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It won't fit your preferences exactly, but if you like you can check out Daughters of the Alliance on Bronzebeard (PvE). We are an all female guild and raid team, though we sometimes fill in a husband/boyfriend or two for particular roles if we don't have enough (normally a tank or healer at this point). We're alliance and raid from 6 or 6:30pm to 8 or 8:30pm PST on Fridays and Saturdays. We are 6/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF at the moment, having started HoF a couple of weeks ago.

We've been around since 2005 and have been going strong ever since, so at least you don't have to worry about us going anywhere :) I honestly don't know how many others there are out there other than DotA and their sister guild, Daughters of the Horde. (I haven't played much there since the expansion due to focusing on my mains alliance-side, but Daughters of the Horde has just started raiding MSV, same server, just horde side and you can check them out too if you like. Their raid times are during weekend afternoons however.)

I'm one of the two tanks for the guild and the main raid leader. We have two other officers/senior raiders who fill that role as well. Let me know if you've got any questions either here or an lj message.

DotA's website is (may be slightly out of date but most guild info should be good) and we handle day to day stuff out of a LiveJournal community at wow_dota.

For DotH, not sure if they keep the site updated, they definitely use the LJ community and wow_doth

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I actually think your schedule would fit perfectly! I just wish it were on Horde side seeing as I just moved ALL 10 of my characters back to Horde LOL!

I live in Cali so I'm usually home around 5 PM PST (I like to eat/clean/relax/etc before raids). I'm just used to posting as CST seeing as that my current Servers time zone.

I'm really looking for a Core raid spot though, I don't want to xfer & faction change to just sit out and "hope" to raid.

Currently my Alt Tanks do not have an offset, but I will work on that.

I like to set up Alt raids weekly for my Guild so I've been working hard on gearing up. Just having TERRIBLE luck with LFR!

Here's a link of the 2 tanks I currently have.

I know the Ilvls are a tad low, but seeing as I started out (just like anyone else) with a 463ish ilvl, I can definitely make up for my gear level with my Skill as a Tank.

I also plan on running more raids on these characters this week as well.

Let me know if you're interested! I am EXTREMELY reliable, and will show up on time and raid ready.

Oh cool, I live in Cali too :) Actually my work schedule is why we raid 6:30-8:30 on Fridays, since I get out of work at 6 and I have to somehow run home and snag dinner before the raid haha. But Saturdays at 6-8.

Your ilevels look alright to me. I totally know what it is like to have awful LFR luck haha. My druid was in the mid 470s before she finally got a bunch of upgrades in one lucky MSV run, and she's still sitting at 480 because I have weird anxieties about LFR tanking :P

As we are right now we only have two tanks total for our raid team that are in the guild - one is me. Our other tank just bought a house so when she isn't able to raid we try to grab a husband to help tank for us, but otherwise our tank situation can generally be scary! So I could definitely promise at this point that you would be able to raid regularly. I actually have been looking for tanks from within the guild as well because I would like to move out of tanking as my main role (I want to play my mistweaver monk instead :P).

IF the tank situation were ever to change and we started to have a lot of tanks (which honestly has never happened since we started raiding in TBC and probably never will happen, but I feel like I have to say it) we usually start rotating people around to make sure everyone gets to raid at least once a week. Of course the other officers and I take into consideration gear and experience etc too, so a more experienced and geared tank will be seated for the harder content. Historically tanks and healers have always had the most reliable raid spots and rarely get benched. I think the most regular (signing up every raid) tanks we have ever had was 3-4 and that didn't last long at all, and everyone could raid at least once a week.

It's always scary just joining a new guild out of the blue, especially when a transfer cost is associated so if you are nervous feel free to create an alt and check us out first. Just "/join dota" when you come online and look for an officer to invite you. You can also tell them I talked to you if I'm not online (my main character is my warrior Shaeldre). I should also be online sometime tonight (probably after 7pm PST) if you want to ask me any questions in-game.

Well I'd feel bad if I'm taking over a Tanks raid spot if she is still showing up to raid.. So it would have to be a for sure thing.
I would also need to know which of my 2 tanks your group would benefit from the most as well.

On a somewhat different note:

How is your raid team looking as of now anyway? Progression wise and are there any attendance issues other than your current tank? How often are you pugging or calling raids?

Sorry for so many questions! Just curious :)

I would love to chat in-game.. but I have a raid to get started here in a few :)

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If you were to join, I would swap my raiding main over to my monk so it would just be you and the other tank :) and then I would fill in with my druid tank when our warrior couldn't raid.

