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We're not on Earthen Ring, but you sound like you'd find a home in our guild (maybe!) :)
Farstriders - Horde

We're a casual/social guild that enjoys all aspects of the game. 18+ guild. Many of our guild members are parents. We're also couples-friendly and female-friendly; we have lots of couples in the guild and several of our officers (myself included) are women. Farstriders is CST, and our raids are scheduled for 8pm server time (so 9pm EST) and generally run about 2-3 hours. We raid Tues-Thurs and are currently making our way through MV & HoF. We use Mumble, not Vent, but many of us hang out in there on a regular basis. We're alt-friendly (I have two accounts worth stuck in the guild). We have a lot of people in guild that are avid Pet Battlers who would love the idea of tournaments. We're active - we usually have between 20-30 people on in the evenings - and friendly to new people.

If interested, head over to our website above and check out our forums to get a feel for our guild, and then fill out an application in the "Joining Natural Order" section. :)

Good luck with your guild search!

Thanks for the heads up and well wishes! Ironic thing is that I actually had a toon over on Farstriders Hordeside, but ended up moving her over to Wyrmrest Accord! I'll definitely check out your website, and possibly make a toon over there to check things out!

Not on Earthen Ring either, but Catatonic on Bronzebeard is always looking for new members. We're currently in transition as our GM and Co-GM left and I'm taking over the guild, but if you're interested you can always look me up in game or tag me on RID Rivaini#1894

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