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Fun Achievements
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, well, I clearly play WAY too much because my toon is done. My main no longer needs anything from lfr or valor and is basically only going to improve gear wise by regular raid drops until the new patch. (This is what happens when you're injured and not working and it's winter lol.)

I've gotten a kick ass transmog together in this down time - Outlands has hands down the best mage cloth imo - and tried PvP which I don't care to do all that much.

So after weeks and weeks of work gearing this toon so she's the best she can be for raid, it's time for some fun goofing off with her.

So, ladies, in your opinions what are some of the most fun achievements in Pandaria? Looking for ones that are kind of challenging as well as fun to do. (Have already gotten meta rep achieve for my kite mount.) Will consider old world achievements as well if they're unique/fun.

I'd love to hear some suggestions. Thanks so much!

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