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In need of vent server recs
silvers_shadows wrote in wow_ladies
For reasons I won't go into (as things are still unclear but there may be a post in the future), my guild is in need of a new Vent server. Anyone have any recs?

We're EU based, and can't stretch to a huge budget. 40 slots preferable but we can scale down if needs be.

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Can't help you with the Vent issue, but... OMG, TRAP DOOR!!! "There's something down there!!"

Does it have to be a vent server?

Mumbleboxes has a london server at least, and is around $5.50 usd a month for a 40 person server. I've used them before and it worked relatively well. You would have to convince your guild to switch to mumble though.

I use Instant Ventrilo for my guild. Have used them for years and always been pleased. (

I found them reliable and its so easy to set up with them, good customer service. They can host Vent TS or Mumble and they do a 50% discount for your first order (so if you choose 3 or 6 mths you can get great value). They have server locations in London, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands so there's lots of options to get the best pings for your group.

Also I think Mumble hosting is a little cheaper, and having tried Mumble its really awesome. I know its not always easy to coax people into changing, but there isn't piles of setup needed for Mumble out of the box its brilliant, so maybe it won't be any harm to at least run a comparison now while you are looking to make a change?

Seconding this. We converted to Mumble, and I have to say I much prefer it to Vent these days.

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