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Catatonic is rebuilding!
¤NP¤ Steph
butterbuns wrote in wow_ladies
Catatonic (H-Bronzebeard US) wants you! Yes, you! And you want to be one of us! Take a moment to learn about our guild and you’ll see that I’m spot on with that.

Who are we: Catatonic is a Horde side guild on Bronzebeard US, focused on having fun first and foremost. We’re a relatively casual guild although we are focused on progression raiding and as such have two teams on the go, and are always looking for more people, both for core spots, tohang out on the bench, ready to hop in and lend a hand or just to come and enjoy the atmosphere of this awesome guild. Our raids are currently 5/16 in this tier of raiding, as we’ve had a long break while our leadership has shuffled but we’re looking to get back in gear and go back to kicking some boss butt!

What we do: As above, we have two raid teams raiding two days a week each, Sunday/Monday and Tuesday/Thursday. We also run guild dungeons and scenarios, as well as old raids for transmog, achieves, and just for the hell of it. The guild also hosts a weekly Sha of Anger kill followed by an LFR run to make it less painful than groups of random pugs. Random events like cliff diving also take place fairly often. We’re also looking to start brawling with the Alliance in RBGS. Chances are that in Catatonic you can find a decent group of people who love to do the same things you do.

What we’re about: We’re a mostly mature guild of people who just want to be able to play a game we love and have fun doing it. As strong supporters of Gamers Against Bigotry, we don’t allow hate speech to be used in guild. Being able to relax and kick back in Azeroth is something we see as essential to the game, so Catatonic tries to be as welcoming as possible to everyone from all walks of life.

To get into contact with us, feel free to /who Catatonic in game and whisper anyone who’s on, and be sure to check out our website at for our current raiding recruitment needs as well as more information about the guild.

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Question! Do you happen to be in need of a healer (Tree!Druid) and how geared are you looking for? I might be looking to move my main...

It's very possible, actually. Our previous GM's recently left so the raid teams are a little up in the air, but since one of them was a healer, we'd love to be able to fill her spot! Currently we're still trying to finish clearing MSV, so 460 and above is required, anything more is icing on the cake!

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