Norcumi (norcumi) wrote in wow_ladies,

Recruiting: how do I do it?!

So once upon a time, long ago and far away before the Burning Crusade, an in-game friend of mine finally convinced me to join a guild.

It promptly imploded. This was not, however, anything to do with me. It does however mean that me and one, occasionally two folks have been carrying the banner since then. Mostly because I could spend money on guild bank tabs and pester my close buddies in private chat, and I enjoyed myself immensely. We've since added another four or so occasional members - mostly real life friends and family - and somehow or another, through much altitis, we hit 25 the other day.

I'm technically the senior officer - the guild leader spends most of their time on another server or dealing with school, and I've just been around the longest - and I keep hearing the same things.

"It'd be cool if we could do some sort of casual pick up raid!"
"Man, can we take on those dungeon achievements?"

All of us want to expand, though losing the small family feel is intimidating. We DON'T want to be recruiting all and sundry from trade, since that doesn't seem like the wisest idea in the world. I'm not the actual guild leader, so I don't know if there are buttons to push to advertise in the "I'm looking for a guild!" option, though if there are I'm sure a quick poke could swap around permissions to fix that.

But what DO I do? How does one recruit for a casual guild? Any advice?

(Or, for that matter, if anyone wants to sign up, we're Vagabonds and Valliants blue side of Ysera. Mention that Kharisa sent you!)
Tags: general: advice/advise, guild: advise/advice
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