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Garalon help
soozquu wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all,

My raid team is currently working on Garalon. We are having problems on him. I believe the issue is dps, since we are hitting the enrage.

We have tried 3 healing it with dps kiting, 2 healing it (was sketchy) with dps kiting, 2 healing it with tanks and dps kiting, 3 healing with 1 tank and healers kiting. Our best attempts were with 3 heals and the healers kiting the debuff, with 1 tank. Unfortunately, we keep hitting the enrage.

Our raid makeup is:

Prot Paladin
Blood DK

Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman (who switches to Ele on our 2 heal attempts)

Frost DK
Ele Shaman

Our logs from tonights attempts:

What can we do different/better? Does anyone have any class specific tips for the dps on maximizing their output?

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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