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LF Lei Shi HC Advice [Moonkin]
→ lil ragnaros
damnthatrogue wrote in wow_ladies
Hi Ladies.

My guild is progressing this fight. Sans CDs, I'm struggling to deal damage during the Get Away! phase. Sometimes it's good and Shooting Stars will proc like a machine gun - but then I'll get no procs for all of it. I've tried the 'back to the pillar' trick, but half of the time it seems necessary to move - that's when my damage sucks. I've been using Barkskin, Anti-Magic Shell off Symbiosis [though personally on that fight I prefer giving it to our prot pala]. I've tried using my cooldowns together during it, and then saving CA or something so they're spread out. I know Moonkin suffers bad movement DPS, but what's the best thing to do here? Talent, etc? I know Lunar is our single-target eclipse, but what's the best eclipse to be in when it happens? What's the best use of my DPS CDs?

We're still having debuff stacking issues, I think - though that isn't something I've been assigned to handle.

Also, are there any good guides around for Moonkins doing heroic content? Something readable. I've checked the Balance Tricks post on the EJ forums but most of what I saw was for normals?

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