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Back from hiatus, switching specs
Buffy - Telepathic
omgitsmuggy wrote in wow_ladies
After a very dismal experience in LFG and a lot of research, I think I'm going to switch my main spec from holy to disc, and have holy as my offspec.

I was disc at the beginning of Wrath and loved it but was forced to change to holy by my raid leaders. I eventually grew to love holy and be very good at it, but every time I saw the laser beams of penance I was envious.

I'm excited about returning to disc, but very nervous. Holy is definitely much more reactive than disc, and the whole atonement healing has my head spinning. I have looked up guides, but I really feel like I need it explained like I'm five.

Can someone please give me a disc priest + atonement healing for dummies rundown? And has anyone made the switch from holy to disc since MoP dropped, and how was your experience with the learning curve?


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The very basics: Keep Holy Fire up on the boss and use Archangel when it lights up. If you're bored, Smite. If you're not bored, Prayer of Healing. Or Penance, or PoM, or whatever. Use Inner Focus on cooldown. Use Spirit Shell on cooldown. Use Power Infusion along with Spirit Shell. For some fights you can aim to setup Spirit Shell before known periods of high damage (Get Away on Lei Shi, a bad explode on the Stone Guardians, before a stomp/pheramone transition on Garalon, etc). Bubble when needed (for a Rapture proc or when you know someone is going to take a lot of damage).

I've been disc since before disc was cool (like in BC). I only dabbled in holy and never really cared for it. The priest on my hunters raid has been both holy and disc this tier. There are some fights that favor holy (Tsulong, to name one), and a lot more that favor disc. He found holy a lot more of a mana drain than disc.

I was holy during the first month or so of MoP, did the fights in holy till Mel'jarak, in which I switched to disc due to the obvious possibility of cheese.

Holy, if you're starting out, is extremely hard on the mana. You'd realise after the switch that mana is easier on you for most part. For this patch, a lot of disc complain about the one heal button mode we have - prayer of healing. This is a fact, prayer of healing is our strongest spell right now, but you have to take note that this will change in 5.2 (which isn't too far off). Keeping Rapture up as much as possible, and the priest mana basics yadayada (if you don't mind addons, Ingela's Rapture helps me a lot on this).

The switch would be pretty fine especially since you had been disc before. You will need to get into the habit of watching DBM timers again to predict incoming spike AoE damage and use Spirit Shell approx 8-9 seconds prior to stack up the absorb shields (using prayer of healing).

A few things to note, atonement healing does not stack up Spirit Shell. The cooldowns Archangel (30 sec), Spirit Shell (1 min), Power Infusion (2 min) do tend to add up pretty well together. That said, I have used FDCL / Divine Inspiration on specific fights (heroic Un'sok) as well, so it will be important to get used to the disc variation of your talents.

Atonement healing is something you can do when intensive healing/bubbling is not required and heals the lowest hp within 40 yards (which I totally abuse on Sha of Fear). If you glyph holy fire, it's instant. Penance could be used to stack up Grace to x3 when used on a player, but with atonement, it will split up to different targets for each tick.

Edit: My experience is based entirely on 10 man raiding.

Edited at 2013-02-22 03:05 pm (UTC)

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