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Mythos (Bleeding Hollow-US, Horde) Is Recruiting (Again!)
Iris #1
selliebean wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone!

Selliie here, guild master of Mythos on Bleeding Hollow-US, a Horde-side guild who is in need of a few good players to flesh out our 10 main raid team!

About us: We are a smaller guild which started out as a group of real life friends just before the launch of Cataclysm. Back then, our guild master was the fearless Thandram and we had barely enough people around to run 5 mans together. Today, I have inherited control of the guild and while we have enough members to run a 10 man team, real life is starting to get in the way for a few key people, and so we have decided to officially start recruiting! We are currently 0/16 in Mists of Pandaria, but it's certainly not for a lack of desire! While we are primarily a social/leveling guild, most of our members started out this expansion expecting to get our feet wet in raiding, so we are truly hoping we can grab a few more people and get the ball rolling!

What we're looking for: At this point we are in dire need of a tank and at least one healer, possibly one or two DPS for permanent spots on our raiding roster. Of course, anyone is more than welcome to come and check us out, but these are the only roles I can absolutely promise a raid spot to. We do one night a week, Sunday, starting at 9:30pm server time (EST) and plan to raid for at 2-3 hours per week (more if people are willing and able!)

What's in it for you: Glory! Active guild chat! Alt friendly guild! ALL THE MAGE CAKES YOU CAN EAT!!! ...ok, so maybe I can't exactly promise you glory, but I can say that we have a wonderful group of people in Mythos. Most of us have known each other for at least a year, we have our own vent server that people like to hang out on almost nightly, and everyone is very helpful. We're big on running old raid content for transmog/achievements/ALLTHEPETS! and tend to run LFR and Heroics together on a weekly basis. So whether you're looking for a raid team or just a place to call your new home, Mythos may be the place for you!

If you're interested, feel free to add me on Battletag, Selliebean#1889 or roll an alt over on Bleeding Hollow, do a /who Mythos and ask whoever is online if there's an officer around. I myself can be found on Selliie most of the time, but have many many alts in the guild who are slowly making their way to 90. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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