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TipTac includes a tooltip mover and one of the best ones I've tried.

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I don't use Elv anymore, but I -believe- there's a built in ui component mover.

Ah! This post seems to have some instructions for how to do it. I dislike Elv's forums, they are difficult to find information in, but usually if you slog through, you can find something. :)

You can move it in Elv. In the config Tooltip, set Anchor Mode to Anchor. Toggle Anchors. The tooltip one should appear in the bottom right corner (or wherever your tooltip defaults to, I moved mine). Move it where you want it!

TipTac is redundant with Elv, it does almost the same thing. I think it might also cause conflicts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out how to tell him to do. You rock!

The other day in Dear Gnome someone posted this video, and I wondered what the UI was the person was using, cause I really like it.

Does anyone know?

It's RothUI. It's been around for years but ever since Diablo 3 released, the author has done a lot of good visual work on it.

Ah thank you so much =)

I really like the whole orbs on each side, it's cool looking.

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