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Blade Lord Help . . .
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, once again I need some advice on a raid boss. I greatly appreciate the help. You have all been so helpful in the past.

So, we've got the first phase down pretty good. Stacking on unseen strike well and making sure we're spread out for wind step. Really no problems in this phase and we found a good way to manage the tornados.

This second phase though . . .

We're dying in the second phase fast and that's with no one getting hit by tornados on the run down. I mean, I'm using ice barrier, a healing potion, cold snap and I BARELY get down to the end alive. Let alone be able to run back to the other end again for the next part. Everyone else is having the same problem. No one is really getting hit by the tornados, it's just the constant damage we run out of health.

We've tried both two healing and three healing the fight. I don't really notice that much of a difference but our healers would like to stick with two healing the fight.

Our current composition is: warrior and dk tank. druid and shaman healer. 2 frost mages, hunter, monk, spriest, and balance druid for damage. We have the option of three healing it with the druid who is usually a healer.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It's frustrating to really no know what to do to fix this.

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Have the entire raid stack at the end of the hallway so the healers can top people off and throw some HoTs around before making the first run (this would be a good place for the boomkin to use their Tranq). Have the resto druid give the shaman Symbiosis so they can cast Tranq while running down the hallway if needed. Have the druids cast Stampeding Roar when everyone is ready to leave the stack. Everyone else should be using their own personal defensive cooldowns, boot speed enchants, and run speed talents/abilities. That should get everyone to the end alive.

For the second run, sacrifice a tank and have everyone else run down using the slipstreams at the side, somewhere in the 12-13% range (the boomkin and s-priest should refresh their dots before running to help the tank transition the boss faster). Then have everyone wait at the end for the boss, and the healers should have no problem keeping everyone alive. My group opts to use BL/Hero at the beginning of the fight rather than in P2 since some of it will likely be wasted depending on the group's DPS.

Do you get healed up to full before you start to make the run ? That helps when you first start doing this fight.

Having HoTs helps. Plus things like feral roar thing which boosts your run speed.

We usually have one of our druids pop tranq and the other (yes, we have 2 healing druids) pop rejuvs on the raid before we run down.

I HIGHLY recommend that your druid healer symbios the shaman, so they can get Spiritwalker's Grace and Tranq on one of the runs down. That should help a lot.

We usually have everyone but one, maybe 2, dps, me (tank), and one healer (druid) slipstream down to the other end at 12%.

We also I think have one of our druids symbios the spriest for an extra tranq if needed.

Make sure everyone is healed up to full before you run down. We two heal with paly/druid typically, sometimes paly/shaman or paly/disc priest. The druid should have symbiosis on the shaman for spirit walkers grace. Our druid pops their movement increase at the start so we get some burst movement. I think our shaman uses healing tide when we first get dropped off after transition to make sure everyone is at full health then uses spiritwalkers and does his thing. Like someone else mentioned, we send a few people (typically 3 - 1 heal & 2 dps) down on the slip stream at about 12%. I'd send the spriest down and have them VE as soon as the boss reaches that side and most people are in range. Your druid should be able to spiritwalkers a tranq on this this run if they didn't use it the first time. It's all about managing your cooldowns and making sure every raid health/damage cooldown is up the transitions.

My group has 2 and 3 healed this. We prefer 3 healing it, mainly because one of our healers has lag from hell on the tornado phase, so it gives us a bit of wiggle room. We use a disc priest, holy paladin and resto shaman.

Try having your resto shaman spec use the talent that will allow her/him to move their active totems to a different spot. What the resto shaman in my group does is save his healing tide totem and drop it about halfway down the hallway to help get people topped up. (Sometimes he will move the totem using the talent, sometimes he doesn't.) He also uses the glyph that gives him a no cd riptide (even though he hates that glyph normally). Then he drops spirit link totem when we all get onto the platform (if its needed.)

