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Server recommendation needed!
charlotterhys wrote in wow_ladies
So I haven't played in a while, and in the past I played on Proudmoore. I don't know exactly what all has changed but I... can not play on Proudmoore anymore. The lag is so bad during the evening I literally can't play at all other than like, AH bothering and that's not why I play WoW. >.>

So I'm looking for... 1. US Server 2. Normal realm 3. Never higher than "Medium" population in the evening 4. Alliance biased or fairly equal. General nice people and a reasonable AH a plus! I'm not interested in joining a guild so that's not really a thing.

Thanks so much. ;-;

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I play on Proudmoore, and it's the same thing H-side at times. Though lately the LFG has been deader than the Lich King for some reason...

Anyway, I'd recommend my other hangout, Icecrown. I'm there as Uristmcdwarf and Cassiee as Ally :)

I made a panda warrior on Icecrown. XD Her name is Junxiao Yunxiao (sayjack listed yún and jūn while wiktionary only listed yún... O.o so I'mma change it) which means roughly 'golden dawn'. She's a red panda. >.>

I know technically there's a 'ren' that comes after panda but... they're pandas. >.> <.< >.>

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If you haven't played in a while, then it could be your addons aren't up to date and are causing LUI errors out the wazzoo. Maybe the lag will improve if you update them?

Nope, I don't use any adds at all. XD

I'll recommend US-Farstriders. Medium population. Alliance outnumbers Horde. Decent population. It is an RP server, but RP on the Alliance side is limited to certain guilds, and there is virtually no RP Horde-side. We get some spillover from Moonguard due to CRZ, but most of the time you won't notice them unless you're in one of the major cities. Generally the population is pretty nice, and if you were interested in joining a guild there are several nice guilds on either side that are good choices for casual players.

Seconding Farstriders. Very small Horde representation, but otherwise it's a good little server.

Ysera might fit the bill. It's PVE and EST. Horde/alliance is about 1:1.

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