WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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I will be hunting you down, hunniebear. Is Hunniebear herself (himself) alliance or horde?
I, too, have both.

Sweet, She isn't out of her world yet but, she will be alliance.
I do have an 85 BE priest I transferred over about a year ago. She has been sitting and collecting dust with no RP story to her just yet.

Feel free to have your Hordeside toons say hi to Tritchby the drunken undead partyrogue! :P

Do eet, Tritch is amazing.

I have a couple of mid-teens hunters allyside Rhianrosz & Roszatta. Hordeside at that level I have a priest, Roszsain. I have 8 toons allyside and 6 hordeside, all with Rosz in their name somewhere, feel free to wave. I'm not east coast but I'm unemployed and an early bird.

Alliance side- The best guild IMo is Alt Factory. I am not sure if they are taking new people atm but you should totally hit them up. They also have a horde-side sister guild.

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