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UI Mod Monday!
Percussive Maintenance
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning all, and happy President's Day!

This looks comfy photo funny-animal-gifs-this-looks-cozy-i-will-sit-here.gif

Coffee, tea, and cocoa are on for those in the way of winter storms and wind chills. Thought a hand warmer might be welcome, as well. =)

As always, whatever you've got in the way of questions, comments, screenshots, etc. is welcome!

I have a random question I ran across a couple days ago that never got answered, for those who use ElvUI.
The tooltip box, the one that pops up when you hover over something that tells you what it is, etc? Is there a way, within ElvUI, to move that? Most other stuff he's managed to nudge over where he wants it, but since that box only exists when you're hovering over something it apparently isn't available in that system. Can you move the tooltip? and if so, how?

And now, the floor is open! Next question? =)

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