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Not to be a party-pooper, but... isn't Alleria Windrunner the sister of Sylvanas? XD

Bah, it's just funny. :)

You, uh, do know that Sylvanus and Alleria Windrunner are sisters? ;)

Yeah. But it's still funny as hell. :P

Since when has that ever stopped a slash writer? :D

slash writers haven't stopped becuase of incest. Or becuase they are slashing an inamnimate object. Or because it breaks 25 different laws.

I hope they change Sylvanas' model into a blood elf... instead of keeping her in a night elf model. ;_;

Me too, but right now she still looks like a Nelf.

*twitch* Incestfic does bad things to my brain.

...they *do* have another sister, Vereesa. Threesome, anyone?

I should not do that to myself.
technically, it's femmeslash, slash is for guys.
Nitpicking, ftl

When they call her "The Lady", I can't help think of the Lady of Sigil. XD; I'mma dork.

Oh, from the last set of screenshots I saw, there was an npc saying "Wow, that's a shiny one!" which, because the screenshot is blurry when small, I read as, "That's a shiny oral!"


I'm glad Alleria's still alive, though. I always figured she was too damned bitchy to die. XD

I suspect so, but I have no proof yet. There's an alliance outpost in Terrokar named after her. But I've yet to find Alleria herself.

I remember seeing Allerian on the map and squeed happily. They also imply *strongly* in the roleplaying books that the entire expedition is alive, and since we've seen Khadgar and... Danath? I think, and heard of Turelyon, I suspect it might be true. Wonder what happened to Kudran? No dwarf love... /weepeth

Lothar is dead and buried. There is a big stone marker at his grave in Honor Hold. I know Khadgar is alive and in Shattrath. Haven't found the others.

Lothar died before the expedition left, though, so he was never part of it. Danath Trollbane, Turelyon, Alleria Windrunner, Khadgar and Kudran and Sky'ree (the gryphon). I'd be really curious to know where they all were, since before it was implied they had been locked at the bottom of Magtheridon's dungeons when Illidan took the Keep.


...that "ominous letter" is probably *not* a love letter to Kael, telling him to get back to the keep because he wants sex. Right? Iamsobad

*giggles* no it's just an 'item that starts a quest' you find in the Ramparts section of Hellfire Citadel. You take it to him, he sends you into the next section.

I loooooved that quest. Hehe.

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