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Garalon help
soozquu wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all,

My raid team is currently working on Garalon. We are having problems on him. I believe the issue is dps, since we are hitting the enrage.

We have tried 3 healing it with dps kiting, 2 healing it (was sketchy) with dps kiting, 2 healing it with tanks and dps kiting, 3 healing with 1 tank and healers kiting. Our best attempts were with 3 heals and the healers kiting the debuff, with 1 tank. Unfortunately, we keep hitting the enrage.

Our raid makeup is:

Prot Paladin
Blood DK

Holy Paladin
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman (who switches to Ele on our 2 heal attempts)

Frost DK
Ele Shaman

Our logs from tonights attempts:

What can we do different/better? Does anyone have any class specific tips for the dps on maximizing their output?

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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I'm not good at reading logs, but we've downed it so not sure if this will help you.

FYI, we go 2 tanks 3 heals. Kiters are 2 tanks and 2 healers.

1) The ranged dps only dpses legs if it's near enough for them to easily sidestep into the green circle. Otherwise they dps the boss, and only the melee go after the legs. This may drop their dps in the meters, but it's apparently more effective than leg chasing.

2) One of our tanks, the Blood DK, wears dps gear in tank spec. Does around 60-70k dps.

3) The 2 tanks helps to dps the front legs.

4) There isn't much healing to be done at the start. So healers dps as well until the first 4 legs are down before they go into heal mode. You have a disc priest, the atonement will help to cover. During the first 4 legs, everyone goes into rings.

5) Each leg is worth 3% hp, so sometimes our raid leader calls for us to dps the body instead of the leg when it's like less than 3% hp towards the end. Sometimes even the ranged goes onto the legs to beat the enrage timer. There needs to be some flexibility there.

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Oh, my raid leader says, since you have a rogue, you can actually get the rogue to soak the furious swipes with 1 tank, by using feint with elusiveness on every swipe. This gives you 1 more dps spot :)

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^ I atonement heal the entire time as the third heal. Other heals are shammy and druid. Our rogue uses the feint trick as one of the "tanks". Our usual warrior tank switches to full dps gear/spec. Our blood DK tank just does a ton of damage as is anyways. We have 3 ranged dps and 1 heal do kiting.

We go 1 tank, 3 heals. Kiters are the tank, 2 healers and me (hunter). We have a rogue tank along with our warr tank and our DK tank goes dps. Our kiting rotation is H-Pal, tank, Hunter, Resto Sham. Everyone else stands near(ish) the middle and blows up the boss, moving to legs whenever they're up. The front outside leg is handled only by ranged and tanks. We hero as soon as pheramones are on the first kiter to get all of the legs down initially. We trade stacks at 20, call for the next person to get ready at 15, with actual tradeoff right after the front cone closest to 20. We put ALL dps on the legs, not just the melee. Killing the legs makes the fight go much faster, especially when you've got the majority of your dps doing 100% damage increase a good amount of the time.

Your dps is a little low, especially from your tanks. Our tanks pull around 50-70k on this fight. They should be attacking the front legs whenever they're up in between cone attacks. Keep fury off the boss! One stack is maybe okay sometimes, but any more than that and he'll move too fast. Do not get any extra crushes.

Looking only at your hunters, it looks like his number of Glaive Toss's are low. He's not making use of his profession haste buff from herbalism. He also doesn't have a second profession for an additional stat bonus. His bracers are unenchanted. He should switch out his agi/mastery gem for agi/crit. If the DMF card isn't too over priced, he should pick that up. Failing that, he should get the Searing Words trinket from heroic Scholomance. Coren's is lower rated for hunters than any other max level trinket, it's absolute shit. The DMF card on the other hand is awesome. He has a few easy upgrades he can get (crafted chest, Shiledwall belt). Dire Beast is still a dps gain over Thrill of the Hunt when used on cooldown.

My group's been using two tanks, three healers, and five DPS - we usually have two ranged DPS and two healers kite the boss. Your tank's DPS is a bit higher than the tanks in my group, but your DPS players are 10-15k lower. I've read strats where the tanks actually switch to DPS specs and/or gear while absorbing the swipes - that might be an option for you.

I tried to go through your logs in detail to see any glaring issues, and here are some comments/recommendations I have:

Some of your DPS are using LFR Sha weapons with the Legendary gem, but are still using the Windsong enchant. It would be worthwhile to go all the way and upgrade to Dancing Steel/Jade Spirit since those weapons aren't likely to be replaced at least until Empress Shek'zeer/Terrace.

I looked at your DPS players for attempt 13 (7:05). Your hunter and Elemental shaman were the only ones who pre-potted and used a potion later in the fight, your DK/rogue only used one potion during the fight, and your druid didn't use any potions at all. All of your DPS should be pre-potting if DPS is an issue (which it is, if you're consistently hitting the enrage timer). It might be an idea to have your tanks use DPS pots if their survivability isn't a problem.

Also, since you have two shaman in the group, you should be able to use Stormlash four times within the encounter, two times per shaman. Have them come up with an order to drop their totem near the start of the fight (to get the most out of Bloodlust/the pre-pots) and that way once the first totem expires, the other totem can be dropped immediately after. Repeat the process somewhere around the 6:00 mark when the 3min DPS cooldowns should be resetting, and everyone can time their second potions accordingly.

Your hunter might want to try BM for this fight, if they're comfortable with the spec. BM usually pulls ahead on most fights except for Stone Guard/Will in MSV and Windlord where SV's AoE potential shines.

When I checked your Elemental shaman they were missing a few enchants, and they might want to try switching their Elemental Mastery talent for Echo of the Elements (EotE usually pulls ahead in higher gear levels due to Haste scaling). I'd also recommend Ancestral Guidance instead of HTT for their healing tier, since they didn't use HTT at all on some of the attempts whereas AG can be easily macro'd into the rotation (timing it with Ascendance after a Crush whenever possible would be my recommendation).

Your Blood DK is missing their JC-only gems too.

We're past this boss now, but had a lot of trouble at first. I'm arse at reading logs, so I'll just tell you about how finally downed it:

we two tank, two heal, and 4 range, and 2 melee this fight, and our kiters are the two tanks and two of the dps.

We start with a tank on the pheromones first, so the dps can all-out the first set of legs. After we have the first set down, the tanks are dedicated to his front left leg , melee deal with the back ones, and range stay on the body the while time unless there's more than two legs up. Our pheromone rotation is tank -> tank -> dps -> dps.

I'm the hunter in the group, and I'm always one of the kiters, because hunters have such awesome mobility, so I don't lose as much dps while kiting. You don't say who of your dps the kiters are, but if one of them isn't the hunter, it should be. Our Ele shaman is our second dps kiter, because our spriest and mage just benefit more from focusing on dps and not worrying about kiting. One of our healers chases the kiters around while helping to heal the raid if they can, and the other healer focuses on the raid solely.

We didn't have a rogue when we started working on him, but I have heard that rogues can basically "tank" the fight, so you should be able to one tank it that way.

One of the biggest things for us was taking some of the focus off of the legs. You don't need to have all of them down 100% of the time, and we found that we dps the body more than 3% in the time it takes to bring a leg down, so it's a better use of dps time to focus more on the body. Sometimes we even have 3 legs up for a bit, and it's never a big problem with the kiters.

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