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Suddenly Single Shaman Seeking Sexy Guild
domavere wrote in wow_ladies
Where am I?  US Alexstrasza Alliance

Who am I?
- a hot lv 90 472 resto/ele shaman recently from a 3 year relationship with a guild that ended painfully
- have healed 4/6 MSV
- I have several alts with me, including a lv 90 463 holy paladin, and 3 others above lv 85
- Once every 2-3 months thinks getting drunk and playing WoW is a great idea
- Likes goat cheese on her pizza
- Thinks that the Klaxxi (sp - hey it's almost 2am) are extremely rude but is doing the dailies for the damn pants
- Is addicted to her damn farm

What I'm looking for in a relationship:
- a guild that is mature (no children please!)
- raids on Friday or Saturday evening
- is laid back, and plays the game to have fun
- a guild that can take in a somewhat wacky orphan like myself without blinking
- No drama llamas dancing the can can need apply.

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If you weren't alliance I would say come to my guild, Thespian Empire(H) on the Scryers server. We're a cool bunch, with lots of different people in them, and most of us are 21+. The only alliance guild I could suggest is Armored on Anvilmar, but I don't know if they are raiding yet.

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