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Shadow Priest Help
christy_elias25 wrote in wow_ladies
I rolled a priest a lil while back and was healing Disc w her and having a blast.  Well she got put on the back burner while i was running an obscene amount of LFR's w my 4 90s and in the meantime my bf started a panda priest.  We are now runnning dungeons together and hes disc and wanting to try healing so I thought Id try out shadow spec and I have failed HORRIBLY. I am a lvl 51 in dungeons w mid 40s and am lucky to be in the top two dps even tho Im wearing all boa's.  Any advice on rotation etc? Please :")

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Shadow priests and Afflic locks have the same issues in dungeons - things die too fast for the dots to do their work. I don't know when shadow learns mind sear/mind spike, but avoiding dots, especially on large trash pulls, will likely be better for you. And, I dare say, switching to Disc and using Smite/Holy Fire might be more optimal at that level since Disc does amazing DPS in the lower levels compared to dedicated DPS classes.

LOL this is exactly what i did I said forget this switched to disc and dps'd in disc w my penance and holy smite .... i would like to learn the rotation of my shadow spec tho at some point im just very frustrated w her :(

I saw a disc priest do this in a dungeon I healed on my monk the other day. It was hilarious because I didn't even have to heal. Between her passive atonement healing and my passive eminence healing it was pretty much keeping the group up at all times, lol.

lol yeah i was putting out the same amount of healing as my bf who was actually healing just by dpsing in my disc spec

Until you hit dungeons where things don't get zerged to oblivion, ignore your dots on trash mobs and only put them on bosses. Mind flay, mind blast and when you get full orbs do devouring plague for trash. Setting up a macro to attack the target the tank is attacking and having it bound to what you prefer will help you switch faster. The main thing going against you is that you don't have a good aoe ability (While most classes get at least some aoe before 30 either through talents or spec) till 76 when you get mind sear.

thanks yeah i really miss an aoe...i dont understand why there isnt one grrr

Yea shadow dps kinda sucks in low level dungeons just because things die too fast. So skip the dots on trash, just flay, blast and spike. Check your dps only on boss fights where the boss lives long enough for you to get into a decent rotation. When you hit Northrend dungeons you should see some improvement.

thanks ill start watching my dps on boss fights....any suggestions on rotation on boss fights since im completely lost lol

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