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My Adventures in Expansionland!
Istaria: Tigris
tigrise wrote in wow_ladies
Well not sure how many remember last week anyee made a post saying she had a beta invite and didn't have the time to make use of it. Anyee and I play eachother's accounts from time to time anyway, and so I've spent the weekend beta testing, putting in endless bug reports, interacting with GMs, poking at new content, taking screenshots, and posting all the screenshots online.

I've found that distinct feeling of fun and excitement that I had when I was first beta testing WOW before it's release. Excited to see and explore new lands, experiencing new quests I've never done before, seeing new sights I've never seen before. I haven't realized in the last year or so how much I've missed that.  For the last few months my attitude has been one of "Oh I'll log in when I log in. No hurry" - but now I'm excited to log in and see/experience new content again. I think we're all really hungry for this new content, honestly. Experiencing something new.

The expansion is an upgrade to your account. The $40 gives you a datadisk and a keycode. Using the keycode on your account to upgrade it gives you access to the content. But you need the data that is on the CD.

Character copy to the test realm is up but really backlogged, so I was not able to play my (Anyee's) 60's yet. I've made a newbie Draenei and Blood Elf to try them out. I really like the Draenei - they are a lot of fun. The quests are a lot of fun and are pretty cool so far. The art in Exodar is really neat. There's a lotta storyline, which I like. There's a new LFG system built into the game, there's a new enemy castbar system built into the UI. The racials that scale with level are REALLY neat, I think that should be done to all racials. So far I'm having a lot of fun, but there's bugs too. I've been reporting them as I find them. But the GMs talk to you personally and not canned responses.

Some additional notes. The following may contain spoilers I guess to some, so if you are worried about such things... don't read this.

ALL NEW ZONES ARE INSTANCED - meaning you must own the expansion in order to enter them. You cannot fly to them when you have the flight paths - although there are birdmasters, there are no connections. They are all flagged PVP-active like a racial city - the whole zone. Anyone with the expansion can enter these zones, however if you are not of the faction of the zone your entering (EG. alliance in silvermoon/horde in exodar) - anywhere in the zones - you will be auto-flagged for PVP. (Outlands, however, is flagged down on a non-PVP server.)

Azuremyst Isle / Bloodmyst Isle / Silvermyst Isle / The Exodar (The new alliance zones) -  to reach them from the outside world, take the Night Elf longboat at the far far end of the auberdine pier.

Ghostlands / Eversong Forest / Sunstrider Isle / Silvermoon City (The new horde zones) - to reach them from the outside world, take the pass in the northern mountains of the Eastern Plaguelands, past Adon (*cough Addon*), until you reach an instance portal.

Outlands - reachable though the Dark Portal. There are no demons guarding the portal anymore, but instead combined alliance and horde forces. The far side of the portal is a warzone as combined horde and alliance forces duke it out constantly against the titanic demons of the Burning Legion. There is also a flightpoint here, and you get a free flightpath to your first destination - Honor Hold. (End of spoilers, I guess)

Mages: New portals! Teleport to Exodar/Silvermoon is trainable at the portal trainer next to the mage trainers at Exodar/Silvermoon. Teleport is at 20, and portal is at 40. There are some factions in outland with portal trainers too, but you need to grind rep with them first.

Hunters: I'm going to upload a folder full of hunter shots - specifics about what spell upgrades you get when. But you get a new rank of Mend Pet right at 60. I think this is open to everyone, expansion or no. On the whole my damage is the same as it was before, though the stats on my gear (any gear that says "Class: Hunter" on it has changed stats), including Beaststalkers. On the whole I hit about the same as before, with a couple of exceptions. Arcane Shot hits a whole hell of a lot harder - like 500-ish on a lvl 1 critter instead of 100-200ish dmg. Aimed shot hit a little harder than before, but not much. Instead of 2000-ish aimed shot crits on lvl 1 critters, it's 2500ish.

NEW SPELL RANKS FROM AQ - ARE NOT TRAINABLE AT 60! At least not always, depends on class. You have to get to 64/66/68 or whatever the level needed is for that rank of the spell to be trained off the trainer. So either raid AQ20 and get your spell books at 60, or wait until lvl 64/66/68ish and train them for 4g+ each off the trainers. At least this is the case with my 60 hunter. My priest was able to train all three AQ books off the trainer right at 60. May vary by class, member FDIC, your milage may vary.

Alchemists gets to specialize. There are lvl 60-70 crafting patterns on vendors all over the place. Jewelcrafting trainers are ONLY available in Exodar, Silvermoon, and Outland. Upshot being, no expansion, no jewelcrafting. Same applies to the elephant and chocobo mounts - they are at the new racial cities and in Outland. No expansion - no new mounts for you. And so far no sign of cloth quartermasters either. That runecloth your hoarding may not be good for anything.

ABOUT REPUTATION - the reputation system is highly revamped in the new expansion. Doing quests in the Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones, I was HONORED with my own faction by level 7. LEVEL SEVEN. You get 200/300/700+  rep for doing quests in the starting zones. They have definitely started to take the GRIND out of Faction Grinding. You may not *NEED* the runecloth to get exalted with the Exodar. Draenei start out friendly with all alliance factions, and alliance members start out friendly with the Exodar. Blood Elves start out Neutral with Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and the trolls, but are friendly with the Undercity. Undead start out friendly with the Blood Elves, all other horde start out neutral.

Hunters: Added some screenshots including existing spell upgrades and their ranks from 60-70, as well as some damage test screenshots.

Priests: Screenshots added of your existing spell upgrades from 60-70.

X-posted to my livejournal.

