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Weird Glitches
Drow Naked
jurassicsnark wrote in wow_ladies
Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing any weird glitches while in-game.

While I was farming Lovely Charms in Uldum, I wasn't grouped with anyone (I solo almost everything), but every so often, I'd get a message stating 'Your share of the loot is X silver, XX copper' when looting a Crown Technician.  I found this really odd, since you usually only ever see that when you're grouped.  The rest of the time, the loot message was normal.

I'm also having 'Away' problems.  Once my toon sits for a bit and hits 'away' status, no amount of movement (jumping, running, flying, whatever) will remove that.  I flew from Tanaris into Org, and during the flight, the 'away' status popped up.  I then turned in the 'Crushing the Crown' quest, and started to work in my archaeology.  After doing about ten different digs, the 'away' status was still there.  I actually have to log out then log in again to get it to go away.  Normally, I wouldn't really care about this, but I don't want anyone to think I'm botting.

Is anyone else having issues like this?

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I've had the Away flag stick until I type /afk twice. That usually clears it for me.

Haven't noticed the other, but I also don't pay attention. >.>

Yup I've always had that issue since day one.

I haven't, and that's why it's bugging me. It only started in the last few weeks or so. Before that, it would always clear if I jumped up or started moving.

Now, it just stays like that until I manually take it off, even though I've got the 'Auto Cancel' box checked in the game options. :(

Have you been playing since vanilla? Because I haven't, so that may be a reason or something. I'm just grasping at straws at this point.

I've been playing for around five years now, I think I started just after BC was released (early 2008?). I've never had this problem until a few weeks ago, though, which is why it's driving me nuts. I just like it when everything works properly, and when they start messing up, I get a bit twitchy. :)

Ah, yeah. I've had that issue for so long it IS normal for me, so I just kinda go 'bah'. lol

I have this happen when something dies that I've tagged or someone else tags and they help with. Usually it only happens with quest mobs that share tags though, I've never really had it happen with something that doesn't share a tag. Weird!

When you have Away issues, type /afk twice. It will flag you AFK then unflag you, removing the Away message next to your name. Also, do you have "Auto Cancel Away Mode" ticked in the Interface > Controls panel?

Yeah, I couldn't figure out why I was only getting a share of the loot, or why the system was telling me I was only getting a share, when I wasn't grouped and no one was helping me kill the mobs. It didn't happen often, but I noticed it a few times today (I killed about 100 mobs, and got the 'share' message 3-4 times).

I do have 'Auto Cancel Away Mode' checked, which is why I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't cancel upon mounting and taking off. For now, I'll just stick to typing /afk twice.

I'm hoping it will all resolve when the next patch arrives.

Yeah, the away problem hits my friend and I. Instead of logging, just do /afk (which will actually set you as away), and then /afk once more (which will clear it).

I'd get a message stating 'Your share of the loot is X silver, XX copper' when looting a Crown Technician.

Maybe someone tagged it and then didn't kill it? Or perhaps it's a reference to the money you give to the guild? XD I have no idea. I've gotten that when I attacked a mob someone else had tagged.

Once my toon sits for a bit and hits 'away' status, no amount of movement (jumping, running, flying, whatever) will remove that.

Away status will pop up if you're flying far enough. That's normal. I've had an away or busy when I'm in a dungeon or other place. Usually it's a dungeon. I'll chat in guild chat and it'll say I'm away/busy but won't when I chat in party.

I've gotten weird glitches like the 'your share of the loot' thing, but that one tends to be few and far between. I've also been standing totally still, doing nothing, and gotten "You can't do that yet." Still not sure what that one is supposed to refer to. I've gotten a few other random things I haven't figured out yet, but I at least know where the "You're in the wrong zone" one I've gotten comes from. THAT one was fun, as I was getting "you're in the wrong zone" every time I changed zones - turns out that sometimes, if you have quest items in your bags, the game will gently remind you that you need to be in a different zone to use them...even if you're not trying to use them, but whatever.

I got that one once, and I had NO idea why. It didn't happen again, so I just let it go.

Now I have an explanation. Thank you! :)

Funny bug: I was in Dalaran the other day on my druid. I shifted to flight form and...I was still in my humanoid form. I 'flew' around Dalaran for a good number of minutes (apparently you 'swim' when flying) and really hoped that another player looked up to see a night elf swimming around midair.

I did, alas, eventually turn into a stormcrow, but it was total lolz.

This has been happening to me, as well! It usually happened in Org, and I assumed it was just server lag, because it only lasted a few seconds.

But, one day, I mounted in Gadgetzan, took off, and literally SWAM through the air until I hit the gates of Uldum. It was hilarious. My boyfriend and I were laughing our asses off, because it looked so ridiculous. My mount finally appeared, but it took, literally, a few minutes.

If you land like that, you run really, really fast. It looks like your toon's legs are going 200 miles an hour. :D

Hm, must remember to do that next time the bug hits.

This is most funny when you're in catform ^^ Your legs go completely mental! =D

That happens to me with my sandstone drake sometimes. It's especially amusing if you're carrying a passenger, because it looks like you've got them slung over your arm. :D

Had that happen to me while I was tanking CoT Stratholme.Every time I popped my armoured bear thing, I'd be... tanking as a bald human.

Well then.

Yeah, that regularly happens to me for a few seconds after using a portal/Hearthstone. I assume it's either my computer or the server being slow.

Fun things: swim-flying in cat form (look at his little legs moving so fast, it's hilarious!) and mounting up in ghost wolf form (your mount goes translucent too!). Not so fun thing: my paladin's sparkles not appearing when using Speed of Light. I like my sparkles, dammit! They're half the reason I took that talent!

That happens to me when I transform into Vial of the Sands or Obsidian Nightwing! It's hilarious when you have a passenger, too, it looks like you are dangling them by the foot while swimming through the air. The passenger dangles and flails around.

There are some mobs that can be looted by anyone, so if more than one person attacks it, any money on it gets split evenly with whoever else helped to kill it. I think this is primarily for quest-related mobs so that it cuts down on griefing/kill-stealing.

Also, the AFK thing can apparently be toggled in your "interface" settings so that it goes away upon moving, but I can't remember exactly where it is in there. I just know that I used to have this same problem, and when I found the setting in there to change it back, it's been fine ever since.

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