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ohh how I hate guild politics
Sanctuary, SOS
wolf_of_shadow wrote in wow_ladies
So.... I just got dropped from my raid group because and I quote 'we don't need a warlock for our buffs' personally I have always felt a little out of sorts with this guild as I came into it as a stranger (i.e. didn't know anyone) and I have always been the only girl. The comments have just been getting to me latley and I have been thinking of leaving for some time now. I don't really want to play WoW if I'm not raiding and I feel that before 5.2 would be the best time to make a change.

So.... my question is... is anyone recruiting, or know of anyone recruiting warlocks for 10m or 25m raiding? I am happy to server change, happy to go to a US server (I live in Australia, but I can make the time difference work provided I don't have other work commitments since I'm currently studying) and i'm even willing to faction change to alliance if I have to. Ideally I am looking for 2-4 days a week of raiding at 3 or so hours a raid. I am 488 ilvl at the moment due to the fact that I went away for 6 weeks over christmas and missed out on a lot of gear (also, my raid had 3 clothis ranged, so gear was stretched a bit thin anyway). I'm a competent raider, I show up every week and I do what I can to help the guild and my raid group. Currently Affliction for the DPS boost, but my passion has always been destro locks. Happy with a PVP or PVE server (tho the ganking is getting to me at the moment so a PvE server would be a nice change). An all or mostly women group would do me wonders right now since I seem to be surrounded by guys all the time, but i will be pretty content if there is even 1 other raiding lady in there with me.

character info:

Name - Arriss
Server - Frostmourne
Faction - Horde (Belf)


should have mentioned this:

Progression: 6/6 MSV, 3/6 HoF, 1/4 ToES


I have found a new guild on Barthillas. I jumped ship on Frostmourne about 4 days ago and have already found another guild over here. :) thanks for all your suggestions guys, you have been great!

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That sucks! I hope you find something

me too. its so annoying to be dropped for a stupid reason like that.

Yeah exactly - if you are doing what you need to be doing, people should be happy.

We're EU otherwise I would see what our current need was!

whats the time zone that the EU servers run off. I am legitimately looking for anything that i can work into a schedule. my sleep is already crazy-broken with all the training I do, so I am curious what an EU server would entail.

EDIT: hmmm... it would seem that I have to do something crazy to my account for that. not a bad thought tho.

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Well, we raid 20:00 - 23:30 2 nights a week, EU Server time, which is Paris. It is 15:08 on Thursday there right now (I think you are on Friday by now?)

Yeah we start raiding in 5 hours, so what does that mean for you?

5 hours from now is just after 6am for me. which is definitely manageable. but I'm not sure how to change my account, I'm sure its just a check-box somewhere. Let me know if you need a slightly under-geared but non-silly lock. :)

Nah not undergeared for us, that's about our level :-) I will do, if you can get onto an EU realm, I have no idea!

no idea about being able to change to EU, i know with diablo 3 it was as simple as changing a setting, wow seems to be a bit different. Might not be doable :(

AFAIK it's not possible to change servers from US to EU. It's a difference in license or something. So you'd have to buy a whole new game/license etc and level a brand new toon over there. : /

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you'd have to buy a whole new WoW account and start over completely to switch between US/Australia and EU regions :(

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You can't transfer your character to an EU server. So you would need to reroll.

To play on an EU server you need to go into your wow config file and switch the 'US' to 'EU'.</p>

I am afraid that is all I know - my last guild had a couple from the UK

thanks for the info, i will keep it in mind.

To play on the EU servers you would have to download the client again and buy all the expansions again I'm afraid.

You would basically be starting from scratch again. Which is what I did when I moved over to the EU.

You could change some settings on the file but it eventually messes up on patch days and you end up with a not so happy client as I found out a couple of times.

