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Suggestions on Challenge Mode Dungeons...
christy_elias25 wrote in wow_ladies
My bf and I recently started our own guild after a lot of unnecessary drama and cliqueness in our old guild that was leaking into our real life (along w reasons i wont discuss).  We had a few friends that were quite loyal and followed along w us in hopes of forming our raid team once again and storming through the vaults, the bugs, and kickin the Sha's butt, but unfortunately only 7 of us are capable of raiding.  We are hesitant to recruit after all the problems in our last guild even tho we all miss raiding so much.  We tried to join raid teams w another small guild who wanted to raid but didnt have enough raiders but on our first planned night they were all a no guess thats a no go.  In order to appease a lil of our frustration from working so hard and now having nothing to do w raiding I suggested we run some challenge mode dungeons to help level our guild and give us that "raid" feel.  I knew they were tough, since I had tried one once before w a different guild of friends and it was a major disaster, but read up on them and hoped after a few wipes we would get them down.

Last night we tried Temple of the Jade Serpent as I felt it would be easiest to learning everything for our first time.  We wiped, a lot!  I feel like we are missing something...but after many many wipes, and gettting no medal we finally arrived at the Sha.  It was pathetic.  We'd get her down to 45 percent, but not kill our people kick enough so she'd heal back to 75 percent and then we'd all die.  And that was our best atempt! lol....So Im lookin for suggestions on challenge mode dungeons, on the temple of the jade serpent, on the boss fights, and especially on the Sha....HELP! :)

If it helps here was our makeup, our members dont have a lot of alts so we cant grab a Spriest, or switch out much other than me Im the only one w leveled geared alts that are even ready for heroics let alone challenge mode....(486 holy pally, 481 frost/arcane mage, 476 frost dk, and 475 resto/ele shammy).  Last night we had a 485 pally tank, a 487 enhanc shammy, a 473 arcane mage, my 486 holy pally, and a 484 ele shammy....I know it drops our ilvl but i heard it still keeps hit stats etc so I thought id give the ilvl for references.  I dps'd as much as possible on my holy pally cuz I read we shouldnt be using a healer but i was able to use holy power etc while dpsing, but I had to spend so much time healing the tank and some of the others that I barely could dps especially on boss fights.  at this point im not worried about medaling, I just wanna get a successful run through it and then work on beating our own time until we can get where we can medal....

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Haven't done Temple yet so can't give any specific advice, but I have completed Gate of the Setting Sun on Challenge mode...Practice definitely helps. It took us an hour and 40 mins to plow thru Gate the first time we actually completed it (with 2 hours worth of failed attempts before that), but getting to know the changes in the bosses/strats definitely helped. People need to be on their toes at all times and HAVE to be responsible for themselves (use pots, defensive cooldowns, don't just stand there and wait to be healed etc). Basically having as many dirty tricks up your sleeve as you can ;)

Gate wasn't too bad, but the 2nd boss was brutal, esp if you have 2 melee dps like we did - it dragged the fight out too long. You *can* overcome have a less-than-ideal group comp with time and patience though :D Just stick with it! Challenges are pretty darn satisfying when you get one down, even without medaling.

thanks hoping this week we can get the sha down even without a medal! ill still be satisfied! lol

Mogu'shun Palace wasn't too bad. It took us about 2 hrs to get a silver medal. We've started work in Jade Serpent, but our times just keep messing up. When we were learning it, we'd work on one side until we had it clean, then work on the other. We only got the water side pretty clean and had started working on the other side. We haven't gotten to the last two yet. I've heard Gate of the Setting Sun and Scarlet Monastery are also pretty easy. Scholomance is pretty easy except the last boss, but I think we had the wrong strat (or our warrior just wasn't cutting it, he kept dying).

I've been the most successful with more ranged/CC heavy groups. The best group I've had was 2 frost mages, hunter, monk tank, holy paly. A lot of it depends on the skill of the players too. ilvl only plays into gearing a little, mostly because sockets aren't scaled down. So you can setup a gearset that has the most sockets for more stats. Definitely use flasks and feasts. We also use invisibility pots for getting past some trash mobs to make timers (a necessity for golds).

Mostly, keep practicing, review strats, and discuss how you can make pulls cleaner. Watch videos, figure out what you can skip, use every trick you have (2 hexes and a polymorph are your friend). Challenge modes are more challenging than most of the normal mode raid bosses. A large part of that is the trash pulls and trying to beat the timer. The more you can skip, the better. The faster you pull them, the quickest lines you can run, the better.

thank you, we are def gonna get some invisib pots for next time and we know its gonna be a fairly long learning process as a few of our members have no self preservation skills and are absentminded lol

They're going to have to learn self-preservation! It's really necessary for everyone to be aware and spot on their game. You can't pull any extra thing because it takes longer to kill. You have to get every jump and path just right. The invis pots have a 10 min cooldown, so you can only use them once per run, and they need to be used at a very specific time and place in each instance.

I'd consider having them PvP quite a bit before going into CM's. PvP will teach self-preservation and quick thinking. You can't go into CMs without being completely focused.

The first boss is the only one that's truly different -- during the add phase the boss does an AoE if you are farther than 20 yards and it will kill you. You have to stay close enough until the adds are down and when it's just the boss left you can spread out if you're range.

yeah we noticed the aoe and figured out where to stand to stay away from it cuz it kills ya every time, so we got that phase down and the other boss, w the 3rd boss we managed after our second try so we are working on it, but i dont have any solution to making it through the sha.....

We aimed for Bronze actually, and I think we got Silver for Jade Serpent. Here's our setup

1. DK Tank
2. Monk Healer
3. Warlock
4. SP
5. Warlock

First boss was easy for us, it was the damn adds in front that kept giving us problems. We wiped, reset the trash pulls for at least 500000 times. LOL. Essentially as SP, I helped out as much with heals, POM, VE, flash heals(out of shadow form) whenever needed. Mana hymn to help mana for the healer, bubbles. I did slightly lesser dps overall than the two locks but I assisted healer.

During Sha fight, focus fire on healer's Shadow as they hurt a lot. Cluster up, kill healer's Shadow, and then the rest. We lacked a Blood Lust/Time Warp so it hampered Sha fight significantly. By the end of it, only the healer and me were alive lol.

thanks my shadow was going down last (as the healer) and we were dieing everytime i couldnt keep up w the was awful! we have to keep our set up as pally tank enhanc shammy ele shammy and mage but i can switch my toon out to someone else if the set up would be better, unfortunately a few in my group have no self preservation skills (old age maybe idk lol) so i have to be healing or we would never have made it to the sha. we didnt have many problems w the trash or the first boss once we knew to look out for the aoe, second trash and boss wasnt bad either, third trash was a pita and third boss hits harder when his fire goes out or something cuz tank was taking serious damage! i can see us getting better but none of it matters if we cant figure out how to down the sha and get a full run in sigh.

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