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I think you are nitpicking the druid needlessly when it comes to his disdain for dailies. You can't really go from saying "he's a very good healer [even in blues]" and then say "I guess he just expects us to carry him" because you found out he hates dailies.

I hate dailies too, so maybe I'm sympathetic to him in that regard. I got to revered with Golden Lotus, honored with Klaxxi and Shado-Pan, and half-way through neutral with AC before I burned out and stopped completely because it was soul-crushingly boring and tedious. That was on my main, even at a casual pace.

You have to remember MSV was designed for people to clear in 463 gear. Also, a ton of players have complained to Blizz that dailies are mandatory for raiding and time and time again, Blizzard has disagreed that was the case. They agree with the druid, actually, in that getting raid gear via raiding is the intended and viable alternative to dailies.

Anyway, as for moving onto ToES so quickly and your other issues with the druid-- I think it's worth bringing up to your raid leader. It's possible other people feel the same, but just don't want to be the first to bring it up. It's also possible that everybody is fine with the druid and moving onto ToES, in which case you'll have to decide whether that's something you can deal with or not.

It does kind of seem like the druid is rushing the group through content. If you only recently cleared MSV, it may be worth it for the group to spend some time farming it for upgrades from Elegon and Will (unless the group is pretty well-geared already with LFR versions of those drops).

I was probably too harsh when I said he "expects us to carry him." Like I said, he's a very strong healer. It just rubbed me the wrong way when he said what he did about not bothering to do dailies because he gets his gear from raiding, because it made it sound like working outside of raids to improve your gear is a waste of time.

Personally, I feel like I owe it to my raid groups to do as much work on my own to improve my gear and performance as possible. I feel guilty any week that I don't do all of the LFRs or cap Valor on one of my toons, because then I feel like I'm not contributing as much as I possibly can to my raids' success.

I get your dislike of his refusal to do dailies - essentially he is in a position where he will always "need" an upgrade more than any other person who bothers to do dailies. He won't have rep gear and he won't win things on a bonus roll - my raid has six people on the roster who could use the spirit mace from Empress, but fortunately our two healing Paladins won swords in Terrace on bonus rolls and we're able to gear up faster because the demand for items is lessened by the effort people put in outside of raids i.e. doing dailies for charms/rep gear.

In any case, I highly recommend warlocks as your next class to try ;) They are always needed and a lot of fun - my main is a lock and I feel pretty invincible most of the time ;)

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