Im going to recommend Proudmoore. Its a US server, and if youre LGBT friendly, one of the biggest and best guilds there is Taint, with all of its sister guilds. Im not sure of their requirements or who you would contact, but theres always someone on from either the main guild or the others on to ask about it. Also, would like to apologize for lack of proper punctuation: my apostrophe key is broken and doesnt work at all.

no problems about the punctuation :) as I am Bi myself I would definitely class myself as friendly, lol. I will look into it, thanks. I know nothing about US guilds or servers, so this is a nice way to get a feel for what people think.

Its a great server :) I would also recommend Sparks and fireworks, if you dont mind a more casual guild or if Taint isnt accepting any more people. If you go to Sparks, tell them Sheila says hello. Some of them will still know who I am (I left due to time constraints in RL and some personal crap at the time). Proudmoore makes me wish they had more character slots per server: Im all full up there!

Seconding this. I'm full up as well since moving shortly after Cata launched. Sadly I don't have any guild recommendations, I just know the server's a million times better than my old one and I play alliance so I don't know much about horde side.

I've found two of the best raiding guilds I was ever in on this community, so hopefully you'll find a good fit. :)

Best of luck!

thanks! i'm hoping I find someone willing to take me. :)

Yes - they have a raid only guild. Excellent suggestion. I am not sure if you can server transfer to there though - the server AFAIK is quite full. You would need to check with Blizzard

Can't edit / here is a link to Taint.</p>

Good luck :)

Awww I hope you find something. Our raiding team is solidly filled with no one projected to have to leave for a while. We've got two ladies on my team and our second team has one gal also. The guys are great. No bias and we're a guild with couples, siblings, families. But raiding spots are just not there right now. :(

We have need of a solid lock in our 25 group but we're Alliance and on a pvp server. On the upswing, 2 officers are women and we have 4 other women in the raid. The only other thing is we have a 1 month initiate period, which we then make a decision based on your performance. We expect guildies to at least keep close to their simmed projected DPS or be willing to work on getting there. If you want to check us out we're at:

We raid Tues-Thurs 6:30pm-10pm PST. We prefer at least 70% attendance. No hard feelings if you feel Proudmoore would be a better fit but just wanted to let you know we're an option :)

seems like your raid times clash with my work on the wednesday which is a pity. even so, I think I'm a little undergeared for your progression. thanks anyway.

I'm sorry that happened to you though it sounds like the guild was not a very good fit for you.

I know that a lot of the higher progression guilds regularly revolve their rosters around what composition will provide the best buffs and abilities but the idea of replacing people has never sat with me. In a social guild that raids, it just usually doesn't happen unless you're REALLY underperforming because players are people first and numbers second.

I really wish you best finding somewhere not only to raid but to fit in and really feel part of the team.

thanks. your right about it not being a great fit, never really felt like I belonged there and never really felt comfortable there like I have with my past guilds.

on Rexxar-US, is currently having a DPS shortage.

We raid from 7 - 10 CST (which I have NO IDEA what that is your time) on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and we have one part-time raiding shadow priest, and NO OTHER cloth DPS.

However, we DO NOT raid heroic modes, so if that's something you know you want, I totally get it.

Our current raid comp is about 50/50 guys and gals, possibly weighted a little heavier on the "gals" side. We're very casual, and silly, and sometimes horridly inappropriate.

If you'd like to roll an alt to get to know us, feel free to PST anyone online and they'll point you at an officer. You can also check out our website here

hmmm... that actually sounds pretty good. I haven't been keen on heroic modes since ICC, its a bit too hardcore for my current time allowances. I will roll a toon there later today once i'm done with RL stuff and check out the server and have a chat before I pay all those $$ to server and faction change. :)

I'm taking the night off, but most of the rest of our officers are online - this is normally a raid night for us, but one of our tanks had an IRL emergency.

Can't wait to see you online. <3

:( I have some kinda bad news. I got offered a job teaching at the university I go to which is great because I desperately need the money, but this job is for a class that runs during your raid time, so unfortunately I won't be able to raid with you guys.

There is no WAY that's bad news. I mean, we would have loved to meet you, but job >>>> WoW, always.

Doesn't want locks? Does not compute! We miss our locks when we don't have them! Shame you can't come to the EU side, but wishing you luck!

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