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Beta Update: October 25th, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
So now it's official - Blizzard has made the statement that Burning Crusade will not be ready until January. Why? Let's look at that moment

Draenei: They have no mount vendor. The mount models are done, but there's no vendor. Blood Elves have theirs.
Blood Elves: They have no way out of their lands. LVL 20s in the EPL? No thanks! Draenei have theirs. The "Dragonhawk Flying Mounts" are bats. The Silvermoon City graveyard is in a section of the map that is blocked off - unable to enter or leave - alive or dead. If you die and end up at the GY at Silvermoon City, you have to rez at the GY and hearth out.
Outlands: Only 4 of the 7 zones are open to testing - that's 3 unfinished zones, or almost HALF of Outland. Plus all the instances are partially unfinished.  Kharazan, Caverns of Time, and the raid wings of the Outlands instances we can access (Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Reservoir, Auchindoun) are not finished and not open to testers. There's mobs that are broken. Mobs that clicking on them causes you to crash to desktop. The servers crash constantly. Mobs without textures or that are invisible. Many of the quests are marked as "PH" - or placeholders... need I go on?

In short... this game isn't finished. Yes, I think most of us are sick and tired of WOW and want to experience new content, but BC isn't ready for primetime. Trust me.

The new loading screens! You have no idea what a pain in the ass it was to capture these. :P

Eastern Kingdoms - hmmm Prophecy, Felheart... and Judgement? Yeah that's fair. :P
Kalimdor - battle of the cleavages! Green vs Purple! Battle to the death! No, seriously, I really like how the Nelf looks.
Outlands - this is used for Outlands, and the new racial zone areas.

No, I didn't play beta much last night. I was at an MD appointment and in an AQ raid most of last night that took everything out of me. But I do want to relay a concern.

I keep hearing people talk about quitting the current endgame content in favor of the new stuff. This is really alarming to me. I really want to experience the Twin Emps, C'thun, and all of Naxxramas. The way people are talking now, no one will be doing them, and I strongly suspect Blizzard is sadistic enough to make the new T4 content require T3 gear. I want to get my 3 60s geared out in T3. But right now it sounds like people are giving up - it's too hard for them.  Don't people realize that you'll need the gear from these places? I have yet to see any drops in Outland that make me think that T3 gear will be outmoded.

In the end of it all, why do I like to raid? To see new content. Have I seen any new content lately? No. And I miss it. I think that's why so many people are dying to get into Outlands. Their tired of grinding MC and LBRS. Every week I hear of new friends and people I know getting Beta invites. Have I seen them in game? With the exception a gnome I know, I haven't met a single familiar person there in Beta from any of the places where I raid. Meanwhile I need to go back and spend some more time on my priest grinding money. She's almost broke again.

I feel very depressed about my normal WOW characters. Are they ever gonna see Naxx content? I got my priest Naxx attuned - will she ever use it? Only time will tell, I suppose. I'm gonna go deal with some RL stuff, talk to you all later on.

Silvermist Leafsdawn, signing off for now.

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*curls up in a corner and begins to knock her head against the wall* But I WAAAAANT it!


/continues the rant

Blood Elves Mounts still all look the same...
There still are no promised purchasable flying mounts...
Level cap is still 67, not 70...

/voice drifts off in a long monotonous list of unfinished material

Thanks for all the updates. I look forward to your reports. :)

Where did Blizzard make this announcement? I thought we were going to be having this by the end of November, will they still sell it? Gah!

:[ This is bad news. (I preordered for boyfriend in England, he's coming to visit in Dec/early Jan, I just hope he has the set before he leaves....)

Blizzard has been known to release a product unfinished...>_>

(Anyone remember good ol' Captain Placeholder? When Silithus had no mobs? When Tier 1 looked like shit?--still debateable I suppose, but I mean like "recolored level 40 armor" shit.)

What will happen to the current raid instances is a mystery until the final product is out. Will Blizzard massively break down the difficulty and turn MC/AQ/ZG/Naxx into 5-mans like they did Scholo and Strat? Will level 70s use them as a means to twink new 60s? No one knows, and really there's no use speculating and getting depressed over it until we do have the answer.

I remember when Tier 0 looked like shit.

I also remember when you needed a raid group *NEEDED* a raid group to do Strath and Scholo. Now they are both easy as pie.

Captain Placeholder was when the boats were dumping people off the docks, those boats worked at release.

I came in a month after release. No wonder I don't remember that. XD

Ahh, I see. The boats worked fine for a while, then they started dumping people off. They stuck in Placeholder to fix that, but a lot of people would have prefered the teleport, it was a heck of a lot faster.

Unless most people I guess, I can wait until the all the bugs and fixes are done until I get my copy. I prefer a game that actually works instead of a game that doesn't. :-) Hence why I heart all the beta-testers. Thats what you are there for, to find all the bugs so Blizzard knows about them. Oh and yes, I pre-orderd BC at our local game-shop. One for me and one for hubby. :-)

Oh and I think I fell in love with the undead lady there on the first loading screen... *sigh*

You too?

And that orc chick. Woo.

Oh hell yeah.... Orc-chicks need more love. I had to go make myself an alt. My first orc. Damn screen-shot... :-P

(Deleted comment)
I love Horde-chicks to... Say, is that icon shareable? Who made it? *curious*

(Deleted comment)
I am actually gonna take you up on that, although I will have to go through my screen-shots first. :-) Mind waiting a bit? ;-)

Isn't the way out of the Blood Elf areas to portal over to Undercity and then go from there? My BE has a quest to go visit Sepulcher.

But yeah, not finished. :\ My poor BE warlock had no one tell her where to get her Succubus quest at level 20. Am I supposed to use the Undead quest? If so, why didn't my BE trainer tell me that? T_T

There are a pair of McWeaksauce brothers providing temporary teleport service until the Zepplins are ready.

Awww, they're temporary? I kinda like them. :(

They are the Captain Placeholders of test at this time.

You got the loading screens! Thank you!

Recycled art! (the orc shaman is from the board game's 'character sheet' for an orc shaman). The draenei chick looks freaking COOL!

And the blood elf paladin looks remarkably friendly in the outlands screen... she'll eat your face and magic, though. /rawr

zomg, I got to play a bit on a friends Beta account when she brought it over last night, and yeah... while I can't WAIT to play, I would much prefer it to be done and ready than rushed. Even in the little bit I was running around I noticed glitches.

absolutely adore the loading screens!

(Deleted comment)
LOL I did the same thing! That BE Pally is too hot for words. /lick

Hehehe glad you liked it. I'm actually using this as my current desktop. Which I submitted to the screenshot contest. And... I think it got accepted. The email from Blizz isn't too clear.

So true. The game is far from being released for Christmas and I'm glad they realise that. BC getting delayed was more of a blessing than an unfortunate thing for me, thanks to that I will be able to see Kel'Thuzad fall and get my Crypstalker armor closer to completion. :) In many ways I will be more ready for the expansion when it comes on January.

... Not to mention my birthday is on January and I'm mostly done with school by then... xD

My birthday is January 8th. And I'm trying not to hate you for your gear. :P

Oooh mine is 12th! Almost the same day. ^^

Hehe! I'm happy about my gear but everytime when I look at my hunter's /played I die a little inside. >__<;;

My hunter was rolled night before launch. My /played is well over 120 some odd days at LVL 60. And sadly I will not ever see Naxx. I want to... but you are seeing content and getting that I will never get to. So I'm sad.

/pat :( It's mostly just plain luck where you happen to start your character and what kind of people are playing there... I'm not taking my guild, WoW friends or supah epix for granted. ._.

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