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That's very, very cool. Although I hope they don't do the talent thing that way, otherwise we're pretty much blowing our free respec in a way that won't utilize it fully, because I know that my goal at 60 was to respec a lot higher in my main tree and then add supplemental material later on.

Mostly cause I'm a druid who wants to be a tree :p

Yeah not sure how they will handle that.

I was thinking the same thing. I hope they just set something so that the next time you choose to respec, you and can go to the trainer and the trainer says "here's your freebie, have a nice day" without forcing you to respec. Because yeah, I don't want to respec until the expansion comes out.

On test we're forced to redo our spec every time they make a change.

That's either serious ouch or seriously cool, and I'm not sure which yet.

On the upside I get to try a lot of specs. On the DOWNside I have to pay for rebuying the same skills over and over again, like aimed shot ranks and trueshot aura ranks...

I want a free respec token, personally, since a number of my characters won't be respeccing at all, simply adding points to the trees she's already in.

The idea's a good one, gets people used to the new system before the expansion.

I'm glad you're back! I was concerned you were feeling too stressed out to continue playing the beta, but I'm glad you are. These are wonderful screenshots.

Well one can't play WOW every day. And some nights I have live-side raids. :P

Honestly didn't mean it that way, but I did think you were giving up beta-ing entirely. I'm sorry if I implied you were my beta minion or somesuch.

now go bake me e-cookies!

Hehehe it's okay, I didn't take it that way. :) Last couple days Beta has been down a lot and I have had an old friend in town visiting from Seattle and another from Dallas, so it's been a hectic RL-outside-of-WoW week. :P

I think they are giving away a free respec becuase some of the talent point trees (like the hunters) have changed enough that it makes the most sense for that. I don't know about repsecs for non huntes.

I am very curious how blizzard will handle travel from the starting areas of blood elves and dranei. I remember the original idea amongst fans that even if you don't buy the expansion you still the added content so you can interact with blood elf and dranei players. I figured that you were free to go to their starting areas as well, you just couldn't create one for yourself. That seems to be the easiest way to handle it

Travel from the Draenei area is handled by the Night Elf ferry, which is pictured many times in my screenshots. The Blood Elf area transport isn't finished yet, and is currently handled by McWeaksauce brothers with teleports - a temporary solution.

I'm curious about the traveling to other areas from the new starter zones. I understand that there is a boat from Auberdine to access the Draenei area. That makes sense and it makes it a lot easier for lowbies to travel.

What I'm really interested in is the Belf starter zone transport. Hopefully they will have some way of getting to the new Belf areas besides running your lowly butt all the way across both WPL and EPL, if you don't have a Belf character. Are there teleporters in or near UC to take you there for non-Belfs? It would seem a bit unfair to have to make the non-Belfs do a suicide run just to get there when the Alliance only have to take a boat from an easily accessible lowbie area to get to their expansion race starting zone.

That pala skill is new, and I can't wait to get it! :)

Looks more like an open book than a pair of wings to me?

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