The way we work that phase is: we hit the platform, our boomkin tranqs. (We don't have a lot of damage to heal up though, since the priest as put spirit shell on the raid before the transition.) As soon as tranq is done, he hits roar, and we take off down the hallway. The paladin and priest use what instant spells they have. Halfway down, Mr. Shaman drops HTT, moving it if needed. We hit the platform (usually just the priest and shaman. The paladin is usually stuck in lag hell.) We heal up the raid. At approx 12%, everyone dots up the boss and runs down the slipstream to the other platform. The shaman and paladin healers go with this group. The priest stays with the tank on platform one. Boss hits 10% and flys off, tank and healer run to the other platform, boss dies.

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We 2-heal this now but initially we 3-healed to help with people learning tornadoes. In the end this is how we manage phase 2 and it works the best. While we're in storm unleashed/spinning to the end of the hall, I pop AM just to help mitigate some damage. As soon as we're free, myself and other healer pop CDs and get everyone healed to 100% ASAP. As a H pally what I do is pop HA +AW and HR/LoD/HS/LoD (hits the stragglers for some extra heals). The other healer, tanks +4 dps (7) head up. I stay back with 2 dps. I keep us healed up, they (the others that are with the boss on other end) jump in the slipstream at 12-13% leaving just tank and heals to finish him to 10%. Usually they're the scapegoats and die LOL. I keep us healed up and we finish him off.

Some ideas for the run -- there's speed pots people can use. Make sure you're using heroes in phase 1 to burn him down fast. The longer it takes to get to phase 2 the more stacks of intensify he'll get which can cause issues with people staying alive for the run.

Good luck!

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A lot of great advice here and you can probably get through it utilising some/most/all of it, my alternate suggestion would be (if all also fails) to three-heal it - if you have the dps to pull it off, you can have one of your druids (or whichever healer is less confident healing while moving) stay at the side you start on. They can blow their mana on blanket rejuvs or go tree to get lifebloom up because once everyone is out of range, they'll just be hanging out until he comes back at 10%.

The other thing is that your healers need to have their hots up before the transition - when they see he's about to tip over, blanket riptide/rejuv (even with just two healers) will make sure the phase starts with everyone at or near full health (and obviously you can have moonkin/spriest tranq if they aren't). I know people have the urge to run straight away when the phase starts, but unless they're at/near full they should not move until they are; having your warrior pop rallying cry when you're halfway down should smooth things over ( I think it lasts 10 seconds, so that should be enough time for your healers to catch up if something went wrong).

if you have the dps to pull it off, you can have one of your druids (or whichever healer is less confident healing while moving) stay at the side you start on

We used to do this when we still needed three healers for this fight, and it worked out very well until people got used to P2.

Every time we've done this fight we killed him with only about 3 to 4 people left standing, haha. Usually one of our two healers didn't even arrive at the end of the first run.
BUT what helps tremendously really is that our druid healer has spiritwalkers grace and pops tranq as we start to run. I'm an spriest too so I make sure to have Body&Soul and keep PoM running and our feral heals too.

Do you use a speed buff? We use roar/drums of speed for the first run and had speed potions or self-buffs for the second run, but especially the healers. So yeah, our strategy really is: run as fast as you can and then everyone tries to stay alive and help others stay alive as best as they can, the damage usually is not the issue.

Basically I just wanted to add (because my other advice has pretty much been covered by the others): Don't worry if it looks messy and chaotic, stay on it even if it looks like a lost cause.

My team has a warlock drop gates that help us jump to one end and the other, and a LWer uses the Drums of Speed for the run boost, a Fury warrior pops that run speed for the group. Whenever we get a druid filling in, that druid uses the Roar for the run bonus.

Now that we've got Blade Lord on farm, we use the wind riding strat -- leaving 1 dps + 1 healer behind (rogue and shaman) while everyone else jumps into the slip before the switch to the other end. They end up halfway there when Blade Lord switches, while the rogue and shaman sprint/wolf runs to the warlock gates and jump. If the gate is on cooldown, the rogue sprints then shadowsteps to the Blade Lord.

What's also helpful while learning, was to pull the camera above so that you could see better and dodge the tornadoes. The tornados always have a red circle marking the floor before they appear, so you can predict and dodge.

Oh, bleh. I meant to respond as a comment, not a reply to yours. >_<

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