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Weird Glitches
Drow Naked
jurassicsnark wrote in wow_ladies
Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing any weird glitches while in-game.

While I was farming Lovely Charms in Uldum, I wasn't grouped with anyone (I solo almost everything), but every so often, I'd get a message stating 'Your share of the loot is X silver, XX copper' when looting a Crown Technician.  I found this really odd, since you usually only ever see that when you're grouped.  The rest of the time, the loot message was normal.

I'm also having 'Away' problems.  Once my toon sits for a bit and hits 'away' status, no amount of movement (jumping, running, flying, whatever) will remove that.  I flew from Tanaris into Org, and during the flight, the 'away' status popped up.  I then turned in the 'Crushing the Crown' quest, and started to work in my archaeology.  After doing about ten different digs, the 'away' status was still there.  I actually have to log out then log in again to get it to go away.  Normally, I wouldn't really care about this, but I don't want anyone to think I'm botting.

Is anyone else having issues like this?

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