WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Lovely elephant shots!

Is that a draenai girl in plate? *wants one*

May I quote parts of your post on my guild forums?

Of couse! Just provide a source link.

They look cool, but I have a hard time seeing an elephant run as fast as a cat or a horse for a long period of time. Just seems kind of hard on the elephant. Then you add all that gear. The poor thing. eeep!

Thanks for sharing these pic with us. :D

As someone who hates raiding -- my life has enough mogolian custerfucks involving masses of people running around randomly in it already, I don't need to virtually recreate the chaos. :) -- I'm really excited about being able to get even reasonably equivalent gear as a world drop. It was really cool to see how stuff stacks up!

If you hate raiding or can't raid, Outlands is a good alternative. The stuff that drops is MC-level so far.

Thank you. I keep *telling* people it's still worth raiding, but eh, they're being dumb.

I (not at you, of course) roll my eyes at some of that lore, but it's okay. On the plus side, at least I'm right about what happened to Illidan after he got back from Northrend. *evil chuckle*

this notion that the sky is falling for raiders is rampant and it's so not true.

I yelled at folks in guild chat last week to KNOCK IT OFF. A random blue here or there that PWNS somethng you slaved away for in MC is still just 1 item -- it doesn't negate your whole set of gear. Or make having spent that time a waste...unless of course you are just in it for the phat lewst and you are sad that your gear won't be better than everyone else's anymore. And I have no sympathy for that, personally. We're looking to start up Naxx very soon, despite BC on the horizon because there is a lot of very cool content --and gear -- to which it provides access.

All that said, I think many a guild will be cancelling their normal main raids the week BC comes out and taking that team into Outlands to start in on the new content.

THANK YOU. someone else finally realizes that epic raiding gear isnt obsolete by blues and greens!!! I'm so tired of people crying about this when for the most part its not true!

Just by the sheer NUMBER of stats on epic gear, I doubt that epics will really ever truly be out moded directly by Outlands gear until there are better epics. I'm GUESSING that'll be around 67 or so, but I'm not sure - I'm only half way through 60 cause I work by day. :P We'll find out together.

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