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I started a meme. /sniff So proud!

w00t beta.

You certainly have. :)

The nelfs are spying to make sure the belfs becuase they are upset they now have competition about who is the prettiest.

Silly question but what does it look like when the belf's do their spinning jump? I've heard it looks like a figure skater leap

Yeah pretty much, when you jump you have a random chance of spinning in the air - twirling in mid air like an ice skater.

You're not *entirely* right about some of the night elven stuff.

You see the High Elves have been living peacefully in the Eversong forest for approximately 7000 years before Arthas came and ruined everything It's closer to 4000 years, since Malfurion kicked them out about, oh, 6000 years after the Sundering (give or take..?) and things were hardly peaceful, since the High Elves wound up basically stealing the trolls' ancestral lands... though since Trolls are everywhere, bit hard not to. Also, Malfurion kicked out the Highbourne because they were trying to channel the power of arcane magic, again, and made a big dominance show by trying to destroy parts of Ashenvale in a storm of magical fire and ice. Good show there, guys! *salutes*

The Night Elves tossed out their upstart High Elven breatheren until the last war and actually allied with Prince Kael'thas for taking down Illidan and his Naga forces. THEN Kael'thas changed sides and joined Illidan and the naga, coming to Outland. The Night Elves, of course, have stopped chasing Illidan and went back home to lick their wounds.
The alliance was pretty temporary, and Kale'thas did help them stop Illidan from ripping apart Northrend, and then after Maiev took off, Tyrande and Malfurion left, because they considered their business to be over. Maiev did succeed in capturing Illidan, but her work was in vain because Vashj and Kael came back to free Illidan (in the most violent game of tug-of-war ever...) and Maiev died, "alone and unmourned" in Outland (actual quote from the rpg).

But WHAT THE FUCK do Night Elves care about Blood Elves enough to use moonstones and lay lines and forest glades for the purpose of spying on Blood Elves? Why do the Kaldorei even care?
From some of your own screencaps, not all the Blood Elves are embracing this whole 'hideously evil' thing, so it might very well be that they're interested in those individuals, or perhaps they want to see how magic works on this side of the world. Or, simply, giving the players something to DO. If people could solve their own problems, rpgs wouldn't exist.

The Horde have already forsaken the Treaty of Hyjal and turned once more on the alliance in the last year or two. Origonally the treaty was the unification of not TWO, but THREE factions.
Despite what the game would have you believe, Thrall honours the treaties with the Alliance, as does Jaina. Thrall mentions that they are not at war with the Alliance, but conflicts are inevitable. Basically, it's a cheap plot device, because apparently there isn't enough conflict in Warcraft without humans vs orcs. *eyeroll*.

Their using demons as a source of power - like batteries - to syphon magic from (E.G. the demon in Dire Maul West) and have captured a Naaru to empower their Paladins with the Light. That's pretty common knowledge - I don't need glades of scrying moonstones to tell me that.
The Horde knows. The Alliance might not know, or might not know everything. They may have been asked by the Draenei to tell them what happened to the missing Naaru. The world doesn't mystically know everything that's happened because the players know (a point the writers of some of the rpg need to be reminded of...)

I will note that Thrall is supporting the current push against the Burning Legion in Outlands. The forces holding the line against the Burning Legion in outland are combined Alliance/Horde forces. Thrall is at least being true about that.

He is, he's awesome that way. *heart*

Awesomeness. I did have a question, do you know if the Naaru talk at all, on either side? I'm curious to know for writing purposes.

I'm rather happy about the new loading screen, and I'm deeply curious about the Kalimdor version. ^^

It's VERY VERY HARD to get screenies of loading screens. It won't normally take screenies if your in a loading screen. I'm still struggling to get one of the Kalimdor version, but it's also updated with a much prettier, younger, stronger, and buffer looking female NElf in full plate, the head of a female Draenei looking very mystical and badass, and a neat female tauren, etc. Will keep trying to get one.

The Naaru do not speak. There are only 4 in game thus far in beta. 1 in the Exodar's central core shaft - O'ros - who is friendly to you, M'uru who is imprisoned by the Blood Elves and is hostile to you as a Belf, and 2 more in Shattrath - the Sh'tar. One of them redeems tokens from hard-level instances for epics, the other is the leader of Shattrath and she you speak to him his diaglog is an emote about hearing pretty tinkling little sounds and a deep feeling of being welcome in the city of Shattrath. Naaru... have not yet spoken at all that I've seen.

Interesting, and that may be enough to work with, funny enough. Thanks a lot. I'm going through your screenshots now. I still want to shake the blood elves like a polaroid. It's frustrating that sympathetic, desperate characters have gone completely stupid.

I use Clipper to take screenshots of anything on my monitor. Might make it easier if having trouble getting the loading screens. :) I think googling clipper and screenshot might bring it up. But then, if that's the only thing you're gonna use it for, might not be worth the effort.

A female gnome Warlock! HEE! Thanks for the screenshots.

Ahaha...the combat log in your first screenie!

Poor Gamon - most frequently slaughtered Tauren in all the land, I'd say.

Hehe that poor tauren. :P

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