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Beta Update: October 30th, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Over the course of this weekend I had a lot of time to play beta. I had some quests to get finished, so I LFG pimped my hunter and got her out to see the 2nd wing of Hellfire Citadel - The Blood Furnace - and see part of the first wing of Coilfang Reservoir - The Slave Pens. After seeing more of the new instances now, I'm really liking instancing. You can only run an instance so many times over 2 years before it gets old and boring to you, but the thing that really stood out to me was how beautiful and complex these new instances were.

The Blood Furnace (Hellfire citadel)

This instance wasn't quite the speedrun that Ramparts was. Ramparts was quick lewtz in an hour. Blood Furnace took about 90 minutes with a good group, and again had 3 bosses. However this one was bigger, prettier (in a design perspective) in a sinister kind of way. With only two exceptions it was tank-and-spank. The first boss was totally tank-and-spank. The second was rather reminiscent of a Naxxramas fight - fight a whole bunch of elite and non-elite adds to start, and then fight the boss who drops poison clouds everywhere and you have to kite him around the room. Lastly the last boss starts with 5 elite caster protectors, and then the boss himself doesn't an emote periodically and kills anyone meleeing him. The end boss dropped a 2H axe (unsocketed) that was an upgrade from Zin'kroh if enchanted with 25 agi.

The Slave Pens (Coilfang Reservoir)

I didn't finish this instance - I had to break off because it was time to go to BWL with SHR and our MT in the group had to run off to his Naxxramas raid on his home server. Half the fun of this instance was getting to it. You have to swim to it - a good 90-120 second swim. Let's hope you either (a) are undead, (b) have a hydrocane from Gnomey, (c) bring water breathing potions, (d) have the water breathing ring from the AQ scepter quest chain, or (e) have a warlock :P. Coilfang has a singular beauty like going to the last half of Mauradon or doing Wailing Caverns as a lowbie hordie. Insanely pretty. And deadly. If you've always thought fighting Naga meant tartar sauce and chips, think again. These Naga are MEAN... and they have little draenei slaves that are even meaner. This instance is challenging because there are a lot of mobs all packed in closely pathing groups with casters and meleers.

After those two instances I decided that Silencing Shot was an absoloute MUST and specifically went back to 41 pts Marksmanship for it. (Respeccing on test is only 1c, not counting the spells you have to retrain.) But doing instances I got a full level - from 61 to 62. Bear in mind it's 500,000 XP to go from 60 to 61, and it only goes up from there. The Best XP is in group questing and instances. And because most people on Test are FRICKIN INSANE people who are all levelling in a big hurry like the whole beta will end tomorrow instead of 3 months from now and hurry their way to 67. This means finding groups to grind quests is not gonna happen. That leaves instance grinding on test. But... I figure if I run these enough I'll know them all by heart before they go live and can run my raiding friends through them when they hit live with ease. But then... things change between test and live. We'll have to see. :P

In any matters, more on RP. Sylvannas has been pushing the horde leadership council to accept the Blood Elves into the horde, but the horde was concerned that the Blood Elves had too many internal issues to be really effective. You, as the young Blood Elven upstart whelpling, properly whoop them, and become a young ambassador to the Horde... reporting directly to Thrall. I love the part of the quest where Thrall tells you "Welcome to the Horde, Elf." Thrall also seemed shocked to learn there were still horde on Draenor that were uncorrupted by demonic taint.

My Hordeling Blood elf pally hit 20, so I figured it was time to stop there testing her, because she's hit the point where all the quests were quests I'd done before, out beyond the new BE zones. But you are pretty much guaranteed to hit Exalted with the little Ghostlands faction because you leave that area. However, it appears that blizzard is working on Undercity. You can now see down into Undercity from the Zepplin, and see how most of the city doesn't really exist. But I was shocked to discover this door on the upper level was open and while empty, had been worked on.

The new LFG system is really buggy. While it has some cool features, it does weird things like putting groups of 3 rogues and 2 hunters together, or randomly swapping you out of one group to another after you've already manually established a group.

Tailoring: Because Mooncloth is so annoying to make, there's a new simple 16 slot bag pattern in outlands. That and a simple 18 slot bag pattern are on tailor trainers. There's another, 20 slot bag, whose pattern drops somewhere in Outlands. Onyxia... Arlokk... go DIAFF.

Pallies... Check this out.

I hope to have pictures from the new instances tomorrow.

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Those UC screenshots gave me chills. Keep the reports coming, Leafsdawn!

With pleasure. :)

Lovely stuff... especially for my 60 pally. Can't wait to get level 2 so you get 10% mana back... combine that with Seal of Wisdom and I become the lady of unending mana..

woot! woot!

On a side note, I find it funny that the Dark Lady is all about showing some love to the Belfs by getting them into the Horde but when you try to remind her of her Belfy past she turns into the Queen Bitch about it. Just look at that ring quest for one example...

Just something to think about... lol

She cares about her former people... but doesn't like being reminded of her pain.

I am so excited that the hydrocane is going to continue to be useful. *loves her hydrocane* Fighting a rogue? Go underwater, go deep, I can always win that one :) the only gaurentee to beat a rogue for me.

Musicchan made me go back and edit my post to include Warlocks and their Unending Breath buff. :P

Are the mobs during the second boss encounter of Blood Furnace still bugged out and floating in midair? I found that encounter more difficult than it should have been because of that, since mobs would start hitting me and I wouldn't realize it until I was almost dead.

There is actually a way you can get up the surrounding hillside and into that platform above the UC. I've done it. If you manipulate the camera right, you can even see down inside.

Now let's see how much of that HTML I muffed...

Oh aye, I just don't know if their trying to fix that or not.

Interesting how that alliance with the Horde isn't nearly as cemented as it seems. The Alliance did screw over the Blood Elves horribly, but notice a *distinct* lack of wtfery about their eating habits?

FAQ/History seems to lie: Thrall doesn't have a clue what's in their basement.

I really think that giving you this key was a good idea. You're doing more with the beta than I am dear.

*Hugs* Thanks for letting me use it, honey. :)

Your reports is a pure joy to read. Keep em coming!

Ah, Bachi. Crazy Mr. Bloodelf Paladin. It's awesome a trainer was named after him.

I've been mostly playing my Draenei, though my NE Druid is almost 62. I keep getting 3 or 4 and die horribly on both of my characters.

Are you on Hellfire or Blade's Edge? I'm on Hellfire.

Hellfire! :)

Silvermist - 62 Hunter (NE)
Isidora - 15 Mage (Draenei)
Juhara - 20 Paladin (Blood Elf)

Cool =D
Durge - 61 NE Druid
Bakanky - 13 Draenei Warrior
are the two I'm playing at the moment.

My sister has a few characters on my account, and so does my boyfriend, though they don't usually play.

Ooooh druid! What spec?

Feral, pure feral. Never been anything else =X

Hey I'm in beta too and I have seen your BE pally around!! :D

YAY! She hit 20 and is now down to doing the normal 20-60 content the rest of the horde does, and I just got bored. Went back to playing my hunter. But if you ever want my to log her on, just send me a msg.

Lovely screenies!
One thing comes to mind though. Are they making paladin the ultimate healer -.-

No... Priest is still the ultimate healer.

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