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Satchel of Exotic Mysteries
Iris #1
selliebean wrote in wow_ladies
Quick question for you ladies. My fiancee has been queueing on her tank the past three days when the Call to Arms is up, and the past three runs we've done, she has not received the satchel. Tonight, the Call to Arms was up for both tank and heals, so we, as usual, queued together, and lo and behold, neither of us got our satchels! No one left the group, which was one condition she had been told could cancel it when she ticketed a GM, we finished the dungeon just fine, so...what gives? Do you have to queue solo to get the satchel or something?

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You have to queue alone. You can't queue with another person, if I remember correctly. So your fiancee could ticket for the ones she queued for by herself and not received a satchel. But, if you're queuing together, that's why she didn't get one and the GM will tell you it's working as intended.

CTA for LFG is in place to get healers and tanks queuing on their own more often to help queue times, not with other people in their party or with full groups because that doesn't help the queue times.

That's so frustrating :\

It makes sense, but now I'm kind of more pissed off since the Call to Arms was up for both tank and healer, we queued together and neither of us got anything. Oh well. Heroics are nerve-wracking enough and I only want to do them if I am to be promised shinies. :(

yeah I wish you could go T&H for it when both are up

Also to add, make sure that when your queue pops, the satchel shows up next to any gold and/or valor points you are supposed to get as a reward.

I often queue for CTA but leave the group if I don't see the bag show up, which is quite often.

I suppose that makes sense. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for healer CTA then, because I don't mind queuing alone. I could really use the practice, actually, since I'm supposed to be an alt healer for my guild's raids.

have you seen the LFG_CTA Addon? I use it and get a loud "awwwwoooogga" type noise when CtA for whatever I have selected pops up, no matter where I am, unless in a group. Means I can queue when doing dailies or whatever and get instant dungeons with my bonus bag :-)

I use this addon as well, it's awesome.

I will have to take a peek and find that one. I want my shinies!

Yeah, it means no sitting about in cities, I just get the noise wherever I am.

Yep, gotta queue alone. The point is to fill groups that have been waiting for ages because they're often only missing one vital role.

You do have to queue alone as people have said, but I have had quote a few times where I did queue alone and still no satchel. It's just bugged. GM tickets are useless because they basically tell you that you probably somehow queued wrong and didn't notice.

I remember there was a bug where if you queued for multiple roles (ex. tank with CtA satchel up, and DPS) that it wouldn't award the bag. Or if someone dropped group, that could cause it as well. I'm not sure if those issues still crop up now days, but I always select the CtA role and make sure I don't have any other roles checked just in case.

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