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furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
This is going to sound stupid but can other players cage/capture your pets in pet battles? I mean, you can battle with other players, right? I'd like to try it but I'm so horrible at any kind of PVP. I don't want my pets taken away. =X

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No, they can't capture your pets. You can only capture pets you battle in the wild.

I don't think you should have any trouble with pet battles. It's not anywhere near as difficult as PvP which I am also not very good at.


Oh, thank god! I saw the AH battle pets and the pet healer people with a "get your pet back" thingy and sort of just assumed other people could take your pets. Whew! Cause I kinda like the pet battles. XD

LOL. No, the AH battle pets are ones that you can "cage" -- so, say, if you farmed dark whelplings on five different characters prior to the pet battle patch? You can go sell the extras on the AH so you don't have them cluttering up your pet journal.

If you mean the stable master and pet healer, that's to rez pets that have died in pet battles. :)

The get your pet back thingy is apparently for hunter pets. I only know because I asked a friend the same thing. You can also pay them to heal/revive your pets if your spell is on cooldown.

If it's anything like actual Pokemon, you can only capture wild battle pets. You wouldn't be able to capture them against those NPCs, nor would you against players.

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