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*waves* Not a tank but it is always good to see other Farstrider people here! (Even if you are Blue side :) I kid, I kid) For anyone looking, Farstriders is a pretty friendly place to call home!

Hey, we're bifactional too! We have a 10m team on the Red side! \^_^/ /waves back at ya!

Awesome! Every once in a while I tinker around on alliance alts (just not on Farstriders, my slots are all full!) I miss raiding though. If you ever see Taiadi (resto/balance druid) from Bear Minimum wave! (That's me :) )

Hey, if you ever want to ease into raiding in a casual way, you can try out our Red team that's mostly under the guild name Angelfire Hellions. I'm Syrak (combat rogue), and the two organizers of the 10m team are Roye and Aeiress. I know Roye reads this forum.

Sure do :) /waves. Harlie Alliance-side, Roye Horde-side, here. Right now we have one Horde team with rotating members, as 13 people is too many for one team and too few for two, but with an eye to expanding if we encounter enough interest. Would love to team up with another guild that is small, friendly, and not wankers if we found the right crew and get a second full team running. :)

Taking this opportunity to mention that we also have multiple openings Alliance-side for DPS and one for Heals as well on our various teams. Any Farstriders raiders interested might want to check out our Syndicate's website ( for details!

Awesome! I might have to look you guys up (and I've been kicking around defecting.. defactioning?)

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