMG! I'm not the only one! ^_^

Oh Jebus, I have a horrible fear of bugs. I was doing one of the quests in the Shimmering Flats and there were these hairy bugs and I had to go down into their lair to kill enough of them. So I got a bad pull and about 4 or 5 of these things came at me and I started shaking so hard, I just ran out of that place and never finished the quest. I felt like there were bugs on me for the rest of the day. Yuck. It was probably worse than anything else because they were all hairy and it was my first time being surrounded by them. By now, having been in Silithus, I'm generally OK.

Whenever I jump off the zepplin tower or something else that's high I get reeeeally queasy. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets weirded out by game-things :)

I can't really roll an Undead, because I'm scared of the dark, and the starting area is just all-over scary :P Not too fond of Duskwood or other places like that either. I mean, it's not like I can't go there at all, but I get way more jumpy than I usually do.
Otherwise I'm doing pretty good, except for when I was in Stonetalon Mountains for the first time, and the background music contains orc-grunts. Every single time, I thought that "Shit I'll get ganked!" The fact that I played on a PvE server and wasn't flagged did not occur to me then :P

I'm scared of the dark, too, and my first character in Duskwood was just terrifying to me the whole time. Whenever I would go too close to that one part of Raven Hill and the screen would purple, I would just start panicking and freaking out. I was also scared of all the undead stuff. But...

The more I played the game, and got familiar with things, I became used to it and it doesn't bother me like it used to anymore. I've played through the undead 1-10 and I have done most of the 10-20 except for the last few, hardest quests in that area. But I still can't play an undead very high because... the characters are just too damn ugly for me to like my character enough to want to play it.

Swimming in water I can't see the bottom of (I'm a druid, too, so it's not like I have problems with surviving...). If I pass too close to the sea and the fatigue bar comes up, I get really freaked out. In real life, the only thing deeper than 6 feet I can tolerate is a swimming pool with clear water. If I can't stand on the bottom with my head still near the surface, I panic.

Graphical errors in which the ground doesn't load scare me, as well.

Sounds like me.

I was once in the sea where I couldn't stand anymore - but my friends were with me and they knew about my fear. Then a school mate came closer and just pushed me underwater. He did it for fun - like all the others around us were doing and I started to panic, punched him really hard and kicked him with my feet until he let go - I got my head above the water in the meantime and screamed. Lots of people turned around to see what's happening. I apologised and so did he. :o/ Very embarrassing moment.

After that, whenever I went into a swimming pool or the sea with others, I always told them about my fear beforehand so that something like this wouldn't happen again.

Ack, I feel your pain. I used to live in Florida and we'd go to the beach at least once a week during the summer, and sometimes more if dad wanted to go boating. I was taught ALL the ins and outs of nature and staying safe under all circumstances. This included lessons about the undertow and rip current, and how to survive if I got caught in it. I almost did, once.

My FAVORITE time at a beach was at a new one on the Gulf of Mexico... it was literally 4 feet deep for a mile outwards, and the water was warm, so I got to do lots of aquatic exploring that summer.

I was always frightened when we'd be on our boat and the water would become too deep for our depthfinder to tell. It could go to 200 feet before it had an error... *shudders*

I never experienced ingame fears but a week or so ago I went to swim around the plaguelands (from Tirisfal Glades to the Hinterlands) the sea there has no's so deep that you can't see the bottom and it literally gave me the creeps whenever the camera went under water 8[ I guess very deep water scares me?

I'm also really afraid of drowning, and deep water in general, I even had a small panic attack this spring in the underground area of the Vancouver, B.C. aquarium.

That being said, I'm also very iffy about swimming in deep water in game, when my character gets into the very deep area where you can't see the bottom, I get queasy and my heart starts to race. When I swim from the island in Feralas where Feathermoon Stronghold is to the mainland, it's very intense, haha. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

When I got my warlock to 60, there was a tunnel over by Terrordale that had nothing in it, so you just screamed through Terrordale and then you were fine. Well, by the time my mage was in her 50s, they had changed this, and I ran into the tunnel, expecting nothing. Instead, I was confronted with a huge screenful of Crypt Fiend, which caused me to scream. I swear they modeled the Crypt Fiends on personal nightmares. I was killed pretty quickly, and rezzed at the spirit healer to avoid having to confront them again.

They bother me less after many Strat dead runs, but damn, did those things ever bother me.

Thank you! I knew I remembered that tunnel used to be clear!!!

I know! I miss my short-cut through the Eastern plague lands :(

rofl yes!! I ran through it to go tame a lvl 60 boar when they first came out, no problem.. Later I wanted to go from northern EPL to WPL and remembered the tunnel- ran right into those stupid things. I kept thinking, where's the *other* tunnel?

I have a huge fear of drowning too, so I get really tense and uncomfortable during quests that require swimming in deep water. :/

And here I was thinking I was being weird and silly and that no one else felt the same way. XD

To me, one of the worst sounds ever is the sound of an animal crying out in pain. Especially dogs, as I'm pretty much a dog person. So I try not to fight and wolves/canine in the game because Blizzard have this knack of getting the sound of a dog crying out in pain spot on. You know that whelping sound they make? I cringe every time I hear it, and it actually made me cry a little when I first heard it, because one of my dogs had recently passed away :(

Er....yelping, not whelping.

WoW has invaded my brain :(

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your doggie. :(

I didn't even think of this one, but those noises make me upset, too!

