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Spurious Echo Isles (pve) lfm
ofc wrote in wow_ladies
Hello, all!  Our guild is looking for more players (alliance guild, ten man, pve server).  We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00PM until 10:00PM PST, and we are currently 4/6 MV HM and 1/6HM HoF and 4/4 in terrace.  We specifically want rdps (full on hunters) and heals (no monks).  We could also use one melee dps--enhance shaman or dk.  Our guild has been around since the end of WoLK, and we take pride in maintaining a respectful and friendly raiding environment. 

What we want:
  1. Players who are respectful and friendly.
  2. Players who want to push progression.
  3. Players who are prepared to raid--flasks, food, mats.
  4. Players who are looking for a "home" and not just a place to get geared.
  5. Players who are skilled and who want to improve their game play.
If you don't currently have gear but this describes you and you're interested in the guild, please chat with me anyway!  Our guild is happy to gear players who are great fits but undergeared. 

You can contact me through readID: Orbits#1106 or you can fill out an application on our website:  Please feel free to chat with us or listen in on our raids before you move over; we want everyone to be happy with the decision.  I hope to hear from some of you.  Thanks for reading!

Another person from echo isles? o.o Madness.

I'm from the horde side over there lol. Not used to seeing people from our low pop server on sites like these. Just thought I'd say hi. Hope you guys get those raid spots full and best of luck on progression!

Hi back at you and thanks for the good wishes! Are you a roflmuffin?

Nope. I know they've been tearing it up progression wise though. About the only guild horde side currently running at that caliber. Looks like your guild is doing very well too. Not very familiar with alliance side.

I belong to Devils Den which is a social guild. We're trucking along at our own non-elite pace, lol. Hit a little bit of a wall with Elegon but we'll get him down.

Oh sweet. /wave from ally side!

What does your guild name stands for?.. just curious.. =)

We were in grad school and doing research when we came up with it. ;)

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