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Question About Tanking in Dungeons
Drow Naked
jurassicsnark wrote in wow_ladies
Hey everyone!

I've been playing for about five years now, and I've usually always leveled solo. Up until recently, I've skipped dungeons altogether, and leveled my main (and more alts than I care to count) through questing, dailies, world events, etc. This weekend, I'll be getting my Belf Prot Warrior main to 90 (yay!), and after that's done, I was considering leveling another Forsaken baby Prot Warrior. I really don't want to do all the quests again (although I'll do some; I do like certain areas), so I was thinking of leveling him mostly through dungeons.

My problem is, I'm very familiar with the Prot Warrior as a class, but I'm not familiar with some of the dungeons themselves. I've run many of them solo (up to Outlands) on my higher-level main, but I know that one-shotting mobs and bosses is not the same as actually doing each dungeon at-level when you're a lowbie.

I know that tanks are supposed to lead, and know each dungeon layout, each boss, strategies, etc.

My question is, how does a dungeon noob-tank get that experience in the first place (particularly if they don't have a higher-level alt to explore first)? I've run a few dungeons on my healer, but only to level 25, so I know I can get through those. It's the ones after that I'm concerned about. I can get the layout by running through on my 90, but as I've said, it still won't be the same.

I know a lot of groups I've ended up with in the Dungeon Finder (on my healer) had no patience for anyone who didn't know exactly what they were doing. It was all 'go go go, now now now, don't stop to think'. I also know that we all have to start somewhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any resources out there I could refer to (I've checked, but it hasn't been updated in some time, and the highest-level dungeon is BRD)?  Is there anything other than YouTube?

Thanks for any help!

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ive leveled many tanks through dungeons. i guess the best advice i can give you is to develop a thick skin against the jerks that come along. you really can't let it get under your skin and keep you from tanking if you really like it.

i also will recommend tidy plates and tidy plates threat plates. these are a must for tanking imho.

good luck!

Maps for Tanks is a great starter resource. Unfortunately, the creator petered out before she got past vanilla dungeons, but since you're starting from scratch, it's not bad.

Now, some of them aren't updated; she still has the old SM maps, as you'll see, and Ragefire. They're still close, but not quite the same.

It's a start! Good luck!

AAAND I see that you mention that at the end. DOH!

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I honestly think you're overthinking it. If you play defensively, you'll be able to handle whatever the bosses throw your way until late TBC, I'd say. I've been in groups without a singe heirloom and the combined dps just steamrolled every boss anyway.

I second the suggestion to develop thick skin though. Don't hesitate to drop group if people are idiots, even if you mess up there's no reason for people to hurl abuse about it (it really depends on the battlegroup, on my horde realm I have people being jerks and doing stuff like pulling for me up through Wrath, but on my alli realm people are generally courteous and friendly).

Most dungeons have a pretty good "flow" that you can follow, usually only really one right way to go, so you just keep following it. Me? I've been tanking/playing dungeons a ton over the time I've been playing, and I STILL get lost in some of them, so really developing a thick skin to stupid people is a good option. :) Mostly in low-level dungeons you won't have to worry about stopping to CC, etc., until probably Cata, and even then I've been noticing people are mowing it down (apparently a lot of people are getting their hands on level 80 BOEs from MOP), so it should be quick runs for the most part. If you have courteous people, it will get you a ton of practice at tanking. I hope you enjoy it! I adore prot much fun! :D

Definitely on the thick skin thing. I started tanking a few dungeons here and there on my druid again and the first thing I say if it's a new dungeon (Mogu'shan palace) "I've only ever been in here as dps and heals. If you think of anything vital I should know, let me know."

Because I figure this, I have instant queue as a tank. If they kick me out cause they're being jerks, then I can just get a new dungeon with a better group.

Don't put up with insults. Don't put up with people pulling for you in later dungeons. In the low low levels most people will pull by accident half the time anyway. Don't think that if you're dying constantly you're necessarily a bad tank even if they declare you to be one. If you're rusty on a boss, and your whole party happens to be new, you can usually infer what you need from the dungeon journal notes. They have icons for what you need to interrupt and what will kill you.

Out of the last 20 random dungeons I've been in I've gotten maybe 1 bad group. I'm thinking they really aren't the majority out there, they just stick in our memories more than the good ones.

If you want a guide for a few of the dungeons I'll be happy to go with you sometime on one of my lowbies..after 40 I think I got one in just about every level range horde side.

This is really good advice, thank you. I know all my queues for heals have been really short, I was expecting the same for my tank. I haven't had a lot of bad groups in the past, but I wouldn't call them 'good', either. I'm the type who likes to communicate and make sure everyone is ready to move on, but I know not everyone has that mindset.

And, believe it or not, I had no idea the Dungeon Journal existed. After five years, I still feel like a total noob in some ways.

I should be okay for any run-throughs (I can dual box with one of my higher-level toons if need be), but I really, really do appreciate the offer! :)

The dungeon journal only got the rest of the dungeons in it with MoP. Prior to that, when it came out in Cataclysm, it was only the cataclysm dungeons and raids.

I didn't even know it existed until you mentioned it, though. Then again, having never run dungeons until a few months back, I'll blame my ignorance on lack of experience. :)

Thick skin, definitely. There are a lot of whiny babies out there who'll try to bully you. Just remember that they don't pay your monthly subscription fees and don't get to tell you what to do with your time. Really the best way to learn is by doing, and having fun while you do it. I think the fact you care enough to 'get it right' shows that you're a cool person to run with regardless.

The hardest part of low-level tanking for me were the old dungeon maps. Fortunately a lot of the dungeons were revised to be less confusing to navigate, but I had a pretty positive response when I asked people in groups to speak up if they could point out the right direction to go in.

There are some bad apples out there, but my experiences weren't too horrible. You can always put party chat in a separate window so it's easy to hide if people are intolerable, assuming it's not bad enough to warrant leaving out-right. I did that all the time whenever people squabbled over loot. XD

Rob Boss Mods is an excellent mod that will give you brief run-downs of boss fights. :)

I've recently gotten my first tank (and only melee!) through the entire leveling process, and tanked my first LFR a couple weeks ago. (It will be a little while until I venture into LFR again, but only because AMGHOWTANK!)

Granted, it was much easier to level my main (mage) and my healers through all of these first, so that I had an idea of where I was going, and then just add the OHGODHOWTANK panic later. That being said, most dungeons have a fairly easy layout. Some of the BC ones really screw with my head, but that's about it. Also, Blackrock Depths/Spire/etc? Six toons through there and I still haven't a fucking clue where anything is, so that's not unusual.

Honestly, like others have said, get thyself a thick skin, and bite the bullet, and if people don't want to deal with you, they can wait another twenty minutes for a tank. I don't know what it's like on your server/battlegroup, but that's my average wait time as a DPS for a queue, even lower levels. Healer wait times are roughly 10 minutes. Don't be afraid to take it a little slow. (In fact, I'm leveling a lock now, and sometimes slower is better, cause that means I have time to get all my dots up and stuff. When we just plow through, my dps is in the shitter.) Your healer may thank you. If you can pull a friend with you (especially a healer friend!), use that to your advantage. Losing a tank AND heals just kills queue times, and people aren't willing to do that.

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