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Beta Update: Oct 20, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies

I would like to take a moment to address something that's been concerning me. A lot of people are running around in a panic shouting "THE SKY IS FALLING!" because "Raiding won't be needed anymore! O NOES We've wasted our times gearing up! We'll never raid again!!!~1one"

This is a very extremist and alarmist position, I feel. First of all... you never needed to raid to be successful in WOW. There was always the PVP route to epic gear. There's the 5-man route to the .5 set gear. Raiding has not - ever - been the sole focus on WoW. It's become a focal point because there are so many people at 60 looking for gear and content. But for the love of Elune, people - chill out. There will still be raiding in the Expansion, and always will be.

In the last week I've been beta testing I've seen a lot of items drop and so forth, but I've yet to see a single peice that I'd really consider to be an upgrade from my hunter's T2 gear. I've seen a lotta green and blue crap. There's a quest reward right out of the Dark Portal that I will use as a comparison.

Handguards of Precision
Blue, BOP, Unique, Hands, Mail
279 AC, 20 AGI, 28 Stam, 38 AP


Dragonstalkers Gauntlets
Epic, BOP, Hands, Mail
276 AC, 14 AGI, 17 Stam, 13 Int, 6 Spi, 10 Shadow Resist
Class: Hunter, +14 Critical hit Rating, +26 AP

Using a simple formula of ((Agi/33)+(Crit/14))22 + AP + Agi we get the effective total ranged attack power of these items. The Handguards clock in at 71.33 and the Dragonstalker also clocks in at 71.33. So, Excel says, DPS wise these gloves are exactly the same. Let's look at the rest of the statistics:

DS VS Precision: +3 AC, +6 Agi, +11 Stam, +12 AP, -13 Int, -6 Spi, -10 Shadow Resist, -14 Critical Hit Rating, exact same calculated total RAP value.

One thing that I've found, playing a hunter in Outland is that I run out of mana very very quickly and may spec back into Efficiency. I need that extra int and spirit. Plus the thing that isn't factored into raw numbers is the set bonuses. I'd lose my 8 pc DS set proc if I swapped some blue on.

I'm a raider. I like raiding. You can't take the raider out of me. As much as I love seeing new content and exploring new places like Outland, I still have not seen some content on Azeroth - AQ40 (past the Twin Emps) and Naxxramas. I wanna see that content. I personally don't care if I'm lvl 70 in full T4, I wanna see that content. I wanna get me a suit of Cryptstalker gear from Naxxramas for my hunter and a suit of Faith for my priest. Why? Cause they look cool. I'll always keep my Dragonstalker and Transcendence for that reason.

Plus there will be new 10 and 25 man raiding in Outland. And I *HATE* PUGS! I have had to PUG so far in Outlands, and it's really annoying. The new LFG system is cool... but it paired me with a warrior in t0, a priest that was shadow and stayed in shadow form, a warlock that wouldn't soulstone, and an OOMKIN druid that refused to heal and spent the whole time spamming Moonfire. Oh it was a nice group composition classwise, but daggum that was the stupidest PUG. (We still cleared Ramparts, amazingly enough.)

Please, for the love of Elune people, stop yelling the sky is falling for those of us that enjoy raiding. I will really expect the raiding guilds/organizations I'm apart of to schedule and find good mixes of good people for these 10 and 25 man raid content. Not just for normal mode - but for HARD mode, and tokens to buy epics. The sky is not falling for raiders. This isn't the end of raiding as we know it. It's just changing a little - the full extent of which is up to the raiding org or guild in question. You'll never take the raider out of me. I've yet to be totally convinced, here in Outland, that I will ever really want to stop doing BWL+ content. If nothing else Outland's easy-access to MC-level gear should help gear up all the raiders even further, and combined with additional levels and new skills, we'll all PWN-ass just a little bit harder.  I will still always wanna hang with my friends in SHR and Equilibrium - cause they are my friends, and go kill stuff, be it Nefarian, C'thun, Kel'thuzad, Grull, Lady Vashj, Illidan, Kael'thas, or just grinding Outlands instances on hard mode.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams... Don't Panic.

Enough dissertation for now. More reporting.

There is lots of Lore in Outland, much to a roleplayer's joy. In Outland the story of Prince Kael, Illidan, and Lady Vashj is continued. After Illidan's defeat at the hands of Arthas, Illidan returned to his Black Citadel in Shadowmoon Valley, and brooded. Kil'jaeden wanted his hide for failing. Upon first arriving in Terrokar Forest at the old Draenei racial city of Shattrath, you get a little glimpse of what followed.

Now the Aldor and the Scyers are different factions. One is friendly to Horde, the other to alliance - and unfriendly to the other faction. Supposedly you can become as friendly or hated as you like with each, but each faction has different quests and factional crafting recipes. So like specializing in crafts, you'll have to pick a side and vy the favor of the Sha'tar (Naaru).

And now... I bring you... Epic Elephants! The Draenei epic Elekk mount:

Picture 1
Picture 2

That's it for now, folks. Silvermist Leafsdawn, signing off.

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Lovely elephant shots!

Is that a draenai girl in plate? *wants one*

May I quote parts of your post on my guild forums?

Of couse! Just provide a source link.

They look cool, but I have a hard time seeing an elephant run as fast as a cat or a horse for a long period of time. Just seems kind of hard on the elephant. Then you add all that gear. The poor thing. eeep!

Thanks for sharing these pic with us. :D

As someone who hates raiding -- my life has enough mogolian custerfucks involving masses of people running around randomly in it already, I don't need to virtually recreate the chaos. :) -- I'm really excited about being able to get even reasonably equivalent gear as a world drop. It was really cool to see how stuff stacks up!

If you hate raiding or can't raid, Outlands is a good alternative. The stuff that drops is MC-level so far.

Thank you. I keep *telling* people it's still worth raiding, but eh, they're being dumb.

I (not at you, of course) roll my eyes at some of that lore, but it's okay. On the plus side, at least I'm right about what happened to Illidan after he got back from Northrend. *evil chuckle*

this notion that the sky is falling for raiders is rampant and it's so not true.

I yelled at folks in guild chat last week to KNOCK IT OFF. A random blue here or there that PWNS somethng you slaved away for in MC is still just 1 item -- it doesn't negate your whole set of gear. Or make having spent that time a waste...unless of course you are just in it for the phat lewst and you are sad that your gear won't be better than everyone else's anymore. And I have no sympathy for that, personally. We're looking to start up Naxx very soon, despite BC on the horizon because there is a lot of very cool content --and gear -- to which it provides access.

All that said, I think many a guild will be cancelling their normal main raids the week BC comes out and taking that team into Outlands to start in on the new content.

THANK YOU. someone else finally realizes that epic raiding gear isnt obsolete by blues and greens!!! I'm so tired of people crying about this when for the most part its not true!

Just by the sheer NUMBER of stats on epic gear, I doubt that epics will really ever truly be out moded directly by Outlands gear until there are better epics. I'm GUESSING that'll be around 67 or so, but I'm not sure - I'm only half way through 60 cause I work by day. :P We'll find out together.

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