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Recruitment Post - Sen'Jin (US) Horde
Maka <3
wildicycomet wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone! I am posting here in the hopes of finding a healer and perhaps a couple of DPS for my guild on Horde side Sen'Jin (US).

Our background: The four leaders have been playing together on and off for about four years now, and we get along great. We've put together a small team of people for our 10-man runs and we are in desperate need of a healer, preferably with a good DPS offspec. We are currently 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF (and Garalon has been brought down to 5% in recent attempts), and 0/4 ToES.

The catch with our guild is that we have weird schedules, as we try to work around our leaders' work schedules. Typically we raid Friday through Sunday starting at 7 pm server (central time), but sometimes we also raid during the week where we can fit it.

I'm the only female on the team, but I'd love some company! We love to joke around, and some of us love to play some LoL on the side, if anyone is interested! :)

We are currently seeking:

-A healer, preferably with a DPS OS. Our healers currently consist of an HPally and MWMonk. We would love to have a resto druid, resto shaman, or a disc priest, but we are welcome to any classes!

-DPS! Though we do have nearly a full group, we are currently in great need of either a DPS shaman or a mage for bloodlust/time warp. We are willing to talk to a hunter with the correct BL pet as well!

If any of this interests you, please contact Chenguang on Sen'Jin (US) or please add my battletag (lbh1647).


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