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Your guild is just what I'm looking for! My priest is 89 atm (almost 90) so I haven't had a chance to raid in MoP yet. My current guild is no longer raiding so I have been looking for a new home. Plus Sundays are great for me!
I am a bit concerned about transfering to a PvP server though. How does a holy priest do dailies on a pvp server? :(
Still, I will consider you guys!
I will roll an alt on Bleeding Hollow this evening and contact you as soon as I can!

Depending on which dailies you're doing, it's actually not that bad most of the time. I have a Holy/Disc priest at 90 and she's managed to hold her own through some of the Golden Lotus dailies, which are by far the worst area for Alliance griefers. There's one large, experienced PvP guild on our server, Ironwolf Clan, and they're almost always out and about (or at least nearby!) to help out people who are being griefed/camped/endlessly ganked. There's also a lot of people in the guild who are still working on dailies, so getting a group together shouldn't be too hard, either =) Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for replying! I sent you a (battletag) friend request. I am Yunnah#1777 btw. Hope to see you online soon!

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