As far as which character, it is honestly up to you. We have a number of holy paladins and one DPS death knight that attend raids but we don't have a tank of either (well, we have an occasional tank DK, he is one of the husbands that fills in right now as needed). So if there's one you prefer tanking on over the other, that would be the one to pick!

We are currently raiding MSV for one night a week (6/6, we bring newer members to this so we don't always clear in 2 hours depending on attendees) and HoF for one night a week - just started HoF 2 weeks ago and got the first boss down last weekend. I'm guessing we'll continue this for a little while until we are looking good gearwise to raid HoF twice a week.

The last raid we canceled was about a month ago due to lacking a healer - we sometimes are tight on signups up until the Thursday night before a raid but so far other than that raid we haven't canceled anything. Other than that our only cancellations were due to the holidays in December. We never pug additional people - not comfortable with bringing random strangers into our raids. So if we are missing someone at raid time we try to reach out to friends and husbands and see if we can fill a spot that way. We haven't had to cancel a raid on the night of that raid in a very long time (before this expansion).

For attendance we normally have 4/5 dps in a raid being people who get to raid almost every day. We have a few dps who we will rotate in based on whether they are able to come but for the most part our DPS signups are pretty stable and consist of the same people. Healer signups are more varied - we have one very consistent holy paladin, a resto druid who consistently attends but only on Saturdays, and a few other healers who may have bursts of attendance. My husband fills in a lot of the time to help out with the healing numbers (which is one reason why I'm hoping to find a tank to replace me, and then move to healing to help make those signups more consistently full). As I said in my earlier post we are a pretty casual guild so we fit people in as we can, and we have enough "floating" signups that we rarely have trouble filling raids.

Questions are very good, I'd hate for you to transfer and then find that we were not what you expected :) so please ask away. If you do want to chat with me in-game sometime let me know and we can set up a WoW date, or I can send you my battletag so we can chat cross-server.

Having floater raiders kind of concerns me a bit. Only because you aren't progressing to your full potential with a consistent group. Which is why my guild tends to host just alt/new raider raids every week to help gear those who would like to raid without it interfering with our core 10. But that's just what we do. :)

If anything I would probably bring over my Paladin, although I do love all of my tanks xD She has farming profs which would help me keep funds flowing so I don't go broke on a different server lol.

As for loot rules, how do you distribute your loot?

Yeah this has always been how it is for us since we started raiding 10-mans in Burning Crusade. It can be frustrating every once in a while, but we like for raiding to be as inclusive as possible and this is one of the ways we do that. It's a big help to some of our members who can't raid every day but who we love to have along when they are able to make it. As long as the groups should be solid from a player skill and class balance perspective that is the most important thing for us.

Loot rules are pretty simple. We /roll for loot, though there are restrictions on rolling to ensure that loot gets distributed to the people who need it first, and to make sure one person doesn't just get everything.

The main loot rules are just main spec over offspec, one item per night (but main spec over offspec trumps that). So if you have 3 plate wearers in a raid - two plate tanks and one plate dps, and a tank item drops, if both tanks need it they can roll. If a second plate item drops and both tanks need it, the loot would default to Tank1. If a second plate item dropped and only Tank2 needed it, but DPS wanted it for offspec, Tank2 still gets it since that is their main spec. If a plate item drops that no tanks want, at that point a DPS would be allowed to take it.

We have used Suicide Kings in the past for 25-mans because we felt it was more important to manage loot distribution there, but so far just rolling has worked out really well for 10-mans and I don't think we've ever had loot drama in 10 mans. There's rarely loot competition between more than 2 people and everyone is civil enough to keep it fair.

(As a note, I don't think we've done any 25-mans since WotLK. We just don't have enough people to make a 25-man work without playing with another guild, and aren't interested in doing 25-mans instead of 10s)

Do you mind if I get your voice server info?
That way I can join and see what some of you are like?

If you dont feel comfortable posting here add my battletag: Stellaluna#1682

We're definitely looking for tanks over at Daughters of the Horde wow_doth. Our raid team is mostly female, with the occasional guild friend helping us fill roles, usually the significant others of some of our raiders. However, we primarily raid on Saturday from 1 - 4 PM PST and Sunday from 11 - 2 PM PST, which I realize isn't quite the times you're looking for. If you'd like to check us out, you're welcome to stop by Bronzebeard-US and see if we'd be a good fit for you.

I wish I could go Horde, but your times just wont work for me. I work 4 days on 2 days off, so my schedule rotates constantly.
I would still be at work these times! Thank you for the offer though!

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