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Beta Update: Novermber 10, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Yesterday was the big content patch the Beta testers had been waiting for. Flying Mounts, Tempest Keep, Level cap to 70, the last 3 zones... all stuff I don't have access to yet cause I'm only level 63. I'm not a big leveller. I play the game to have fun - not level like an insane mad person. I work 8-10 hours a day and I have raids on live servers every other night. I can't just grind away endlessly on Beta - I'd go mad.

BUT! There were other things we'd been asking for, that I do have access to, and can report on!

Aldor/Scryers revamp

This was on Aldor Rep Vendor. Sweet beautiful Elune in the night sky - TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO to healing AND 8 mp5 AND stam and int thrown in for good measure? SWEET GODDESS sign my priest up! Well I'm not sure about that because the Scyers have the enchanter trainers and I'm not sure if their stuff is exclusive or not. That'll be a tough one to decide. My hunter it's kinda stupid - the only side with anything remotely interesting for my leatherworking hunter was a nice +AP/Agi ring - Lightwarden's Band (18 agi, 27 stam, +38 AP, requires Revered with the Aldor) - which stacks right up with Ring of Qiraji fury, Band of Unnatural Forces, and Band of Reanimation. Khadgar now gives you two quests with the option of gaining the allegiance of the faction of choice - basically 3500 free rep to either Scryers or Aldor and taking BACK that much rep from the opposing faction from the one you choose. They changed how you start - you now start at 0/3000 neutral with both factions. Once you choose a side your 500 into friendly with the side you choose, and HATED by the side you didn't choose. If you dare to venture into the teir of the faction that hates you, this happens: Scryers or Aldor.

New racial mounts completed

That's right, the Draenei Elekks are all in! The Sin'dorei Hawkstriders all have different colors now! Hot and available for purchase.

Check out the colors on those Chocobos er Hawkstriders.

Behold! Epic Elekks for sale!

Newbie Elekks

New Racial Non-combat pets

The hunters have been asking for weeks. Well... it's not a hunter pet... it's BETTER!

Draenei racial non-combat pet...

Isi's first pet. Awwww how cute!

Juhara's new pet...

...They come in red, golden, and silver.

Hunter Spells all rejuggled

Blizzard went and rejuggled what levels we get our new spells at. Before we only got new stuff ever even numbered level. It was annoying, because there was a ton of at 66 and 68. Now it's spread across all levels more evenly, and a few new spell upgrades were added like a new rank of Distracting Shot. But this means you won't get that new rank of Mend Pet right away at 60 anymore. Disregard the old spell upgrades list. My password got eaten by the old server and I can't update it anymore. Here's the latest version.

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Your updates make me SO DAMN IMPATIENT for January. Haha :) Keep 'em coming, they're much appreciated!

Ohh, I love those new non-combat pets! :D I usually skip these posts, cuz I want things to be kept a surprise for me, but this time I'm glad I clicked.

...Is it totally dorky of me that I'm a little disappointed that there are no Pink Elekks?

I love the new pets! So cute cute cute!

I see alot of those non-combat pets in the neutral AHs... :-) But damn they are cute! *giggle*

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