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UI Mod Monday!
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frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
No Mornings! photo no-mornings.gif

For those who have the day off and are sleeping in - enjoy!

For the rest of us... and for when they wake up...

It's UI/Mod Monday, with all the space for questions, comments, screenshots, new finds and old grievances that brings.

Did have a late question from last week -

Does anyone know of a viable, currently updated alternative for Destruction for Dummies? For those of you who used it - what have you tried and how did it work?

All else - the thread's open, come on in! =)

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I have a couple of questions this week, in my never-ending quest to fine-tune my ui to perfection.

I have three accounts, one created after the advent of On my newest one, whenever someone says something on guild chat or partychat, I hear this delightful little chirp. I want to enable this on my other two accounts, but cannot for the life of me figure out what's doing it. Is it something in the default settings, or should I start playing Addon bingo? (I assumed it was the default game, and.. well.. the less said about that the better)

SECONDLY- Bartender. I want to enable action bar paging. On my warrior, this works great, I can page through several bars, no problem. ALL my other characters, I can page through bars 1 and 2. I am at wit's end to figure out why this is happening. Anyone have any insight?


as for the chirp, I'd investigate settings in your chat/whisper addon. I don't use one currently, since default lets me send whispers to a new window and I have guild in a separate tab (which for my small guild works) but I recall seeing one that did have notification sounds.

Edit: WIM has sound options, and if you're using ElvUI then ElvUI Chat Tweaks has channel sounds.

Edited at 2013-01-21 04:42 pm (UTC)

I use LUI and Prat. I'll try and narrow down which one it is tonight, thank you!

I don't use Bartender, so this may well be completely useless and misleading, but in the default UI, you can only page through any bars you aren't using elsewhere. So if you have Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Right, and Right 2 bars enabled, you only have 2 bars to page between. Could be related?

I'm going to check that. Thank you! :)

Edit: That was it. I feel like an idiot. :D

Edited at 2013-01-22 12:16 am (UTC)

No problem! I'm sorry it's not something more easily fixable. Don't feel bad - it's the kind of thing you only find out about if you have the problem :)

Update #2!

It was Prat's high CPU usage modules, which I never considered enabling on the other accounts.


Does anyone know of a lightweight, simple mod that will equip your Safari Hat when you enter battle, and un-equip it afterwards? I saw that feature on a mod (pokemon?) but don't want such a big, complicated one. I am loving Pettracker and PetBattleTeams too much and don't want to have anything interfere with those.

I'm a few days late coming to this post and actually sitting down to make a comment.

Has anyone ever thought to challenge themselves and create a UI using only addons that they've never used before? Dominos instead of Bartender, STUF instead of Pitbull, Combuctor instead of Bagnon... etc etc.

I rarely get the time to sit down for a complete redesign and even then, I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to losing settings for my favorite addons (Pitbull being a prime example), but I've been thinking about this challenge more and more lately.

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