WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Hi, I added wow ladies a while back and mostly scan posts but for some reason read this one and am glad I did. I have been off and on with wow since cataclysm due to RL work stuff and needing some away time but feel now is the time to come back. I was a GL on hellscream in Ebon Phoenix (if you've heard of them) and played for several years. My other half is a big player too but has been more consistent than me over the last year. I'd like to come check out your guild with an alt and see how it goes? I'm not raid ready right now and have some content to work through so understand if your main aim is for raid recruitment but if you're happy for me to come along and to give me a go let me know :)

Give any of us a shout - Socials are welcome even if you can't get to raid. :)

Aww Hellscream :) It's my home, or it was until I quit. Always nice to find a fellow Hellscreamer, good luck with the recruitment :)

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