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Beta Update: October 18th, 2006
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Made my first trip into Hellfire Citadel last night, in priest mode. The portal is purple, not white - means you can set the difficulty level - normal or hard. We started with Normal mode. There's a little skull on the portal. First impressions? Nothing like Blackrock Spire *AT ALL*. First of all, it's a combination of indoors and outdoors. There are 4 wings: 3 5-mans, and a 25-man. We went in the first 5 man, called Hellfire Ramparts. As it's name suggests, it's the top of the walls. It was pretty tank-and-spank pulling groups of 3-6 mobs a pull, with 2 little minibosses and a final boss. In all the instance took no more than an hour, max.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2

The drops were... well... interesting. The others in the group said they were comparable to BWL and Naxx drops. However I'm not so sure. My hunter's Dragonstalker gear has not just AGI and AP on it, but stamina, int, spirit, crit/hit, etc - the stuff that drops in Outland for hunters is only agi and AP. Outland stuff may be higher DPS gear for a hunter, but you take a hit in your hitpoints, mana pool, regen, and crit/hit. That's not really an upgrade, to me. I'd rather wear my out-of-date Dragonstalker set because it has more stats as a whole. Just like when I was levelling up in the first place.

You be the judge. Tell me what you think.

Quest reward - better than Prestor's Talisman of Connivery for DPS, but lacks +hit.

First Boss drop

The warrior was wearing this with all their AQ40/Naxx/BWL gear. The name made Losille and I crack up in fits and tears of laughter for 5 minutes.

Second boss, first drop

Second boss, second drop

End boss dropped this staff. It looked freakin' awesome. But is it a Naxxramas level staff? You tell me. I'm not sure.

Anyhow. I've added an HTML chart to each of the class folders listing the spell upgrades from 60-70 for each class I've catalogged so far. I also catalogged the mages. Note that the hunters folder now includes information about new trainer-trainable pet skills in the expansion. I also took stock of some of the new things that are on various profession trainers for 60-70. For example: Blacksmiths can craft thrown weapons with some really neat stats. They can also create a rune you put on shields to absorb damage of various types.

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Of course this is leveling up instance so the gear isn't level 70 gear Still very nice upgrades for most players.

Love the Flintlocke Shoutout.

The blues are super nice, and I'm sure people who didn't wind up raiding will be thrilled.

*dies laughing*

Flintlocke's Piloting Pants.

The pop culture. It burns! <3

I love your "Letters from the Front" about Beta--you tell all the little things that I know I'd be interested in. Thanks!

I'm VERY VERY glad you like them! I was hoping to share with others the giddy excitement and anticipation I feel from seeing all this new stuff first hand.

To touch only on one aspect: That staff.. eh. It doesn't even seem that hot to me.

Pretty comparable to the Staff of Dominance from MC. Yeah, a bit more stats, but not crazy so. I'd keep my sword and offhand.

However, if I hadn't raided.. it's hotter than anything you can get in a five man now.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't say it wasn't good! I just said that it wasn't omgsoawesome =D

I'm a mage, so given the choice between an Azuresong and a fire runed grimoire, or a tome of the ice lord.. the SoD kind of pales in comparison. More pewpew for me!

I'm inclined to agree. If I brought my mage, who has never raided, it'd be an awesome staff for her. But if I had SoD or SoSF, I'd DE that staff.

Aww... Images not working for me. Overload on bandwidth?

It was down for maintenance. It's back up now.

The links aren't displaying for me either... =(

I seriously can't wait till the expansion comes! Of course I would hope we had enough time to get Kel'Thuzad down at least once too though, but...

1)that staff is pretty snazzy... though my SoSF is still a bit better :p still, the stats would be super for pvpage or for leveling.

2) also, i heart flintlocke.

3) also again, your draenei is very cute.

i look so forward to coming home and reading your updates!

Remember that 14 Spell Critical is not 14% to Crit. 14 Spell Critical is 1% to crit. So the staff for example has about 1% to crit, 34 stam, 34 int, and almost 50 to spell damage. Your SoSF I think will last you quite a while, I think.

This all is rather depressing. What's the point in raiding if all our nice gear is just getting replaced by blues and greens?

Sigh. -.-

Look closer. Epic gear still wins out over this stuff. I will be wearing my raiding gear for quite a long time. If it lasts me until like lvl 67 and I find *better* epics, I'll be happy. I've yet to find anything in Outland that I'd consider a true upgrade.

Precisely why I am NOT stressing out about Molten Core or getting FR gear at this point.

*tap tap* Is this thing on? Are people listening? The stuff I've seen so far coming out of the Outlands may be better than Molten Core gear - thank Goddess cause I hate MC - but it doesn't compare to BWL, AQ40, and Naxxramas drops at all, just cause of the sheer number of stats on BWL+ epics.

I said Molten Core for a reason. X3; My guild, in its progression, is only begining to do Molten Core, and lately the guild leader has been all up in our butts to get FR gear. AQ20? The only thing in there we can kill is Kurinaxx.

Now I don't have to worry about it, because there's obviously no chance we're progressing to BWL or AQ40. So those of us who are in guilds trying to progress really shouldn't be worrying much.

Ahhhh okay, gotcha. Yeah if you cannot ever possibly get BWL+ gear through raiding, then Outland is the ticket and the way to get up your character. The blues and greens are comparable to Molten Core epics, but don't hold a candle to BWL+.

That staff looks very, very similar to the staff that drops from Lord...Blankingonhisname, in UBRS, the last boss in the .5 questline, except that staff has a black glow instead of purple IIRC. But yes, it still looks freaking cool.

lol at the flintlocke pants. cos we've pretty much all seen how "good" flintlocke's piloting skills are. XP

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