Bubblegum Bitch (omgitsmuggy) wrote in wow_ladies,

Back from hiatus, switching specs

After a very dismal experience in LFG and a lot of research, I think I'm going to switch my main spec from holy to disc, and have holy as my offspec.

I was disc at the beginning of Wrath and loved it but was forced to change to holy by my raid leaders. I eventually grew to love holy and be very good at it, but every time I saw the laser beams of penance I was envious.

I'm excited about returning to disc, but very nervous. Holy is definitely much more reactive than disc, and the whole atonement healing has my head spinning. I have looked up guides, but I really feel like I need it explained like I'm five.

Can someone please give me a disc priest + atonement healing for dummies rundown? And has anyone made the switch from holy to disc since MoP dropped, and how was your experience with the learning curve?

Tags: priest: discipline, priest: holy
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