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Recruiting: how do I do it?!
kharisa accomplished
norcumi wrote in wow_ladies
So once upon a time, long ago and far away before the Burning Crusade, an in-game friend of mine finally convinced me to join a guild.

It promptly imploded. This was not, however, anything to do with me. It does however mean that me and one, occasionally two folks have been carrying the banner since then. Mostly because I could spend money on guild bank tabs and pester my close buddies in private chat, and I enjoyed myself immensely. We've since added another four or so occasional members - mostly real life friends and family - and somehow or another, through much altitis, we hit 25 the other day.

I'm technically the senior officer - the guild leader spends most of their time on another server or dealing with school, and I've just been around the longest - and I keep hearing the same things.

"It'd be cool if we could do some sort of casual pick up raid!"
"Man, can we take on those dungeon achievements?"

All of us want to expand, though losing the small family feel is intimidating. We DON'T want to be recruiting all and sundry from trade, since that doesn't seem like the wisest idea in the world. I'm not the actual guild leader, so I don't know if there are buttons to push to advertise in the "I'm looking for a guild!" option, though if there are I'm sure a quick poke could swap around permissions to fix that.

But what DO I do? How does one recruit for a casual guild? Any advice?

(Or, for that matter, if anyone wants to sign up, we're Vagabonds and Valliants blue side of Ysera. Mention that Kharisa sent you!)

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Whatever you do, do NOT randomly whisper the unguilded. Trust me. XD

Well, my recommendation is, what kind of things do you want your guild to be doing? RP? PvP? Dungeons? Raids? Random social goofing off?

Figure out what your main selling points are going to be, and craft a guild profile around that. Then? Those things you want to do? Do them publicly, and ADVERTISE them. Forums, gen, trade, not like, spamming, but make announcements and pass the word around.

PvP guild? Pick a world PvP objective, maybe the towers and graveyards in Krasarang, announce your intention to hold it for a set period of time, and invite people to help, say. Lowbie levelling guild? Go to the various starter zones and announce bag giveaways. Roleplay? Host an RP event. Social guild? Have some silly social game like a scavenger hunt or a corpse dart contest (one person dives off a cliff to their death, contestants attempt to dive off and die in the exact same spot, closest corpse wins a prize!). Dungeon guild? Have a tank/healer combo or two offer DPSers the chance to join their group and have an insta-queue.

You get the idea? You want to SHOW people what they would be getting if they joined you. Just flat out advertising that you exist and you're hiring doesn't tell people anything except that you exist and you're hiring. It also has the advantage of letting YOU get to know potential new recruits before you invite them. And even if people don't end up joining, because they're already guilded, or they don't feel like they're a good fit, you're still building good will on your server and making a name for yourself, so word of mouth may get to someone who WOULD be interested. Build your brand, and demonstrate that you're an active fun guild that DOES STUFF.

Oh good grief, no, there will be no random spam whispering of lowbies or for that matter ANYONE. I personally think that's a kickable offense and possibly a polite form of griefing. >_< Ieee.

The rest, though? Oh WOW. Thank you very much!! That was comprehensive and full of wonderful ideas and directions (and corpse darts sounds like more fun than I should possibly think it is!) and -

You are just flat out AWESOME. Thank you very much!!

So you're a casual guild ... but what exactly are your active members interested in doing? Retro raids? Achievements? Levelling? Running dungeons and doing dailies? Ask your active members what they do and whether they want to do it with more people - when you've decided what exactly you're about, then you advertise with that. It also helps to have a code of conduct sorted, as well - if you don't tolerate certain kinds of behaviour/language/whatever, be clear about it so when you meet prospective members neither of you will be surprised if they start spouting offensive hatespeech in guild.

Once you have that figured out, the places you can advertise are probably a bit limited - trade is actually a good place to find people despite the general trollery. While randoming whispering low level characters is bad, spamming your recruitment macro in Goldshire isn't the worst idea - you might be lucky and catch some people new to the game. Your realm forum on Blizzard's official site is somewhere else you can advertise, and obviously this community is good, too, if you want to fish for re-rollers looking for a change of pace.

The next bit is the hard bit ... you actually have to do the stuff you say you're interested in. People generally like joining casual guilds to hang out and do stuff with other people - they don't like it if they join and no one will ever do anything with them, though.

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