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Wee thanks for all this!

I'm just starting to get concerned that I'm not going to get to do much of anything with my priest or get any of the swank class gear because of the expansion (I just hit 52 this weekend) so some of these things are cool.

Don't know if you know or anyone else does but how about bg's are there going to be any new ones in the expansion?

The Arena is new, but it's not finished yet, so no testing done yet.

Ah yes the Arena...hmm.

I had other questions...
Oh yes, have you looked at fishing/cooking will there be swank new things you can buff up with? (I'm fishing while at work, every time I get a phone call I switch over to watching the bobber :) mmm winter squid!)

Not enough fishing skill to test. But there are a ton of new recipes/patterns/etc about that I haven't begun to fully discover yet.

Thanks for the great post - I'm so excited!

Haha, yes yes... Though I think I'll like playing a Draenei.

Thank you very much for the screenshots, and those will put paid to the silly "we don't anything but what they posted" rumours (which was silly anyway).

That's why I post them. Enjoy!

I'm getting more and more tempted to make a Draenei shammy the more I read about BC...

Thank you for all the info and the screenshots!

One question - I didn't quite understand what you meant in the post, but will we get automatically flagged in Outland on a PvE server?

Thanks for all the info and the screenshots :)

No you will not be auto-flagged for PVP in outland on a PVE server.

You *WILL* be auto-flagged for PVP if you are alliance and enter the Ghostlands/Eversong/Silvermoon instanced zone, on a PVE server.

You *WILL* be auto-flagged for PVP if you are horde and enter the Bloodmyst/Azuremyst/Silvermyst/Exodar instanced zone, on a PVE server.

wait, er... instanced? As in, random non-grouped people cannot just run into each other in one of these new zones, you have to be in a party to enter? Are these zones for questing only and designed to be instanced for your safety, or something different? *confused*

It's like the Deeprun Tram. It's an instance, but there's only 1 instance that EVERYONE can enter. However in this case while there's only 1 instance, only those with the expansion can enter it. However ANYONE that has the expansion on their account can enter this instance. But there's only 1 instance of it.

Sorry for the stupid question but is the PVP in Outlands for the PVE servers too? I play on Kargath, PVE server, so would be a lot of getting used to if when I venture on to Outlands I get flagged PVP.

Thanks.. :D

*points up one post*

Outlands is *not* PVP flagged.

Thanks for the information! I was very curious about the location of the zones and how lowbie Dranei and Blood Elves will get to move around to the other areas.

I wonder if Blizzard will retrofit repuatation for major factions so if you want to ride annother faction's mount you aren't handing in 1,000,000 peices of runecloth, just 1,000 (ie not nerfing it but not making it such an obnoxious grind)

Any notes on the Caverns of Time? It seems like no one is talking about that.

Caverns of Time aren't finished yet, so no one is going in there. There's many other Outland instances to test atm.

May vary by class, member FDIC, your milage may vary.

this made me giggle :D

Batteries not included, some assembly required, not a water toy.

Thanks for this post! Reading these have made me so excited for the expansion! :D

So let me get this right...
To get to or from the new Draenei zone, you can take a boat from the lowbie zone of Darkshore at Auberdine, that is easily accessible by most Alliance. I know that even if I start in Stormwind, I can still take the tram to IF and run across the Wetlands to Menthil, with only minor problems, by level 12 or so.
To get to or from the new Blood Elf zone, one must run across Eastern AND Western fracking Plaugelands?!?!?!

Pardon me while I /boggle a bit and say WTF?
I tend to see a little disparity here.
How in the world are the Belfs supposed to get out of the starting zone if they have to run across a MINIMUM level 55 and level 50 zones to do so? I remember being a lowbie undead at 22 and decided to stick my head in the WPL because I didn't know what was there at the time. Almost everything up to Felstone field aggroed on me and immediately came to chew my face off. I'm sure the undead mobs in the field would have come running too had they not been farmed to near extinction. (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit here, but not by much. I did draw a LOT of aggro from several different mobs just for walking under the arch to WPL. :)
There has got to be a Zepp or something for the Belfs because it would be ridiculous to have you spending all afternoon to do a naked run of mass suicide... just to be able to get to the rest of the Horde zones at level 20. That's like telling the Alliance Humans they have to run through Burning Steppes, BRD and Searing Gorge to be able to get to IF!

Is it just me or does this sound seriously sporked to you?

Other than that I'm pretty excited about the new Hunter and pet changes. Whee!
Too bad Hunters STILL don't get another stable slot. *sigh* Right now I would quest and grind for one of those.

I haven't fully explored the Belf zone yet, but I'm hoping there's a boat from Eversong to Tirisfal.

Addendum: I did hear a rumor that there's a Zepplin from Undercity to Silvermoon, but I haven't found it yet.

How do you get to be a part of beta testing? I've always been curious and it sounds like such fun!!

Going to Blizzcon, winning PVP contents on previous test realms... knowing someone at Blizzard... that's about it.

Quick question: Do you know if hunters get a 3rd stable slot?

No, there will be no new stable slots, Blizzard has stated the hardware cannot handle them.

Bummer! D: Thanks though!

But you don't really need them. In order to learn new pet skills, just fight the beast, and you'll learn the new pet skill.

o_O Is that new for the expac? Cuz currently, you have to actually tame an animal and fight with it at your side for several minutes before you learn the skill.

Yah I know, my main is a hunter. And yes, that's one of the new changes. You just fight a beast to learn it's skills and teach them to your pets.

Sweet!!! That is just as good as a 3rd stable slot. :D :D :D :D :D :D

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