They really upset me too. ; ; I'm easily one of the world's biggest dog people. I avoid killing wolves as much as possible for that reason, though if I have to kill them I usually mute the sounds.

Oh man, swimming deep gets to me. I had panic attacks during the quest to kill that... thingy off the coast of Ratchet, because I kept thinking I had to go really far...

Seriously, deep diving in game freaks me out XD

I remember, I think it was Jak and Daxter, and even Mario, there were spots where you'd have to swim and you'd start hearing a heartbeat just before something ATE you, and that freaked me out so damn bad, I had to stop playing Jak and Daxter there. XD

It took me the longest time before I could battle silithids. I got that Field of Giants quest on my young hordie, and the swarming TOTALLY freaked me out. I couldn't handle it. I'm OK now doing the AQs because I'm mostly watching health bars and such, but you still can't persuade me to do one of the hive quests (which sucks because I'd like to turn all those badges in someday!). The wings and stingers... yeeeeeach.

Amazingly enough, one of my worst IRL fears is of heights, but in WoW I like jumping off things. It's fun to know I can conquer a fear, even if it is only virtually.

I also used to be deathly afraid of the silithids. I slowly got over it though, and decided they look more like aliens than insects. Though the one particular style still makes me cringe (the spider-like ones with the long front legs)

Ah, see, I don't mind those, but it's the wasps that really do it for me. *shudder*

All the Silithus-style bugs creep me out. ;_; Even though bugs irl scare me, I can handle most of the regular bug type creatures in the game...but there is something wrong with the Silithus bugs. Blizz really did a job making them feel evil. >_> *cough*

Anything even resembling a bee makes me panic.

Yeah, Huhuran is fun.

1. I can definitely understand that. I still don't know what exactly I'm afraid of... in "real pictures" - or films - it's dark water that makes me panic. Also, the silhouettes of whales (seen from above the water), or whales in general. Sharks, too, but not as bad. Squids are a problem, too. Dolphins and turtles aren't. "Normal" fish scare me as well, though.

The "Nessie"-like creatures in WoW were really bad at the beginning but I got used to them (like the ones on the way to Wailing Caverns when you have to swim across that hole in the floor).

Also, I once jumped from Stormwind into the lake in front of it when it was evening in the game. The water was black, I couldn't see anything and started to panic. I was alone at my boyfriend's place and started to squeal and had tears in my eyes... I closed them then and just had my character "auto move" and opened my eyes again when I thought she had to be on land again (which she was, thankfully!).

However, I love swimming and diving with my warlock (well, with others, too, but it's even easier with her as she's undead *and* a warlock *g*) when the water's light and there are only turtles in the water - or those humanoid thingies... makruras? Or the nagas - although they are a bit scary, but still okay.

Apart from that, no fears I have in RL transferred to the game (fortunately *g*), like big spiders or heights.

well i'm a bit afraid of snakes. In real life I freeze can't look etc. Of course that always makes wailing caverns fun. I run it but I start shivering and really hating it by the time you get to vipers and all. Yet I still run people through once in a great while. Blah

Strangely enough, I'm deathly afraid of snakes IRL. In game, however, the snakes don't bother me (unless it's the little critters that slither around in the Barrens... those are sort of creepy). I think it's the fact that I can recognize that they're cartoons, and that I know I have power over them in game. I feel for all of you who are scared of spiders, though.

I really don't like running BRD because of the Tortured Slaves that yell or cry out sometimes. I can't watch any movies with people being tortured in them or I cry, lol. I can deal with pretty much everything else, but that stuff. My boyfriend took me somewhere in the game (but I think I blocked it out because of the trama and don't remember where it was now) and when we went underwater, all of these people were hanging upside down dead in the water. I had nightmares for two days because of it. -_-

wow you have the same fears as me.
i also get a weird whoozy feeling when i dive down into water that is very deep, the edges of continents where deep fatigue waters start is especially scary for me.

i dont like any of those style spiders in the game either. the fuzzy ones like in teldrassil i can deal with, but the ones with the skinny creepy legs are just awful.

Here's my fun story about my bad spider panic attack in WoW:

This was quite a while ago, almost 2 years. I'm wandering around Hinterlands at night doing the last steps of my Sprite Darter quest. Also on my old computer which didnt load mobs until I was practically on top of them. Riding riding riding along on my tiger---HOLY )@#&$)@&#@)*#@ 3948 FOOT TALL GIANT SPIDER STANDING IN FRONT OF ME WTF. I actually had a *REAL* panic attack from this fake videogame thing. I immediately turned around and RAN back to one of the buildings where there were elves hanging around. I refused to leave the building as long as I knew this thing was there. I started crying to my guildmates to come out to Hinterlands to save me and make sure it was gone before I would move. They ran all over the zone looking for it and eventually found it and killed it and had to spend many many minutes convincing me it was okay.

Turns out this thing was actually a horde-summoned quest monster that actually didnt belong where it was (the middle of the zone). It's summoned in a southern pocket of Hinterlands and so someone must have tried to kill it but ran away, training it up to the middle of the zone where it evaded out.

Since that night I've never been able to go back to Hinterlands alone =( Real phobias are truly a bitch.

Oh I also had a similar experience with Borelgore. I dont know why but the giant grubs are REALLY disgusting to me and the king of them all of course scares the bejeezus out of me ~_~

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