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Fun Achievements
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Okay, well, I clearly play WAY too much because my toon is done. My main no longer needs anything from lfr or valor and is basically only going to improve gear wise by regular raid drops until the new patch. (This is what happens when you're injured and not working and it's winter lol.)

I've gotten a kick ass transmog together in this down time - Outlands has hands down the best mage cloth imo - and tried PvP which I don't care to do all that much.

So after weeks and weeks of work gearing this toon so she's the best she can be for raid, it's time for some fun goofing off with her.

So, ladies, in your opinions what are some of the most fun achievements in Pandaria? Looking for ones that are kind of challenging as well as fun to do. (Have already gotten meta rep achieve for my kite mount.) Will consider old world achievements as well if they're unique/fun.

I'd love to hear some suggestions. Thanks so much!

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Loremaster? I did enjoy doing that one for every area in the world when I was off sick :-)

if you play way too much there;s no hope for me lol i have 4 toons raid ready and 2 of them have all they need from valor and lfr....guess i have no life ;) im old what can i say life is overrated lol :) that being said i did the loremaster achiev

I don't know what class you are, but as a hunter I used to have a really fun time going and soloing old content. Most classes which are well geared can easily stomp old content but extreme soloing was something I found moderately challenging but really rewarding.

Loremaster is a good way to see the content that you never got around to while leveling (given how quickly we level). There are some really funny storylines that exist.

Yeah and the one good thing Cata did was add some great quests in the old zones. Like the one in badlands with the dwarf, the gnome, and the orc.....

I'm not sure what you have or haven't done so I'll just list some of the achievements/activities I've been doing in-game to keep me entertained:

- working on the Beloved title (60 exalted reps)
- working on Loremaster
- pet battles (collecting and daily quests)
- farming old raids for transmog/pets/mounts
- Relic Hunter title (
- Glorious achievement ( and collecting nifty trinkets

Archaeology is a lot less sucky than it used to be, at least in Pandaria! I actually enjoy occasionally zooming around to collect artifacts; with the buffs to the number of fragments per site you'r pretty much looking at one common artifact per digsite, and pandarian commons can be crated and traded in for fragments from other races you need.

Where are you at in pet battles/collecting? It gives you some things to try for, as a lot of the bosses in old raids now drop new battle pets. Have you leveled a team up to 25? If so, got a Sumprush Rodent yet? That requires someone grinding up commissions from enemy faction characters in Krasarang Wilds (NPCs are fine) until they have the 2000 (!!!) needed to pay the Dominance Offensive/Operation Shieldwall commission collector to put down a Rodent Crate so everyone in the area can come and try to catch one.

Pandaria is wonderful for looking around in! Have you done all the Pandaria exploration achievements? Not just the ones for uncovering all the areas of the world map, but stuff like discovering hidden trinkets, or visiting brewmaster shrines, or killing rares?

I got my 9th level 90 yesterday, and have an 89 and an 80(herald of the titans prepping)

Is there a patch for this stuff?

Cause I used up all my slots now and have to start some characters on a different server.

Have you thought of herald of the titans by the way?

Hi! Have you got a group going for herald? My tanky Druid is almost done gear-collecting but my guild has now seemingly abandoned their plan to do herald. I would love to join up with others who are working on it.

I don't know if we will be making the group or not, but are you on the EU realms?

How do you motivate yourself to level? 87-90 is awful! I have two 90s and I want to finish my other lv80 + toons but uugh, this is probably the hardest expac for me to level in, in the past 5 years.

Well first of all I have to always have rested, I won't ever level a character 85-90 without rested. Also I do just a little at a time. I don't think kun lai is bad at all, but it's towlong and especially dread wastes that are just....dread. At least I get a lot of gold, and klaxxi rep with the commendation. As an added bonus I get to know I'm leveling my own guild at the same time.

The BoA blues you can find around for the relic hunter achievement are also a great help, because you'll take down the mobs faster.

There's still the Insane title to chase. It will take up time, even if one of the requirements is no longer in the game. You can always look up titles on WoWhead and see which one lights your fancy. the Chef title is pretty easy these days but the Salty title will require luck and perseverance. In Spades, actually. Just take a spin through. :)

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